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  1. DeadGameXD

    More and more the few punish the many

    They love to make things difficult for us. They are just killing their game after all haha. Nobody wants these garbage CVs in clan battles.
  2. DeadGameXD

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    Listen man, I basically only play BBs which makes me kind of a mong. But let us get this straight, You know NOTHING about battleships or how to play them. The fact that you own a extremely competitive T9 Battleship and completely fail to perform in it shows how little you impact a game in a BB. The Georgia has hyper-accurate 18 inch rifles with powerful AA, high speed, and an effective armor scheme. You failing to achieve anything higher then 50k damage and a kill every other game proves to me you have zero merit in even trying to defend the class. My suggestion: go play a [edited]DD if you think they are so overpowered. Because you clearly cannot play a BB.
  3. DeadGameXD

    NERF Battleships!

    Yes let's nerf the most underperforming and underpowered class in this game. With new carriers that laugh at 'AA' and relentlessly attack/spot and force damage control causing endless DOT damage. Or the ridiculous HE spam meta from smoke screens and behind islands. Cruisers like smolensk that are immune to 16 inch guns and dish out unrelenting spam completely destroying any idea of a BB lead team push. (Like what a BB used to be able to do) And of course we have to mention the DDs. Some of which that can shoot every 2 seconds and even pen 32mm of armor with HE! Rant aside, this is a completely biased opinion from someone who has played BBs a bit. However, it is quite evident how much the BB class has suffered over the past year. Effectively degrading it to a class that is unfortunately to be farmed (especially if it is not played right, which is the majority of the time anyway). Not sure how your BB experience is going as of late, but I am sure it is less then stellar.
  4. Oh please weegee let us have this one!
  5. DeadGameXD

    Which Nation Has Guns That Hit Where I Aim?

    I would say if you dislike the rng and reload times of BBs consider another class. However, to answer your question, American and Russian BBs are the most consistent in terms of accuracy. Although the low tier American BBs are slow and have slightly longer reload times, but they do not disappoint.
  6. DeadGameXD

    Friedrich der Grosse or Iowa?

    Iowa for sure. Accurate guns, fast speed, and good heal.
  7. DeadGameXD

    My personal nightmare - HMS Thunderer

    It's simple. They should give it better armor characteristics. For example increased deck, bow, or upper belt armor. And secondly they should nerf the HE heavily. This will promote it to be able to tank some damage and not sit in the back and fire HE. This would offer an alternative playstyle to the British Battleships. Which I believe is the goal of this entire ship.
  8. The AA currently is very strong. However, you need to keep in mind that the AA values that were initially designed for this ship were prior to the 0.8.5 AA change. So I am sure WeeGee will address the values after the testing phase.
  9. DeadGameXD

    AP Bombs OP?

    You say all of these things defending CVs. Probably just trolling to be honest. But regardless, you wouldn't know how overpowered a CV is because you hide your awful stats in the ships. You probably fly into flak, overcommit squads, don't know how to lead, and have zero map awareness. Of course you wouldn't think they were overpowered! Anybody with a single brain cell can dominate and farm damage in a CV. And it appears that you can't even accomplish that judging by your little CV badge. So come back to this thread when you got something to show for besides you just babbling nonsense invalid.
  10. DeadGameXD

    AP Bombs OP?

    Don't you love all these CV players with their little plane badges talking their nonsense here lol? It's very amusing. And very valid points btw
  11. DeadGameXD

    Russian BBs OP

    I think the tier 10s citadel needs to be more vulnerable as it was advertised. It has trolly spaced plates which basically negate citadels at range. (Pens or shell breaks) Even flat broadside Kremlins have survived yamato salvos from 12km.
  12. DeadGameXD

    AP Bombs OP?

    Who are you?
  13. Yes. Take the fighter, pray for no CV, die to a CV. Div with a buddy with a minotaur, no CV in the game, do well. There you go
  14. DeadGameXD

    AP Bombs OP?

    30k cit dmg to a full AA t10 cruiser is fine. *Perfectly balanced*