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  1. DF vs Hydro on a Cleveland - revisited

    ATM I would say hydro, DF does not get used much and the Cleveland is agile enough do dodge drops fairly well as well as at this point having given every good CV player permanent PTSD from loosing an entire strike in return for 2000 damage. Also you can still bring a fighter which can scare bombers still and I have seen that thing solo a fighter squadron that decided to fight it inside my mid range AA even without def aa (It pins the squadron down and your AA murders it). This is especially true with direction center for catapult aircraft. It also lets the Cleveland bully DDs with even more efficiency.
  2. I play mostly DDs and the idea of a 7 minute permasmoke cloud makes me a bit uncomfortable.
  3. My computer's autocorrect really loves to change "torps" to "corps" and sometimes I don't catch all of the times it does it.
  4. That is not entirely accurate, I have knocked squall league clan battles DDs out with torps (the shims that ate them should still be embarrassed to take corps from a grozovoi) and you can do damage to cruisers though not as reliably as to battleships. Really corps are good for skirmishing against smoke in CB.
  5. My port is like 50% dds and that number is going to increase when pan asian DDs come out. I only have like 2 BBs (I think I finally sold the New York in disgust) and as for cruisers it's New Orleans, Cleveland, Emerald and Diana. DDs on the other hand I have one from pretty much every line (besides Russian), the Clemson an Mahan in the US line, the Lo Yang and the gallant. I have the independence in my port but will sell it for the slot when PA DDs come out.
  6. Clan Battles

    I would like that SS actually, he plays a Hindenburg most of the time so detonations are not as likely but still..... Can I join your clan's discord because I think it might make it a bit easier (also I have a habit of collecting them). Thank you for the SS's of the hindys, I could not confirm it because I haven't gotten past tier 8 in an actual non rental ship (I can however confirm that a rental shimakaze or grozovoi is still an effective ship at least into upper gale league, my rental grozovoi has started to run into problems in storm league though due to finally running into someone good enough to exploit his superior camo
  7. Clan Battles

    According to a clan mate of mine the rental Hindenburg has a weaker heal then the regular one, on the other hand according to the same clan mate detonations are not a thing in clan battles so don't bother with the flag so I am not sure.
  8. The whole game is operating at a significant degree of speed acceleration, a US standard battleship would take about 40 mins to go from one side of a map to the other in reality.
  9. Play styles in the Phoenix

    Burn the BBs from 10+ km while dodging shells, late game take advantage of your guns and bully destroyers. If you are using the torps you are far too close. edit: torps instead of corps, I dislike autocorrect sometimes.
  10. I guess I am glad I only have Jack Dunkirk who to the best of my knowledge is a fictional character.
  11. Looking to Participate in Clan Battles

    Look into HYDRA, we mostly use Des Moines in CB (which you might have) and can definitely use more people willing to play, we do require discord but likely so will everyone else and it is free anyways. We could use a good DD player or two anyways as currently we are using me and a rental shima, which is clearly suboptimal. Unless posting the soviet national anthem in chat after every clan battle win is not in your definition of laid back we should be a fairly good fit. PM me here or any officer or recruiter in game if you are interested.
  12. I have been using a rental shima for clan battles, they are taking it away in a day or so. Should I remove the equipment from it manually or will I get it back/get a refund when they take it away?
  13. I assume it is possible to donate to the ship directly.
  14. UK DDs

    I know the perfect flavor: a 50% reduction in radar range against you
  15. UK DDs

    Just wait, they will have British cruiser AP or 4.8 km concealment at tier X or something.