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  1. On the other hand it's a pain to be spotted in a DD and being on fire hurts your concealment and I have occasionally popped repair to go dark and then gotten lit on fire by the last salvo they fired. This will also be good for American cruisers because they are fairly stealthy and do not react well to being spotted by DDs.
  2. either brain matter or a reason to care about winning or losing. they are probably having more fun then you are which raises questions about who is being smart, the person who is angry about their teammates being bad or the person who is bad but logs on for a few games per day to have fun shooting at pixel ships that actually don't matter.
  3. So literally a New Orleans a tier lower? if they do that they should just up tier it to 8. edit; also, if you buff it you should probably buff the poor Pepsi and that makes the NO irrelevant which with a similar reload buff makes the Baltimore irrelevant which with a similar buff turns the Des Moines into an Atlanta with 8 inch guns.
  4. I have looked at that guide, is there a good carrier guide that is not as long as an HBO miniseries? I don't especially want to spend like 12 hours of my life watching a guide on 1 of 4 ship classes.
  5. Missouri kind of breaks that idea and as far as I can tell the Russian cruisers would work fine without radar.
  6. My answer is don't fight them and have a DD cap from cover, Stalinium shells don't go through islands whether you are spotted or not. After that you can force them to fight on your terms and it's a question of what ships you have. Cruisers can still stealth fire from smoke at range so that is an option and if you keep your BB out at 15 or more KM then the second he gets set on fire he can pop damage control after he gets unspotted and loses only a couple of thousand HP if he stops shooting. If they push cap you hopefully have DDs to ambush them with torps at an island and evade since you can easily out spot them. Or you just fill the ocean with coordinated shims torps.
  7. I can't speak to how warships used to be (and now I am treading very near the nostalgia danger zone) but TBH it feels a lot like a beta release now with how awful the stability is. Last night my clan had someone crash during clan battles and I average about 4 games per game breaking bug (like freezing up, everything going black or the sky and ocean both turning a weird mix of purple, yellow and blue). The game is fun when it works but I would like to know if it used to need to be restarted every couple of games.
  8. which ones? I could only see doing it on pure torpedo boats and even there I have been know to laugh at friends of mine who do not and then get their engine destroyed in front of torps. Also, you pointed us to the AA vs plane numbers but how does fighter vs fighter work mechanically, is it the same?
  9. by all appearances superintendent is mandatory for all of them
  10. I have an idea "OH MY GOD IT'S LOOKING THIS WAY" or maybe "why didn't I bring a DD" and occasionally "16k damage per fire"
  11. Lo Yang, then it got buffed the next patch to 5.4km hydro
  12. The Loyang is a C hull Mahan, why is it stealthier? Edit; I confused the Mahan and benson
  13. well, the sims is tier 7 so it will sometimes see the New Orleans and Chappy, and will see the Atlanta and payfast. On the other hand despite the number of CCE medals I have in my New Orleans (when you radar DDs sometimes they rush you and the NO has decent secondaries) I have experienced 56 second Des Moines radar a couple of times and know that the NO is nothing.
  14. Would the tutorial include electronic music?
  15. What I mean is that the AA tell would give you an idea if the minotaur you are looking at has AFT, BFT, manual AA, the AA flag and the AA range modification, the difference that having that makes is to easily double the AA power (factoring the extra range in it's more) also, AS load outs can help your team a lot: he can chase your planes away from his DDs and you can't do anything about his spotting. Dead DDs through spotting does the team a lot more good then damage to battleships through torpedoes, unless it is a standard battle.