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  1. wouldn't matter anyway
  2. There is a lot of complaining about carriers and AA on both sides. I would like to ask a serious question in hope for a non-ambiguous answer. Does Wargaming plan to address the current carriers and AA mechanics? Do they actually believe there is a problem? I just would like to know the mindset of Wargaming is it.... "There is nothing wrong and carriers are just fine and as intended" or is it " The rework did not get us where we wanted to be so we will be eventually addressing carriers again"
  3. MANUAL RUDDER CONTROL!!! ... and fix the rest of the CV issues and broken AA mechanics
  4. BC124

    CV Rework part 2

    I am so exhausted about complaining about CV and giving input to fix them. I think WG just doesn't care at this point as long as everyone ELSE is not complaining about CVs. Wargamming you need to go back to the drawing board. CVs are worse off. The forums are littered with good ideas. Here are the major issues. Rudder control Manual AA is useless because.... you cant control you boat and your planes at the same time or flip back and forth quickly to issue commands British CVs suck, they are just bad CVs lost their striking power, with the exception of a select few. AA and plane interaction, its just broken (lots of info on forums) I just want to see something in the right direction. I feel you came out of the rework with this dumbed down arcade version and now all the uniqueness of what made CVs interesting to play are just gone.
  5. BC124

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    No one has to suffer, just Wargaming can't fix them so they gave up. This new version is better for surface ships but worse for CV players. And everyone cries about the old CV alpha when a BB can take 50%-75% of HP on a broadside. Wargaming needs a 3rd CV rework, because they still batched it
  6. good thing you showed up
  7. WG, This one is for you!!!! Remove the autopilot on CVs... it is the single biggest killer for me. -It backs up when I want to go forward. -It goes forward and pulls a u-turn when I want it to back up -It doesn't make turns I KNOW the ship can clear -Its runs into islands You made an attempt to dumb down CVs for the mass population and "skill gap", but now I am struggling because my CV auto pilot is too dumb! I mean one button to go back and forth from planes to hull control....... Is that so hard!!! and for a new player that can't handle the button, just use autopilot then. WG you're better than this....
  8. BC124

    You ruined CVs

    I think the game focuses around armor and positioning. Most of the design effort in the game is around what armor is where on a ship and which shells do what. Both of these aspect don't exist for CVs. Its not about a buff or de-buff its about having CVs play the same mechanics as the rest of the ships in the game. 1. position is irrelevant because CVs just float in the back---- change with limited fuel and strike distance of aircraft 2.There is no such thing has risk vs reward maneuvers-- just sit in the back an do DoT for the whole game. 3.Those who used autopilot before the rework that's a no no... how can you do angling and precise positioning behind an island with autopilot??? you can't! it floats you out into the middle of the water!!! For those who are tired of the discussion I get it. If you don't like CVs they just are something you have to deal with. But what I think WG has is subpar and I challenge them to do better because they can do better. And if the forums don't keep lighting up with topics they won't do anything.
  9. BC124

    You ruined CVs

    that's exactly how we got to this rework. But its really about the majority of players
  10. BC124

    You ruined CVs

    unfortunately I think ideally you are both correct. I guess its just the game for like 3 years had CVs, and they just needed to be tweaked like maybe don't have 6 squadron in the air at one time... maybe put a fuel limit so planes only travel so far rather than staying in air forever. There was tons of other options... And... if the game claims to be historic or even remotely close CVs were the ultimate naval power.... But Russia didn't have CVs so of course this game would make them just a nuisance.
  11. BC124

    You ruined CVs

    I know there is so much on this topic and majority of players don't play CVs, but biggest reason I use to enjoy and play this game was CVs. and Wargaming they just are not enjoyable compared to what they use to be.... Autopilot it awful. this is probably pointless, but might as well keep posting. maybe one day..... they will be something different....
  12. BC124

    please help CVs

    I have a great idea. They should make battleships DoT it would be great for the game.
  13. BC124

    please help CVs

    I guess this is more accurate of what I was looking into by saying "help". The new CV's just lack in skill requirement of the player. The RTS provided a much larger potential of award to a player that can plan more tactically and take risks.
  14. BC124

    please help CVs

    well ok then.... guess I just don't like the new CVs and favor the old ones. Some angry peeps out there. must have PTSD from when the old CVs would dev strike ships. #MakeCVsGreatAgian
  15. BC124

    please help CVs

    are carriers still being looked at?? They still are just sub-par in my opinion. Every ship can achieve a devastating strike expect CVs. Just so sad about the rework, but I wonder if there is still hope or does WG think CVs are just fine and complete....