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  1. You should be studying not watching Blue Bloods right now.

    1. Avonmouth


      Psssh, I'm already out for the weekend.

  2. We be supertesters, yo. We are giants among ants!

    1. Avonmouth


      Ha, calm yourself bud.

  3. I can make peepee standing up!

  4. I felt like bring back the 'Ship of the Day.' Today's ship is the USS Delaware, the lead ship in her class of battleships. Take a look at some of her pictures here: http://www.navsource.org/archives/01/28a.htm

  5. It feels good not having to apply for this next Alpha wave coming up.

  6. Whoo! Finally got all set up.

  7. Just gotta wait for that second email now.

    1. Lennon82


      woooo hoooo welcome friend welcome :D


  8. Sweet Mary. The time has come!

    1. Calphayus


      I told you! Dont ever underestimate the Power/influence of Cal XD