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  1. captain_fearless

    2nd KOTS container today

    I had the same problem, and I think I have the culprit. Apparently, if you mute the stream it won't count your progress.
  2. captain_fearless

    North Carolina A hull camo

    Hmmm it is possible they are saving that camo and hull so they can make USS Washington
  3. captain_fearless

    North Carolina A hull camo

    I heard North Carolina was a unique ship because if you got the permanent camo equipped and you changed from A hull to B hull, the camo design would change. I was wondering if that was still a thing, because they removed the original A hull for North Carolina
  4. captain_fearless

    New ship announced - USS Congress

    why didnt they just give it a brawler treatment? As it stands this is just a tier 8 alaska, so gameplay is gonna be identical, which adds nothing new. They should have given her 50k health, 2 heals, no radar, 1.8 sigma with battleship dispersion but give her american secondarys that can go 10km. That would be fun to see, and at least in this configuriation she wont powercreep alot of cruisers, she will just be a tier 8 american sharnhorst.
  5. captain_fearless

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    They all look like cool ships, I wonder if one of the tier 10s will be added to the Research Bureau, We have alot of Coal cruisers and destroyers already available. Hopefully Druid wont be added as a fxp for 2 000 000 fxp that would suck alot. A tier 8 battleship with radar sounds cool, but whatever happened to Borodino? She was announced a year ago and she was a tier 8 soviet battleship with radar, maybe she is scheduled to be released along with Constellation? I hope Constellation is released for fxp. We havent got a Fxp ship since July, and with Alaska gone it would be a good move for the American tech tree.
  6. I was considering getting an RB ship, but after some digging I found that there are alternatives Vermont just seems like a better option for sniping than the Slava, I already have Georgia so Ohio is questionable, and Colbert looks like a Wooster with less utility. I did some digging on Siegfried and Paolo and they both seem to be pretty meh Of course I can’t really compare these ships in battle and I couldn’t find a lot of videos on these RB ships comparing them to ships already in the game I have some Fxp saved up, and I’m willing to stack resets on a destroyer line I have almost completed, but I am only willing to get one of these ships if this said ship can pull their weight. Here are my options: A) Just save my fxp for grinding up tech trees B) Save up for the Friesland C) Get a RB ship So what do you guys think? Are any of the RB ships worth it compared to other tech tree/premium ships and which one is best? If you have any of these ships can you tell me if you like them or not
  7. captain_fearless

    I got Georgia, should I get Massa?

    So I got the Massa and I now understand why this ship is being removed from the shop I got a 117k game on her maiden voyage, with 2 kills, 156 secondary hits, and 3 000 000 potential damage received. When it was all over I was mouth open, wondering, "how did I even last this long" I definitely don't regret this purchase, Thank you captains
  8. So I got Georgia for coal, and now with the news of some premiums going away, is it worth getting the Massa? Like is it worth having both premiums or will Georgia suffice my need for a secondary ship? I also have a bunch of gold from free Santa crates and a coupon so I can get Massa half off, however, I also really want Warspite.
  9. Because there are now new support skills for cvs, that can boost the effectiveness of the fighter consumable, has anyone had any success using a build like this on Graf Zeppelin? I was looking in the fitting tool and you can increase the fighters range to 3.6 km. Combined that with Zeppelins very fast aircraft means this cv could have the role of supporting teammates by warding off enemy carrier attacks, and then using secondary’s when ships get to close. Could be useful in clan and ranked I imagine Graf Zeppelin players, what are your thoughts?
  10. This is really funny I was playing in public test and decided to select a random container for fun and got a super container. I opened it and I got a PREMIUM SHIP This has never happened to me, and I was even more suprised with what ship it gave me the tier 9, Nuestrashimy my my my, what a lucky drop, I basically pissed my pants in excitement and laughter. From what I heard, she was a steel ship and a very rare ship in game. Only seen one twice in battle I believe, and now I got one except she’s on my public test account, so my question is, do premium ships you earn on a public test transfer to your other regular account, cause that would be fun
  11. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    So after the very helpful advice, I decided to get HMS Hood, and my first battles with her was fun actually! When top tier she is really fun, but even bottom tier I can still play her fairly well, I just have to be more cautious. I only have a few battles in her, so I still have yet to realize her full potanetial (and figure out her shortcomings). Thank you Captains! Fearless
  12. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    I wanna get a premium ship but out of these 3, I'm not sure which one. I was wondering if those who have the following ships can give me a good idea of which one is the best buy. Money is not a concern, but rather which one is gonna give me a good time. Hood Vanguard Kii
  13. captain_fearless


    Ive been griding out the Honorable service campaign and I heard somewhere that you can repeat missions and still get the stars, how do you do that? I tried but there is no button to press when looking at tasks I already completed?
  14. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    I’ll definitely give Atago a look at, thank you captains
  15. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    Hello there Captains I got a 30 percent coupon for the premium shop and I have a 25 percent coupon for premium ships in the armory, so I decided I wanted to get another premium ship, but I can't decide on which one. I narrowed it down to these choices: Hood, Asashio, Atago. and Atlanta. Which of these ships did you guys have the most fun in, but also worth using the discount on? Thank you