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  1. captain_fearless


    Ive been griding out the Honorable service campaign and I heard somewhere that you can repeat missions and still get the stars, how do you do that? I tried but there is no button to press when looking at tasks I already completed?
  2. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    I’ll definitely give Atago a look at, thank you captains
  3. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    Hello there Captains I got a 30 percent coupon for the premium shop and I have a 25 percent coupon for premium ships in the armory, so I decided I wanted to get another premium ship, but I can't decide on which one. I narrowed it down to these choices: Hood, Asashio, Atago. and Atlanta. Which of these ships did you guys have the most fun in, but also worth using the discount on? Thank you
  4. captain_fearless

    Bismarck last conquest skin broken

    Here’s a picture of mine with one of the skins equipped, it dosent snow the yellow turrets
  5. I got the last conquest skin for my Bismarck, but when I select it, it doesn't make the turrets yellow, and only adds the black and white stripes. For the battle damaged one it dosent even show any damage. any help?
  6. captain_fearless

    What’s up with Yudachi?

    Why is Yudachi condsidered a bad ship? She’s got smoke and torp reload at the same time and 12km Torps. She’s been pulled from the premium shop too, never knew she was that unbearable.
  7. captain_fearless

    Is the Shinonome worth the grind?

    Oh awesome I’m gonna get it then. Plus it comes with sick camo
  8. Is it better than fubuki and worth the grind?
  9. captain_fearless

    Where are the other carriers?

    They should, maybe give them less detection or a different gameplay style
  10. captain_fearless

    Where are the other carriers?

    When are we gonna get the rest of the carriers after half of the Japanese and American cv tech tree were snapped away? I wanna see an alternate cv line, maybe one that ditches rocket planes and instead has improved bombs or have better plane regeneration. I don’t wanna see them come back as premium ships does any body heard any news on this?
  11. captain_fearless

    Questions about ship purchase

    I would play this game for at least a month or two before buying a premium. You don’t wanna buy something and not know how to use it properly, then get frustrated and leave the game. try playing all the different classes of ships and seeing which class and nation you like best and go from there.
  12. Was playing my Amagi in northern lights in a downtiered match. I went to the D Cap to the right and by myself and absolutely murked a Fuso who broadsided me so hard he probably hit alt+F4 so the match was going well, I head to the cap and find a tirpitz in the cap and I do 20k on him and then loop around to go into cap, he seemed to be retreating. I go between those two huge islands and I immediately see a small island in front of me and the tirpitz appears to the right of that island. I decide I’m going to go to the left of the island so he dosent torpedo me and I don’t accidentally Ram him. but guess what? you know that feature in game when your approaching an island it the game steers the ship for you a bit. it did that to me, and turned me T O T H E R I G H T I have to yank the steering wheel and slow my speed, giving the Tirpitz enough time to launch Torps. 2 hit, now im at 25k Health. I damage him good, get into the cap point and we exchange fire. but guess what? It’s everyone’s favourite cruiser! The A T L A N T A. And he’s behind an island. so I die, getting roasted harder than Anakin on Mustafar. and we lose the match. I got 146k damage, 3 citadels, decent xp but we were so close to greatness, this close but we lost all because the f$$$$ game thought I wanted to go right even though my ship was pointed to the left.
  13. captain_fearless

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    There is also another ship that has insane AA, it’s called the Yubari, it’s a coal ship and it’s the only tier 4 ship that has the AA defence consumable. Because this small almost training cruiser served in ww2, it has a lot of anti aircraft guns that when used with the aa defence can shred planes well. The ship is basically a large destroyer , and the best part is that if you grind with enough coal, you can get it for free.
  14. captain_fearless

    Best ships for current season of ranked?

    Sinop is easily my most hated ship because of how stupid good it is at its tier.
  15. I’ve been losing ranked battles a lot lately, I was wondering which 5 ships, premium or not premium, are the best ships for ranked, other than the Atlanta and Belfast cause I know those two are great