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  1. Ghukek

    Moving to console

    Currently Legends has three nations with a total of eight lines (USN BB/CA/DD, IJN BB/CA/DD, RN BB/DD) spanning seven (not ten) tiers. It's not a port of PC, it's built from the ground up as a console game.
  2. Ghukek


    I hit the triple, so well over a 50% savings. I feel lucky. It's difficult to make claims anecdotally though. Just as some people get all 4 carriers, other people get none.
  3. Ghukek


    You can't anecdotally determine how much the expected cost it takes to get 4 CV's in loot boxes. You either need WG to report the actual stats of CV's dropping or you need to pull from a large sample set to reverse engineer such stats. Now I'm fully on board with the idea that drop stats should be posted for loot-boxes but that's not going to happen without legislative intervention which is a discussion I don't wish to start here. You're not entirely correct because a casino pays out money as well as taking in money and as such, in order to generate a profit, must take in more than it pays out. Games on the other hand do not pay out money from their gambling mechanics and as such do not need to structure their gambling mechanics in the same way as a casino does. I'm not saying that WG doesn't structure their drop rates such that the expected cost to get all four CV's through buying crates is more than it would cost if you just bought them straight up; only that they don't have to to turn a tidy profit.
  4. Ghukek

    RE: Server Issues on 04/03/2019

    I also am affected by the late compensation window. I have screenshots and I participated in the forum post that is time stamped at 8:03 EDT (my comment timestamped at 8:09) that was complaining about the issue. I hope that it was a simple admin error and that they'll update the compensation window to start at 7:30 EDT.
  5. Ghukek

    No Premium Containers???

    I sell ships. I buy ships. It's a nice balance.
  6. Ghukek

    No Premium Containers???

    Check again. Clearly not serious.
  7. Ghukek

    No Premium Containers???

    It's certainly a good question. Who knows what is driving their decisions on shop release. Perhaps they're holding out for a bit to reduce competition with the Azuma. I don't know. rest assured that the containers will come eventually.
  8. Ghukek

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    Okay so I'm not familiar with their server-side systems (are they even?) but it could be the data pulls between the servers causing cascading performance issues. So while we aren't doing anything cross server, there are people doing so and their actions are causing the issues to cascade. Even random and co-op battles are affected. Watch this video which was released before the most recent cross server test. (In case it's not linked properly, the relevant discussion starts at 8:20.) Now I can't say that it's the same issue, but it's some insight into the back-end. Any number of things could be causing the current issue and it doesn't have to be a direct association. Things can cascade and affect other things that seem unrelated.
  9. Ghukek

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    I'm just wondering how this issue made it through. We had the exact problem during the test a few weeks ago. Why didn't they table the cross server until they were able to run a successful test? Incredibly frustrating.
  10. Ghukek

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    Welcome to Clan Battles boys!
  11. Ghukek

    Sorry for the newb questions but...

    Far enough and valid opinion. If OP can find a clan to play with then the rewards, even if they are just the Squall league rewards, will be a nice addition to his arsenal.
  12. Ghukek

    Sorry for the newb questions but...

    Frankly, I'd recommend sitting this season out anyway. 62 games in random battles is incredibly low. You may want to try it out though in the future. Get in with a more casual clan between seasons, perhaps one that makes it to Gale group this season. It's certainly not for everyone but it has some nice rewards and it can be fun with the right group and the right mindset. My old clan, TGO, was a blast to play CB with. If you are interested in trying it out in the future, look around for an active clan that divisions up a lot with a similar set of stats to you. Another option of course is to try to pick people up over the next few months and cultivate a group.
  13. Ghukek

    Sorry for the newb questions but...

    They are for clan battles. They are rentals. You earned them by playing a Tier 8 ship. You will have them for two weeks. You should also have a Japanese Cruiser Zao. You can only use them in clan battles. If you are not playing clan battles, simply ignore them.
  14. Ghukek

    When do you open your daily containers?

    Thank you for the correction, that was my original recollection but I had a couple people swear up and down that you received the oil when you open them so I figured I must have been misremembering it.
  15. Ghukek

    When do you open your daily containers?

    I used to open them right away, now that there's the bulk open option I'm trying to get into the habit of waiting a while and bulk opening them. Right now I'm in the waiting period between clans so I'm definitely saving them so I don't wast oil potential for a personal new clan celebration; there's two Supercontainers in my pile from the Halsey campaign so I'm looking forward to opening them once I join my new clan tomorrow. The big thing that I'm seeing missed here in this thread is oil potential. Opening containers contributes oil to your clan which allows for clan bonuses. Discounts and earning boosts. Why not contribute? If you have 800 odd containers, that's 8k oil, which is a nice chunk. There are clans for everyone; not all clans are for competitive play. If you aren't into the competitive scene, join a casual clan or a clan for new players and help out.