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  1. Skeem689

    Caption the profile image above you.

    help why am i still here
  2. Skeem689

    Z-46, Östergötland or Jutland?

    I dont know much about Z-46 other being a cap contester and ambusher but if you like gunboating go Jutland and if you like to spit out fast torpedoes go Östergötland
  3. Skeem689

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Or so you thought, it's actually a real partnership.
  4. Skeem689

    Is Manfred von Ritchofen worth it?

    Perhaps after you're a seasoned CV commander
  5. Skeem689

    DE on Iowa/Montana?

    Keep in mind that not only Montana/Iowas shells are slow but are 2nd to last in terms of penetration at range only beating GK but not like anyone grinds up the German BB line to snipe anyways so consider it the worst. I think SI would be good instead by taking advantage of the already buffed main line heal for more tank. You already have the dispersion mod in the last slot which should be enough in terms of accuracy.
  6. Skeem689

    Should i buy FDR?

    Get the Midway and get feel for it. FDR is pretty much Midway upscaled and having 25s cooldown.
  7. Maybe because you didn't set your voice lines to national
  8. Skeem689

    Make Secondaries Great AGAIN!

    I see it as shifting from secondary damage to more main gun damage. It's pretty useful on USN as well, you dont actually have to take dispersion at all and just take the range and that skill for gun reload.
  9. Skeem689

    Make Secondaries Great AGAIN!

    -8% reload to main guns while in secondary range isn't so bad
  10. Quán Róng and Dà Róng benefit the most if you have them
  11. Skeem689

    How to spend Free doubloons from Yahagi?

    All of your choices are viable. I can certainly vouch for the Ark Royal, she's like a VI British Kaga Strong drops, slow planes, large reserve
  12. Skeem689

    Nominees for Ugliest Ship in the game

    I mean the hull of the Langley is from a collier (ships that carry coal) before being converted.
  13. Skeem689

    Recommended new CV builds

    Bomber build certainly is a thing just depends on your playstyle on what you use more. Bomber health + Legend + Bombardier will make the bomb build very versatile.