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  1. Would like if there was a port mod based on ship armory previews, now before you say it's just ocean it has significantly better lighting than ocean and visually makes the ships look better. The current ocean isn't as bright and seems to be nearing sunset instead and with the angle of the sun makes some parts of the ships significantly darker.
  2. Skeem689

    WG, please make us a Premium Harugumo!

    We have it in German flavor called the Z-42, it's an acquired taste to many.
  3. Skeem689

    Birthday Coupon

    Buying 50k dubbies (for a total of 100k) will set you up for a really long time when spending it smartly and combining it with in game armory coupons. Plus set for life on premium time with the 50% discount for yearly premium time when Christmas update rolls around.
  4. Skeem689

    FDR or Ragnar?

    Randoms wise, Ragnar isn't really needed if you got Smaland already pretty much Smaland is way more flexible and has more utility than Ragnar can. CBs, she's gonna be used because of the Småland ban but with her size and mobility in CB, quite unforgiving with Radar and her being outspotted by most ships so very hard to play but still a good damage dealer and cap denier if you can get up close. Keep in mind of no torps so you can get rushed and cant deny pushes as good as a Smaland can. Pretty much only get Ragnar if you plan to CB a lot. FDR is good and tanky CV but can be punishing even her large health pool on her planes. She eats flak for breakfast, has slow planes, and has a 25s cooldown which slows down your strikes where other CVs can already do more than FDR in a shorter amount of time. She still relies on target selection because even with her high health sticking around in heavy AA can still cause her to lose planes quick. She's best for dealing with only big and sluggish BBs and cruisers because of that but doesn't have as much game impact outside of that. FDR in CBs or ranked can be a monster because of the lower player count making your health a large advantage and taking out larger ships like BBs early on where they're more powerful in a smaller team environment. Both are valid choices but I don't know how often you play CBs, if mostly randoms FDR can be a fun change in pace since Smaland is already in your possession. I myself would pick FDR since I have a Smaland already.
  5. Both are coming to the game according to the planned split years ago.
  6. Skeem689

    Next Dockyard

    Dyson is too expensive, I recommend a nice Hoover to clean up your battles.
  7. Skeem689

    Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to inform you that...

    The legendary automated side loader?
  8. Skeem689

    Contest Results: Printables

    Just create a throwaway one easy as that.
  9. Skeem689

    Balao Premium suggestion

    The USS Batfish (SS-310) would make a lot more sense as they did the campaign to save the Batfish as well as a Naval Legends video on it. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/equipped-with-bat-shark-repellent/
  10. Skeem689

    Bearn is back... much wow

    Woah there, the max view distance of Bearn is only 2km compared to the default of 15km for every other carrier. This makes her very bad at self spotting and with the long wind up time of the skip bombers, the only way she is able to spot for herself is if the DD happens to stay within that range which is already small if they don't take interceptors, the DD leaving their AA on, or being spotted by other ships. Because of how small the radius is, Interceptors is taken by default.
  11. Skeem689

    Armament locked on bearing

    Both lock on sector and bearing are really useful for current ships like Tone, Kearsarge, and Ise by having your guns at the ready after dropping your payload.
  12. I mean, would you rather have Jean Bart nerfed and have a usable range or keep her as she is and have a short range?
  13. Skeem689

    What happened to the Atlanta?

    Concealment, radar, and range never got nerfed the main point of Atlanta which was the 32mm pen a minimal fire chance nerf which was changed during the IFHE and armor normalizations.
  14. Skeem689

    Prop mod 1 or steering mod 1

    Prop mod on every cruiser unless they can't equip it of course Exception being Tone where she has the plane mod instead.
  15. Skeem689

    360 days of premium is on sale now

    Where'd the 5 days go?