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  1. Skeem689

    commander smoke screen skill

    Premium consumables no longer use doubloons so there's no excuse in not using them.
  2. Skeem689

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    Alaska will be in the premium shop
  3. With Alaska being released, it's sure gonna skew CV data for a while.
  4. Skeem689

    Best option for fourth slot on Moskva

    Like to tank? DCM2 Like to move around a lot? SGM2
  5. Too bad WG gave me a 20% coupon that can't be used on any specials. Only normal sale ships and premium time only. Nothing else.
  6. Skeem689

    Steel for Coal (aka Downvote Harvester)

    Oh boy this thread
  7. Skeem689

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    WG handed me a 20% instead with even more restrictions than the 30% one. Can't use it on Jean Bart, which is one of the restrictions being a special offer.
  8. Skeem689

    British CV's

  9. Skeem689

    Thanks Wargaming for the free stuff

    Lots of free ships I'm glad to have Although I'm disappointed that I missed the Duke of York. Hope they do that again in some way.
  10. Skeem689

    Warspite: Yes or No?

    Warspite has the "Royal Navy heal" before the RN ships even had it themselves. Not as powerful but can certainly heal large amounts.
  11. Well you got the jane ship series but those are massively expensive
  12. Skeem689

    CV Rework Feedback

    Returning squads are invulnerable to damage CV is most likely to be just outside the border of the map unable to be attacked Fighters can be controlled by telling who to attack
  13. I remember seeing this on Reddit