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  1. Skeem689

    British CV's

  2. Skeem689

    Thanks Wargaming for the free stuff

    Lots of free ships I'm glad to have Although I'm disappointed that I missed the Duke of York. Hope they do that again in some way.
  3. Skeem689

    Warspite: Yes or No?

    Warspite has the "Royal Navy heal" before the RN ships even had it themselves. Not as powerful but can certainly heal large amounts.
  4. Well you got the jane ship series but those are massively expensive
  5. Skeem689

    CV Rework Feedback

    Returning squads are invulnerable to damage CV is most likely to be just outside the border of the map unable to be attacked Fighters can be controlled by telling who to attack
  6. I remember seeing this on Reddit
  7. I could use those crates right about now.
  8. Skeem689

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Smoke makes a pseudo island
  9. Skeem689

    Gameplay with Ryzen what to expect?

    You'd run very well but you're better off if you spent it building a PC in my opinion. Nice overall though, good portable.
  10. Skeem689

    USS Oklahoma (BB-37) for premium T5

    Probably implemented as a line ship if WG ever splits.
  11. Skeem689


    Fletcher torps are now what you get stock.
  12. Skeem689

    You Can Buy Salem (Kind of but not really)

    Salem doesn't have an option to equip a spotter plane. She has has 8.5km 25s radar and a super heal equal to the Royal Navy cruisers except with a catch - she only heals 33% of citadel damage as opposed to 50%. I wouldn't say she's that much of a near clone, she offers a much more aggressive play style than Des Monies. She does have a lot of similar qualities I'll give you that. Thanks for clarifying, didn't believe you at first but a CC confirmed this info for me. Crazy how poor the communication between CC and WG has been.
  13. Skeem689

    You Can Buy Salem (Kind of but not really)

    The Salem perma camo in this event is better than the base camo she comes with! Keep that in mind too.
  14. Skeem689

    USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Watch as WG pulls a WG and makes it for coal or steel.