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  1. Fallschirmfuchs

    B-17 Nine-Oh-Nine

    I already went image heavy here but I'd like to say that every time I went to see her I couldn't help but feel like she was horribly neglected. She was in poor shape, an old lady, and in dire need of an overhaul alongside that B-24. In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if Collings Foundations ends up facing lawsuits. It comes to a point when you're neglecting the safety of others, just like the first few years I went to see her the B-24 was a no show due to engine failure, that's kind of saying something. However I will miss her dearly, I have a soft spot for B-17s, especially B-17s in 91st BG marking, and after watching Liberty Belle burn up in a field I hoped these foundations would learn a thing or two. It's tough to say though that this is truly the end for her, just like Liberty Belle, her parts will probably be recycled into a heavily Frankensteined B-17.
  2. Fallschirmfuchs

    Another classic gone

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