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  1. Fallschirmfuchs

    Dry Dock: California

    Anybody remember putting in Medal of Honor Rising Sun for the first time and you were introduced to the USS California for the prologue mission? Some classic gaming nostalgia back from 2003... It would be nice if EA would remaster/reboot the Medal of Honor series. Could also do with a 1941 California from Wargaming.
  2. Fallschirmfuchs

    A quick, generic guide to making premium ships

    Except Tirpitz was a premium way before there ever was a German tech tree line, she filled the void of being a lack of German ships until the German cruiser tech line was released. I pretty much bought the ship when she hit the servers, very slim pickings for premiums back then, want to say her and Atago were pretty much it. Similar cases can be said with Roma and Warspite, might be a few others but I can't remember. Also you forgot West Virginia which was a Hull A Colorado.
  3. Fallschirmfuchs

    Armada: Chkalov

    But it's a Soviet PREMIUM aircraft carrier paper boat, they'll probably nerf it when they get a couple million Rubles out of it.
  4. Fallschirmfuchs

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    I must of struck a cord cause they deleted my earlier comment and didn't say a damn thing about it. Good job moderator, you have no sense of humor, go live in China.
  5. Fallschirmfuchs

    Armada: Congress

    Dear Wargaming, How about some real ships for a change...
  6. Fallschirmfuchs

    USS Gerald R. Ford a Fiasco?

    But a bad comparison for the Gerald R Ford class, which will probably be a 3 time billion dollar blunder before the government tells the Navy enough is enough, much like the Zumwalt. Almost be better off bringing back a rundown USS Kitty Hawk to fill the gap while they [edited] around with it, she always had a [edited] Kitty reputation.
  7. Fallschirmfuchs

    USS Gerald R. Ford a Fiasco?

    I think he's talking about the car, the Edsel Ford, technological advanced but a failure in it's heyday. Edsel - Wikipedia It's a cute pun.
  8. You do realize what you are asking for is another Saratoga? Lexington is not represented in this game, she was sunk before she could have those 4 duel 5in mounts that were mounted on Saratoga. I wish they'd just swap name and give us a proper Lady Lex 1942, 8in mounts is just over kill for DD defense.
  9. Fallschirmfuchs

    I bought a piece of the Tirpitz!

    Don't confuse radials and rotary, they look the same but operate differently. Radial engine - Wikipedia Rotary engine - Wikipedia
  10. Fallschirmfuchs

    I bought a piece of the Tirpitz!

    My grandpa will be 90 in August, he was drafted towards the end of Korean War. They gave him 3 choices and an aptitude test, I forget what one of his choices were but the other two were a cook or a pilot. The farm boy from Kansas became a pilot and transferred to the United States Air Force. Between the wars he got a lot of time in other aircrafts, when he was station in MacDill AFB he was a co-pilot for the B-47, when he was in South Dakota it was B-52s, in Greece I think he flew C-47s, and at some point he worked on B-25s, he trained in the TB-29, T-33, and Texan. When he did his tours in Vietnam, his first tour was in a C-123 flying supplies, I asked him once what was his favorite aircraft to fly in and it was the C-123 even thou he was shot at often. He did his last 2 tours in the B-52 and spent the remainder of his career flying aircraft to the boneyard. Yep, that had a lot to due with the rotary engine, the propeller was stationary, the entire engine just spun on its mount. Now think about all that mass spinning at a speed to get you air born and you got yourself a hell of a torque. I think that is why a lot of nations started experimenting with tri-planes, reduced a lot of stress caused by the engine. A lot of replicas don't bother with the rotary, just to much danger involved.
  11. Fallschirmfuchs

    I bought a piece of the Tirpitz!

    Something magical about watching one fly over you, before Nino O Nine crashed they would occasionally visit during the Florida State Fair and do fly bys along with the B-24, B-25, and P-51, they'd take turns. I visited her multiple times before she crashed, it was depressing, she was my favorite out of all the airworthy B-17s. I've also had the chance to visit Liberty Belle before she burned up in a field, that felt like the start of a bad trend, but she's getting a second life so I've been keeping an eye on that along with the Desert Rat. The movie Memphis Belle and Texas Raider show up every once in a while but since the pandemic I haven't really seen them. I still have my Nine O Nine t-shirts, but it's like I avoid wearing them but have no desire to get rid of them. The only aircraft that I have as much fascination for is the C-47 That's All Brother, donated some money back during her restoration drive, and B-52s, my grandpa flew them in Nam and bombed the doodoo out of Cambodia. I could probably one day just settle for a 1/32 B-17 and a dozen1/72 B-52s, yeah...
  12. Fallschirmfuchs

    I bought a piece of the Tirpitz!

    If there weren't people like you there wouldn't be much of a market for it, I've actually thought about buying the knife back when they were going around for $400 and displaying it along side my 1/350 Tirpitz when I finished it. I think they came in a nicer case then what they're advertising now, seem like it was a box with a liner, serial numbered to match. Instead I ended up investing in other things and my Tirpitz pretty much ended up shelved. Sometimes I think if I didn't spend a fortune on this game, I'd probably have one, oh well. I have been look at this one artist who picks up pieces of debris from aircraft wrecks and displays them with a picture of the airplane, one of my favorites is from a B-17 named Naughty But Nice, she was one of the Pacific Tramps that survived Pearl Harbor only to be shot down in 43. Quite simply, I have a fetish for B-17s, you walk in my room there are about 10 models of them to greet you. So yeah, I'd love to have maybe that, and the fragment of Memphis Belle that he is selling. And if anybody else is interested here is a link. World War 2 Aviation Art & Historic Aircraft Relic Displays - Ron Cole
  13. USCGC Ingham is in Key West? I haven't seen her since she was in Patriots Point and I haven't been to Key West since they had USCGC Mohawk, and she was sunk in 2012. I think the PT boat was moved to Ohio before then, I feel like she wasn't there the last time I went. To be honest, it feels like Wargaming is avoiding low tiers, probably cause the general population hasn't been playing anything lower than a tier 5. That, or they just figured they're better off making money on the higher tiers. A lot of early dreadnaughts I'd love to see, but I'd just be happy to see Samuel B Roberts, I think she'd be a good low tier.
  14. Fallschirmfuchs

    I bought a piece of the Tirpitz!

    Pretty sure most of the hull had been scrapped in the 50s, the biggest description you get for the wreck of Tirpitz is chunks of machinery and bits of the superstructure. I always wondered what is left, but I think most of these knives are usually things like anchor chains and loose bits that can be salvaged with out disturbing the bulk that is there. I don't picture a huge operation dredging up the scraps left over from the original breakers.
  15. Fallschirmfuchs

    Fighter Squadron vs DD balance discussion

    Ah yes, rocket planes... Not to be confused with the fictional "Rocket Bomber Squadron" that Wargaming created to fill a role that wasn't entirely needed but hard to get rid of, kind of like when god gave us mosquitos.