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  1. Gabriel192

    Buying ships with mod station

    Ok thank you
  2. So I recently started using ModStation and one of the mods I'm using is "All ships in tree". When I go to the tech tree I can see some ships that are no longer for sale, Belfast, Enterprise, GC. Is it actually possible to use gold and buy the ships and if so is it bannable given these ships are no longer available for normal purchase(through unmodded tech tree and premium shop).
  3. Gabriel192

    Selling Moskva

    So with patch 0.9.5 dropping tomorrow, I just want to make sure. I am currently the owner of a Moskva but if I see it prior to the patch being released, do I still get the "special" version of Moskva?
  4. Gabriel192

    What to get in the Armory

    I dont have Thunderer but I dont have much intrest in it due to the high tier meta of HE spamming cruiers. Its the same reason Im leaning away from Georgia.
  5. So Im getting close to be able to buy several things in the Armory and Ive had my eye on 3 items. These would be USS Salem, Georgia, and Admrial Kuznetzov. I am leaning away from Georgia mostly becuase I dont find BBs enjoyable in the current meta, and I am grinding for the Des Moines but I also want Salem cause of its slightly different playstyle. And I also want Kuznetzov cause lets be honest, hes really powerful. My problem is Because of the coal cost of all 3, I want to know what is the best to buy before it possibly gets removed from the Armory, though I recognize that non of these will be leaving anytime soon.
  6. Gabriel192

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    Are divisions going to be availible for this season? I got some friends into the game and they got T7s and I want to know if we can play with eachother.
  7. I just got 2 of these for free and i dont think i have ever seen them. Anyone know what they are?
  8. Gabriel192

    Rebuying event ships

    ok, thank you for the replies.
  9. Gabriel192

    Rebuying event ships

    Well crap. Guess its a good thing I never play it
  10. So I know its been a while since patch 7.4 came around but I never read patch notes unless something significant happens. So I have an ARP Kirishima and I know that with 7.4 you can sell ARP ships, but I'm wondering if you can rebuy the ship at a later date if you sell it. In world of artillery, I mean tanks, if you sell a vehicle like a T-34-85M you can "Recover" it later. But can you do that in WoWs with an ARP ship?