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  1. If even I could tell that Hosho is the obvious choice if I wanted to sealclub in a T4 CV, then it was only a matter of seeing if WG cares at all. Condolences to those that are just trying to grind out the IJN T4 CV line, but FU to those who sealclub in it. Thankfully, Langley's torps also got somewhat nerfed in the proceedings, so people who blindly flock to USN boats didn't get off so easily either. Either way, I'm just glad that this makes my Hermes matchups somewhat less stressful as I continue to grind out that line.
  2. yaluen

    Japanese Dive Bombers are so RNG reliant

    I've spent some time dinking around in exercises, and I haven't found any pattern on citadel hit ratio in relation to when you time the bomb drop releases, so it really is all just RNG. Before anybody brings it up, I've seen toptier's CV video on AP bombs, and maybe deck armor makes a difference at T8, but after dinking some more in exercises, it's too RNG dependent that you shouldn't bother aiming off-center and risk missing entirely.
  3. yaluen

    The fun of T8 CVs

    Maybe it's the hour of day that I play, but besides occasionally getting negative karma when I wipe a DD off the map within the first couple min of the game (double T8 CVs + downtiered game), things are usually pretty quiet at T8. I suspect that T6 could get bad with potatoes that are still learning the game, but having just gotten my first T10 CV, maybe there as well with elitists that act like they know what's best for the game?
  4. yaluen

    Kaga Commander Skils

    I don't know what the base fire chance is for Kaga's rockets and bombs, but demo expert can be taken into consideration, but that would mean possibly giving up Concealment or Sight.
  5. I'm sure most long-time CV players already know this, but after I finally got the Hakuryu, I took her out to training against T10 BBs, and what do you know, as long as the bombs aren't landing on turrets or outside of the citadel area, you'll almost always get a citadel regardless of the superstructure or deck armor. Which makes sense, because otherwise you'll be doing negligible damage against BBs with dive bombers if you're still struggling to get citadels, given the HP of T10 BBs. So long story short, if you're at T8, unless you're rotating through your squadrons, prioritize UK and German BBs with AP. If you're at T10, prioritize based on AA thickness (or lack thereof). And in either case, just aim for the superstructure area and leave it to RNG to sort it out, because it's better to pen than get overpens or missing entirely trying to do fancy aim jobs, and I'm starting to suspect that landing bombs on superstructure doesn't actually affect your chances of citadel.
  6. yaluen

    CV Autopilot

    I believe this seems to consistently happen when you're in flight mode controlling a plane squadron. If you initially had the CV on autopilot with a course set, it will not respond to course changes when you try to set a new waypoint while controlling a squadron in flight. I will see if I can get a consistent repro.
  7. yaluen

    Hermes, Hosho, or Rhein to Start a CV Grind?

    I think this is very dependent on which CV line we're talking about. IJN and UK reign supreme thanks to their simple reticle that works well regardless of whether the DD is parallel or perpendicular to your attack path. USN is less reliable if the DD decides to go perpendicular to your horizontal reticle. Still have yet to experience the German CV rocket planes characteristic.
  8. yaluen

    Furious not responding

    I am also seeing the same issue happening with my Shokaku's autopilot as well, where I would tell it to set a course somewhere and it will just keep heading in a straight line. Autopilot is finnicky enough as it is without having it acting up...
  9. yaluen

    My Sunday Best in Kaga

    Kraken games that you lose are the worst. Couple months back, had a downtiered match against a fellow Shokaku and his two super unicrum buddies. Needless to say, it was a really really ugly match where their division killed my entire team by themselves while I escaped as the sole survivor. Got the triple combo of Kraken, High Caliber, and Confederate from that one, but the overall skill in-balance between teams was ridiculous.
  10. I did notice during the dive that the planes would accelerate to 180 knots before slowing again after they angle downward. I guess I'll just need to get use to dropping at that point and adjust when I start the attack run, since that leaves very little room for adjusting your aim. Thanks. I found your video, and the main takeaway I got was to aim off center instead of perfectly lined up with the center of the BB, along with the suggestion that angling probably only matters near the end of the duration of the attack run.
  11. I recently heard of the idea of releasing AP bombs from higher altitude during your dive = better armor pen and better chance of citadels. But after running tests with my Shoukaku, I'm not sure I really see a difference against tiers 8 and 9 BBs. Besides German and UK BBs, dropping AP bombs against any other nation that are resistant to getting citadeled didn't suddenly start giving you better citadels because you're dropping bombs earlier in the dive. They're still largely dependent on where the bombs land, I believe, and while I was hoping that a bomb release from higher altitude will yield better results if it lands against something like the superstructure, that didn't seem to be the case. I did get some amazing results with tier 6 operations, but I'll need to compare that with another run of dropping bombs low to see if it's just the nature of the armor of tier 6 and below BBs. Is there legitimacy in this idea? Or is it just an old-wives tale of people trying to figure out how to use AP bombs effectively?
  12. yaluen

    Squadron Consumables Mod

    The detection radius for Enterprise's fighter is ridiculous. Get too close to Enterprise's squadron with yours? You might as well call off the attack run or you're losing all your planes.
  13. yaluen

    Potential CV nerf?

    A frequent observation I've made is that it *only* took a CV rework and having a lot more people play them for people to finally start understand this simple idea of sailing in groups instead of venturing out alone and doing your own thing. And this sometimes can be a deciding factor in a lot of matches that turn into one-sided stomps, not just for AA reasons. Unfortunately, it seems that more cruisers with smoke and premiums with fearsome AA is starting to cause people to relapse to old habits again. EDIT: Although grouping up would leave the group susceptible to devastating DD torp waves, so I guess it really depends on the situation
  14. yaluen

    Captain Tips

    I think the only thing worth mentioning is that you don't necessarily need TA, and you could consider getting CE for better positioning due to how stealthy IJN CVs are (but probably not with your first 10 points). Another argument for not getting TA is that your torps have long range, so you could pull off some preemptive head-on torp drop shenanigans to make better use of your squadrons before getting into AA.
  15. yaluen

    New Player Question - Aircraft Carriers?

    The general rule of thumb is to start off each battle with your rocket planes and do some quick scouting while looking for the enemy DD. Since you're going down the American CV line, landing a good volley against a DD is actually a little bit trickier due to the way your rocket plane's reticule works, but as long as they're presenting themselves as targets, I feel that you should always try to focus them early game IF it's convenient (i.e. they're not hiding with their teammates and you're not flying all the way across the map). Since it's low tier, you actually can get away with a lot of things, but generally speaking as you move into high tiers, torps against battleships, and dive bombers against cruisers. Unless they're absolutely not paying attention at all, attempting to torp cruisers can be a bit of wasted effort since it doesn't take much for them to start maneuvering to dodge your drop. Then again, since it's still low tier, that might not really mean much and you have a lot of easy targets.