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  1. yaluen

    Thoughts on CV rework.

    The only thing the rework does is punish stupid players less for going off on their own. One core aspect of CV play is avoiding heavy overlapping AA bubbles and picking off loners and stragglers wandering around by themselves. That aspect probably isn't going to change much, but the rework will just mean those idiotic players will either have a better chance of fending off a squadron that's focused on them, or die a more gradual death as strikes after strikes are launched against them.
  2. yaluen

    I think the rework might be canceled?

    Honestly, as I heard some other people reason, it feels like all this rework is entirely geared toward release for console. Take the AA rework for example. It's...interesting, I guess, but it feels geared toward streamlining the controls for people without a mouse. It's somewhat easier to tell a ship whether to focus its AA to the left or right of the ship than trying to free look and manually target an incoming squadron. And who likes playing console RTS where precise controls on multiple units makes the difference between winning or losing a game. In WG's attempt to break stagnation and bolster business through console releases, there's a small risk of all this blowing up in WG's face.
  3. yaluen

    CV Rework Feedback

    Initial feedback on the CV testing with tier 6 Ryujo Positives It is easier to control your angle of approach in a bombing run thanks to the new interface, particularly being able to pull a tighter turn. Negatives Bomb drops seem more finicky and actually harder to pull off consistently than before due to the lack of flexibility once you're in the attack mode, since if you miss, you miss completely with little margin of error. Can you even use your mouse to fine tune your drop circle, or are you only suppose to use WASD in attack mode? This might just be a personal learning curve issue, but I don't think the new controls may necessarily narrow the skill gap between good and bad players, especially in terms of landing rockets against a DD. You can't respond to attacks to your actual ship without having to order your current squadron back to the CV. You can't even use repair party if you're flooding or on fire. When you're in attack mode, does the rest of your planes still take damage?
  4. So after trashing Lexingtons after Lexingtons after Lexingtons, I made it to the Taiho,. And what do you know, you can't trash Essex as easily anymore! So I'm curious to you guys' thoughts on how to play Taiho. I'm currently invested in the 2-3-2 loadout, and it seems like I'm just going to have to play my fighters offensively in escorting strikes since I can't really win the air superiority fight against the Essex. So along that line of thought, should I try divving up the bombers to attack two places at once? Or continue with the strategy of putting all my eggs in one basket in striking a single vulnerable point on the enemy team? Or should I have just gone with the 3-2-2 loadout instead? Basically, what works for IJN CVs t9 up?
  5. Oh, so the new quick messages weren't there in the original game files, but you pieced them together from existing voice files? Either way, your effort is much appreciated. Being able to use the HSF captain voices in-game really improves the game experience.
  6. Will you be updating this with the new quick messages?