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  1. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    You do know what happened to the real Amagi right?...
  2. Stand_Alone97

    UnFair Gaming Advangage

    Another radar thread... Someone post a bunch of inb4lock and reset the clock memes.
  3. Stand_Alone97

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    Good advice! However overmatch on cruisers should be removed... Does he do videos of himself dancing in short shorts and tube tops though? That's the high quality Twitch content I'm looking for...
  4. Stand_Alone97


    I run Hydro mod and smoke skill because sometimes I div up with my friends Worcester or Salem. Your job is pretty simple use low detection and be aggressive, do anything you have too even if it means yoloing to kill red DD's. Sometimes you just use the threat of a Mino to keep DD's away from caps so they stay secured or ruin flanking attempts with your radar. Also Open water Minoing is an art...
  5. Stand_Alone97

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Not a Mack...
  6. Stand_Alone97


    Das a cute ship with huge HP pool and overmatch. Seriously though the teams during the past month have been some the worst I've ever seen...
  7. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Her refit skin is very nice too...
  8. Stand_Alone97

    How to stop a consumable in use

    They should allow you to turn your smoke off on the Haida and Perth. If your trying to run away it gives away where you are...
  9. Stand_Alone97

    So what's up with the chat bans lately??

    If you use the word toxic your post automatically is irrelevant. Thesaurus use it. Yeah they'll go back however far they have to as well. We've seen this recently when a WeeGee employee got butthurt.
  10. Stand_Alone97

    So what's up with the chat bans lately??

    Yeah the system is stupid. It should be removed altogether, there is an ignore option for a reason.
  11. Stand_Alone97

    Musashi - Got her today!

    It's a beast. I don't even like BB's and I play her regularly.
  12. Stand_Alone97

    Should I skip the Monarch?

  13. Stand_Alone97

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Possibly a fan of ear scritches.
  14. Stand_Alone97

    High tier USN 152MM AP Pen

    Now that's what I call... Show me the replay.