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  1. Stand_Alone97

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The jealous face you make when you see Graf Zepplins torpedo bulges.
  2. Stand_Alone97

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    Kremlin and Smolensk are broken and need nerfing. Russian bias is a meme. You way overrate the Worcester... Good thread Weeboo of 07.
  3. Stand_Alone97

    Random Toxicity: How do YOU do it?

    Ignore Potatoes. Super Champion! ??? Profit.
  4. Stand_Alone97

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    I think it's a hard carry over from WoT where Russian tanks were considered OP because there drawbacks were never really an issue because of map design/gameplay meta. At least back in the day I haven't played in WoT since WoWs came out.
  5. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Hopefully she is far better in AL then she was in RL and WoWs... Design is nioooooce though...
  6. Stand_Alone97

    Thunderer and Yoshino

    Yeah but Repub's Velocity is way better.
  7. Stand_Alone97

    sooo why is worchester not hated as much as smolensk and colbert?

    Handles Like a Bus. Slow Shells arcs, easily evaded even by a BB. Terrible Turret layout. AA is a joke now. Slow. Long ship. So if your not perfectly broadside you eat massive full pen damage. Radar was Nerfed along side concealment. No longer able to stealth radar. Awful at brawling. No Torps. Radar Mino can do everything better except farm fire damage.
  8. Stand_Alone97

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    My impression of Thunderer was disappointing overall. It's quite squishy too...
  9. Stand_Alone97

    The Italian CA line: its not them, its you.

    Disagree. Venezia does indeed follow the exact same play style as Zara. Des Moines and Baltimore have the same exact play style. Wichita can also be played similar but she does better if you try to be more aggressive. Zao plays like the entire IJN line. Literally from Aoba onwards you have the same play style.
  10. Stand_Alone97

    "italain ships have good handling and maneuverability tho"

    Maybe you should just accept Italian CA's don't fit your play-style and move on.
  11. Stand_Alone97

    The Italian CA line: its not them, its you.

    Yeah sadly only got a brief time with Venezia before I uninstalled. Did that first day I had it... And I'm a potato can only imagine the havoc top CA players have been doing since it's release.
  12. Stand_Alone97

    WG has Nerfed my Battles

    I find OP's post highly credible with the large amount of data and statistics he provided to prove said points.
  13. Stand_Alone97

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    Yup we help invent the internet but have worse ISP service then third world countries.
  14. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Oooh Veri Nooooice! I can combine her with Yuki and Aya for my Sakura DD front line.