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  1. Stand_Alone97

    Carry harder they said!

    Meh. Carry more please.
  2. Stand_Alone97

    moskva credit grind

    I've Had worse teams.
  3. Stand_Alone97

    6 volleys kill

    Most likely got nailed by another BB but never saw it cause Smolensk used up all his Vram drawing HE tracers...
  4. Stand_Alone97

    What was your best salvo ever?

    This back turret execution of a Yammy has always been one of my favs tbh...
  5. Stand_Alone97

    Port graphics need split from Game graphics

    Quit being a try hard then.
  6. Stand_Alone97

    World of Warship Ship Opinions 11: Leander

    Gudbote but not as cool as her Aussie cousin Perth.
  7. Hard knowing. The CIA could probably tell you based on satellite photos but I doubt it's particularly good. Although these boys are ground based so less stress on the airframe then carrier ops. Most recent footage I could find of them. Notice there "Escorts" but not loaded with any armament.
  8. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They go nicely with our 175 Fletchers and 50 Clevelands... We also made 98 Gearings...
  9. The Iranian's have been making there own parts for years, it's the engines they need to replace. Which they bought a whole bunch of Mig-31 engines not to long ago. Despite not having any Mig-31s... Won't be surprised if we see those put into the Alicats. The real sad thing is the billions of dollars we have wasted on the F-35(which is garbage) when for 1/4th the price we could've updated all the F-14 to D models and it could've served another 20-30 years.
  10. Bloody hell the timing on that photo.
  11. Stand_Alone97

    user name

    So we just need to report the current username and they get a free name change...
  12. Stand_Alone97

    I need help getting past rank 10

    Get rid of Hindy and bring a Des Moines.
  13. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Richelieu is probably the best character AL has done too... Such a great look/style.
  14. Stand_Alone97

    user name

    You want to pay money to change a few numbers? Up to you mate.
  15. Stand_Alone97

    So this is a gender question

    It's a game. It uses things from history when it's useful for gameplay. That's it. It's a game. It's a game. This isn't some medium defining masterpiece like Shadow of the Colossus or Nier Automata. You shoot pixel boats. They die or you die. There is no message. Quit projecting your own onto everything around you. Stop viewing the world from an idealogues lens and live in reality.