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  1. Stand_Alone97

    MM Balance?

    No whoever coded this new MM needs to be fired. Teams are straight f*cking autism right now. Combine that with WG crap servers and you get fun and engaging gameplay.
  2. Stand_Alone97

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Mikasa: What am I a joke to you?
  3. Stand_Alone97

    Italian legendary captain severe bug

    Had this happen mid game except I could aim out to 24KM(Lock on targets too) but my shells would only travel to there max gun range.(17.1KM) CCP. Can't Code Properly.
  4. Stand_Alone97

    My thoughts on Italian Cruisers

    I haven't been able to get the full potential out of Venezia yet but could've had some big games as I missed several broadside cruisers that I flanked. Still need to dial in the guns better... Torps are fun throw them in common choke points and pick up free damage here and there. However you can do some super aggressive pushes early on assuming you have DD support in front of you to spot with the full speed smoke. It kites well, mobile enough to wiggle/speed joke. The armor isn't all that different to Henri, Moskva, DM. You either bounce them off the belt or eat huge damage... It's a bit too long and awkward to be good brawler but not worst either, better then Worcester, Henri and Moskva/Stalin in that regards. Literally had a Midway harass me all game long cause I was in the new ship, and had a "Friendly" Yoshino dump a wall of torps right into me in my first game with the ship. I've enjoyed it so far, looking forward to getting some more games in with it.
  5. Stand_Alone97

    Venezia seriously

    Italian ships are OP threads have already started. Cool.
  6. Notser gives questionable advice as usual. Ha these guys with a massive hard on for 07...
  7. Stand_Alone97


    Really? You guys have always had strange obsession with Dasha. Have you never met/seen any other women from eastern Europe or Russia? Dasha is dime a dozen, chill out.
  8. Stand_Alone97

    how to GROZOVOI

    Except I'm not wrong. The Groz currently sits 4th overall when played by players who actually understand the strengths of the ship and how to maximize it. When played by the average potato it sits middle of the pack.(Literally perfect balance.) No an actual comparison for Le Mans would be one driver saying the car is out of balance, has poor grip etc. Then after the others two drivers tested it they would agree. If the other two drivers say it's fine then it's a user issue not the car. In this case YOU saying it's bad while the general opinion is that it's in quite a good spot currently.
  9. Stand_Alone97

    Why no article for Taranto port?

    Agreed Venice would've been great.
  10. Stand_Alone97

    how to GROZOVOI

    Terrible strawman. Not even a relevant comparison... Even when you look at all Groz sit smack dab in the middle of all the tier 10 DDs. So seems fairly well balanced to me and a lot of those games could have been pre-buff. Especially when Somers and Kleber are so new that there stats are artificially inflated right now.
  11. Stand_Alone97

    As WoWS goes on, friendliness goes down.

    Really depends on the game I think. I haven't played it in some time but both Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR had almost borderline obnoxiously friendly communities. You'd ask for help in chat and atleast 15-20 people would all respond. In GW2 someone would ask for help taking on specific mob and again a group of like 30 people would come running out of nowhere. In Elite Dangerous there is group called the fuel rats who will travel to where ever you are and refuel your ship as well. So it's more like online gaming represents to duality of human nature as a whole quite well.
  12. Same. I've always just hit alt if I want more info. On a side note I always go to the opposite side of that cap and back in. That way you can spot if anyone is using the other side of that island and if you get radar'd you just sail away.
  13. Stand_Alone97

    how to GROZOVOI

    Irrelevant. To see the true measure of ship you need to see how well it performs when used by competent players.
  14. Stand_Alone97

    Daring Heal Is Useless

    This thread is from last year...