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  1. Stand_Alone97

    HMS Hood

    Hood is basically a tier 7 Iowa. You use her speed and concealment to flank, reposition, go dark. etc.. Also a good health pool. Hood's guns have the same AP as Warspite and only slightly worse sigma, in game Hood's guns are far more reliable then Warspite's by far though. So probably some hidden numbers there. I think she is worth the cost. Far better tier for tier then the Warspite or Vanguard.
  2. Stand_Alone97

    W.O.A.T. Ship

  3. Stand_Alone97

    G.O.A.T. Ship

    1. Abruzzi 2. Salem 3. Radar Mino 4. Henri 5. Daring Would be my top 5.
  4. Stand_Alone97

    Weekend Spree, 19-21 August 2022

    Was busy so not much play time... but it wasn't too bad a weekend. Ranked went okay as well.
  5. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They're sisters not twins but there is also 27 Cleveland class cruisers so...
  6. Stand_Alone97

    Test Drive Weekend

    I don't think people over look it. The problem is why would you play that when you can play the Perth?
  7. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Yeah never really understood that. I've never felt bad about giving Manjuu money because I think they're pretty fair with there customers. They even recommended not buying gems to finish of the world tour mission sets because you have so much time to complete them easily. I could never see WeeGee doing that lul.
  8. Stand_Alone97

    "Lost" Teams Post Patch

    Nah comrade spreadsheet says I'm having fun.
  9. Stand_Alone97

    You Are The Last Hope!

    Damn how do you lose a co-op game?
  10. Stand_Alone97

    Top 3 tier 6 Battleships for current brawl

    Renown does pretty well because you've got the speed to flank/disengage at will and overmatch. Tier 7 or Tier 8 would've been more fun to use imo though.
  11. Stand_Alone97

    Ranked Strategy

    A split has always won against a lemmingtrain in my experience. The problem is people are too aggressive on the split before getting intel on what they're facing. I've been the only person to split and cover the easy cap and I knew right away that after I capped I had to begin kiting/distracting the enemy for as long as possible to win.
  12. Why do you keep playing? Your not exactly a unicum with plenty of ships that are below 50% winrate.
  13. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Just like with Warships I always appreciate whales who keep the lights on...
  14. Stand_Alone97

    Cossack/Kidd conundrum

    Kidd>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cossack. You can put Ovechkin on the Kidd too and give it over 20KHP to go with that heal. In the modern double CV/Sub meta a DD with a heal is 100% better than any without.
  15. Stand_Alone97

    Brawl MM

    This brawl is meh. Bad MM, Sky cancer Ise and a way too short battle timer.