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  1. Rainman106

    Concealment Chart

    I remember this. It could use an update. Not by me, of course. That's way more work than I'm willing to put in. Someone else. Anyone else.
  2. Rainman106

    Crossing bows

    Full reverse Yamato, is that you?
  3. Rainman106

    Best Japanese destroyers of every Tier?

    I prefer gunboats, so that will definitely affect my rankings. Take that for what it is. Tier 2: Tachibana sisters Tier 3: Wakatake (only choice) Tier 4: Isokaze (only choice) Tier 5: Kamikaze sisters Tier 6: Shinonome Tier 7: Akatsuki Tier 8: Akizuki Tier 9: Kitakaze Tier 10: Harugumo A torp detection buff could change the game if it were to ever happen. For ships that really on their torps, they are much too easy to avoid. I would almost say German or high tier American are better torp boats. The exception is the monsters that are the Kami sisters. They're terrifying. In conclusion, IJN has great gunboats at tier 2, 8, 9, and 10. Little monsters of torp boats at tier 5, and nothing better than underwhelming at tiers 3, 4, 6, and 7.
  4. That's the first thing I thought have when I read the title.
  5. General_Storm, I just love your topics. It's always nice to be able to laugh. It feels good. Can you start a new thread every day? I think you're close as it is. Also, I appreciate the new content. The "DDs are overpowered, OMG!" topics were getting stale.
  6. Rainman106

    How far up the Pan Asian line to go?

    I'm so sorry! Guys, this one needs some hugs, now! And maybe some puppies.
  7. Rainman106

    Gearing Mark 17 torps

    You're not missing power if you take the Fletcher torps. In fact, I personally think they are better, but I understand why some people prefer Gearing torps. If you feel better with Fletcher torps, then use Fletcher torps. I get way more hits with Fletcher torps.
  8. Rainman106

    Gearing meh?

    I'm going to disagree with you on the torps. Gearing getting the Fletcher torps was a game changer on that ship for me. I used to rarely play it. Now I play it all the time. It feels so much better to be able to fire off more torps. I'm not even putting in any points on torps, it just feels better. I'm definitely getting way more torps hits. I'm not saying the Gearing torps are bad. I know some people prefer them. I'll hold my judgement of the legendary mod until I get it, but my first thought is you may be undervaluing concealment too much, even for randoms. I'll see when I get it.
  9. Rainman106

    WG's nerf priorities is abit wth, but justified

    This is good, because we know where the next nerf will be. Soon they will nerf this to a much worse than Fletcher level. They will skip Hsienyang because it's already worse than Benson. Then GM to worse then Jervis and Fushun worse than Gnevny. At that point, there bloodlust will finally be sated and everyone will forget PADDs exist.
  10. Rainman106

    This is not Possible, SUPER COntainer openning

    You're right! That's really unfortunate because complaining about super containers is great. He should complain about his super container making it so he's not allowed to complain about super containers.
  11. Rainman106

    Why is everyone so upset about the steel thing

    It might not be a ton of steel for each person, but it is enough for many Flints and Blacks to be bought. We rarely see those right now, but will they be a problem en masse? If they are, will WG raise the costs of the next ships greatly to avoid a repeat? I doubt it, but it's the one argument I can possibly see being made against this. As for your second statement, games absolutely have economies. Have you never played an mmorpg? WoWS isn't at that level, of course, but it does have an economy. Watch supply and demand take effect when the next level of FXP ships cost much more than 750k.
  12. Rainman106

    Why is everyone so upset about the steel thing

    This is more steel for everyone. Why is anyone complaining about more steel to get more ships? The only argument I can see is economy concerns. This might make steel ships much more expensive in the future.
  13. You weren't. You should read everything before responding. The AP change did not affect Harugumo. It and Khaba still take full overpen damage.
  14. Rainman106


    I don't think people are kill camping as much as everyone thinks. If a target ends up low health, people will switch to it just to get guns off the board. I encoueage taking out the low health ship. It's super frustrating to see a bunch of low health ships around that no one is taking out.
  15. Rainman106


    The only time it can be frustrating to not get a kill is of a kraken is on the line. Even then, what does that kraken really do for me. Get rid of guns. That's all that matters. I really don't understand why someone would rather risk the loss of their ship to get a kill rather than having someone take it out. It's more frustrating when people are not shooting the ship that I'm in a duel to the death with.