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  1. Rainman106

    Cossack is weak? seems so

    I'm not disagreeing with that. That will definitely help the Cossack. I'm just saying that looking at shell velocity as why Jervis might be better tier for tier is not looking at the full package of the Lightning. While Jervis has 360 third turret (and second, I think), Lightning has 360 every turret. Plus the much improved forward firing angles over Jervis. That's all I'm saying. Jervis and Cossack don't have either of those.
  2. Rainman106

    Last day for yy before nerf

    I'll miss it. It's pretty much what Gearing should be as far as model goes. I don't think anyone would have complained about a Gearing buff in the way of a model fix and .1 better concealment to put it in line with YY. Instead, the YY is getting hammered into worst tier 10 DD status. Well, maybe not. We'll see where it stands against post-buff Shima. Good thing I have all my other DDs to play. Maybe one day WG will realize their folly and fix it.
  3. Rainman106

    Cossack is weak? seems so

    That is a good reason why someone might not care for the Lightning over Jervis. The question is how much you can get into it's strengths to make up for the slower she'll speed weakness. The upgrades it has over Jervis are faster turret rotation, 360 turrets, and better forward firing angles. That last one should not be understated. The only gun strength that Cossack has from Lightning is faster turret traverse. I don't think it's as much best of both worlds as you're thinking. Although, take this with the rather large grain of salt that I have not played the Cossack yet.
  4. I really don't understand why everyone shoots at the lead Zikasa, either. We spawn left to right, we should kill the left to right Zikasas by how we spawn. Get them dead and move on. We don't need six torps into one Zikasa.
  5. That's cool. It's my favorite ship in the line. I won't use this camo, though. I think the dubloon camo is one of the best looking camos in the game. The off-white turrets look amazing.
  6. Rainman106

    Server Overload

    It looks like the server just went down.
  7. Rainman106

    Forest for The Trees? [Torpedo Dispersion]

    There is torpedo dispersion. Torpedos don't actually travel in a perfect spread. Sometimes a large gap opens between two of them that kind of ruins the spread. Ships for right in the gap.
  8. Rainman106

    Best Tier 1?

    It uses HE now rather than AP and the reload was nerfed from 4s to 6s. I honestly don't know what would be the best now. They are all very similar.
  9. Rainman106

    Lightning is OK I guess...

    I'm very curious why you preferred the Jervis. Lightning is a big upgrade to it. If it's because of the MM, I kind of understand. But I don't think the Jervis performs well at all at tier 9, where as I can always do work with Lightning at tier 10.
  10. Rainman106

    The problem with Jervis

    How far up the PA line did you go? Did you play Gadjah Mada. If so, it plays similar to that, but worse.
  11. Rainman106

    Good ramming fun DD?

    Cambletown, of course......
  12. Rainman106

    UK DD reviews?

    I actually just forgot they were the same. I was playing with a 10 point captain as well. Icarus was the last one I got, so I spent a lot of time comparing the jump from Acasta to Jervis. Hence my ill-advised statement. Still, Icarus sucks.
  13. Rainman106

    UK DD reviews?

    The Acasta is not great. Really nothing to write home about. It just doesn't do anything particularly well. It doesn't really have anything about it either. But that is inline with the other T5 destroyers. The Nicolas and Jianwei are let downs after Clemson and Shiratsuyu, and the T-22 is the low point of the KM line. The Icarus is horrible. I was kind of interested in it because the 3km hydro isn't too bad in relation to other t6 hydros. While that did come in handy a couple times, it's really hard to get your guns going. The gun arcs are very bad and you pretty much have to be broadside to get them all firing. It's a bad combination with 18s 180 turn time. The Jervis is okay. It increases to 3 double turrets. Stealth torp firing is much more possible with the range increase to 7km. It's better than the US DDs and probably similarly good to the KM DD. The real issue is in comparison to Gadjah Mada. The Jervis is J-class and Gadjah Mada is N-class, so they are not the same class of ship. However, they look and feel almost identical. So it really makes one wonder way Jervis has 6.3 detection to GM's 6.1, and why it doesn't have the 15 degree forward firing angle for the 3rd gun like GM has. I don't know what it is, but it's nowhere near 15 degrees. The Lightning is very good. It has massive upgrades over the Jervis. It's torps increase in range to 8km. Its detection goes down to 5.5km. all three turrets turn 360 degrees. It is much closer to having all guns firing at 15 degrees off center than Jervis. It may actually be 15. It's too close to tell. It's 180 turn time also goes down to 9s, so that is much stronger. It's just a nice feeling ship to play. Of course you are still stuck in T10 most of the time, but it can manage pretty well. In conclusion, Lightning is the keeper out of the four of them. You may want to keep Jervis as well, but I wouldn't bother if you already have Gadjah Mada.
  14. Rainman106

    The problem with Jervis

    I forgot to bring up concealment as well. I definitely noticed that. There are definitely trade-offs for the ships, but I feel the ship in general does feel worse to play than Gadjah Mada. I actually think not being able to hit destroyers in exchange for low detection torps is already a perfectly good trade-off. Them being normal is not straight up advantageous to me. The single launch torps and hydro are definitely nice, though. It's not enough to make up for the strange disadvantages it has to Gadjah Mada. If the third gun arc and concealment were made the same, I think the two ships would be very similar in ability.
  15. Rainman106

    The problem with Jervis

    I have a huge problem with Jervis. Why oh why does it not have Gadjah Mada's awesome forward firing arcs for the third gun. They're the same class of ship. There is nothing blocking the gun to keep it from having that as well. So what gives? That aspect alone makes it a much worse ship than Gadjah Mada. I really hope the rest of the line isn't like this. I was hoping for a full tech tree of Gadjah Mada like firing arcs. Edit: As has been pointed out, the 6.3km concealment compared to the 6.1km of GM hurts as well. Especially with Jervis's shorter torp range