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  1. Lol, that would have been nice
  2. I think you might have done it. For the sake of my sanity and grades, I hope you’re right.
  3. Lol, pretty much. I bet the URL guy is laughing his [edited]off
  4. Anyone else seeing what I’m seeing?
  5. I could really go for some cryptic bullshitery right now...
  6. We figured that out, but if y’all know anymore meanings of those letters that would be great does anybody remeber anything from the letters that might be a reference to the monster?
  7. So what all came from the EU server again?
  8. If we string the numbers together from the parchment right and down like DS said, it would read 340410081 (moving to the right and down) if we start from the right, it would read 440318100 440318100=D 340410081=4 put it through a hex 2 text converter and got this. I don’t know what I’m doing, so this might just be meaningless
  9. How did we get the final answer for the Asia server again? Maybe we need to separate everything back into an EU and NA pile to figure them out separately?
  10. “Lost my mind cracking codes and all I got was this stupid flag”
  11. If we add up all of the possible numeric values, we get 156. If eta can mean the depth below mean sea level, it would be at 156m below the surface.