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  1. aurther13th

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    disappointed that you are forced to have the GC downloaded in order to participate in testing. GC is over sophisticated just because
  2. Seriously, yet another weekend exclusive event. Every bounty event is done purposefully and always on the weekend. As if everyone in the wows community only have the weekends free to play the events. Have some respect for everyone else in the community and make a bounty event during the week. Even if there is a lower overall turn out, that leads to two things. First less overall rewards for wows to "lose" and a different ratio of players to actually participate in events that are always exclusively on the weekend.
  3. aurther13th

    German BB second Buff, or French BB second Nerf

    My focus was not so much GK vs Repub but against other ships. DDs and CAs, where the repub seems to hit seconds more often then GK, not due to the extra range but it seems like better secondary dispersion. That also being something i could not find anything on. As far as HE damage, that is 95% of what i take in my GK. and usually 60% or more is just fire damage. Now i understand this is heal-able but it seems more then not after i get fire once, i stay on fire till she sinks or the game ends. Either not being able to use all heals or once 2/3 fires are active and put out its "focused till death" and even when in secondary range of the cruiser or dd spaming the HE it doesnt seem they hit often enough to discourage them. And for Fires, the GK is larger and the 10k more hp translates both ways, while it can heal more hp per use, it also takes more damage from fires, per fire. And while in the GK i seem to keep one fire always going, since its foolish to put out one, but rarely get 2 or more. As far as all secondary turrets firing, once again it comes to accuracy of those. Repub main guns are stronger against GKs, so far less likely to be damage or knocked out. GK 400 front, 200/250 sides, and 380 below the turret, and much higher up. Repub 590 front, 350 sides and 330 on the sides towards the back, and 560 below the turret. Not sure of the armor of GK seconds, but repub looks to be 90 in armor layout. However not sure how to look at those in game. or out. While the Repub does require IFHE for a secondary build its fire chance and damage from seconds still exceed GKs 150s in fire chance and damage. As far as accuracy, regardless of what repub says on paper, it is more accurate then people give it credit, not sure if its an aiming problem for some or everyone i see in it has god aim. Plus i just ate a 38k hp salvo, from 23 km. but it has bad accuracy... i could send 20+ salvos from nearly max range in the GK and shots go around or 1 would be decent, but not that much. HE pen on the GK is higher, but the only time a bb should even use HE is when they know their next shot is at a dd, imo. So if 70mm HE cant pin a dd then... With both ships with a secondary build and legendary mods, Repub with IFHE and GK with BoS due to excessive fires. Repub gets 1km longer range, 7s faster reload for mains and nearly the same dispersion, but better sigma, and better AA. And one could swap mod slot 3 for Aiming systems and still maintain a 10km secondary range on the Repub, without flags. Plus one could get a French Captain that benefits bbs more then the German captain can. Using fitting tool: GK: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSB110&modules=2111&upgrades=222215&commander=PCW001&skills=288375809&ar=100&consumables=1111&lang=en Repub: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PFSB110&modules=1111&upgrades=222215&commander=PFW101&skills=288375809&ar=100&consumables=121&lang=en One could argue rather a secondary buff specifically is what the GK does or doesnt need. But it needs something.
  4. aurther13th


    I have also wrote a ticket about this some time ago, but of course was met with the automated response, "we will forward this to our div team."
  5. Title says just about all of it. Before French BBs came along the German battleships were more known for their secondaries, given their guns are anything but accurate. However, French battleships have made their appearance and more people are starting to get them. And when comparing the GK to the Repub there is nearly no reason to get the GK over the Repub. Hydro is the only benefit, as far as spotting torps and by the time you do with hydro active GK rudder is so poor you will most likely still eat half the torps, or close. Making Hydro almost useless. While the Repub has larger guns, a 24s reload (base), it also boasts a tighter turning circle, better rudder shift, and concealment, along with better AA guns to boot. In regards to the main battery in a 10 minute time frame, the GK can fire 248 rounds with 406mm guns, or 225 with the 420. while the Repub only fires 200 rounds. This leads back to the accuracy of the guns, and as most know. while on paper the GK has low dispersion their guns are far from accurate, due to different sigma values. The GKs at 1.8 while Repub has a 2.0 sigma. But i stated all of this to also state that French BBs have the better secondaries, that Germans used to have. Where now 150mm German secondaries only have an 8% chance to cause fire, French 127s have 9% and their 152 have 12% and longer range. The Germans maintain the shell armor pen as that is the only thing they still have going for them. But when dueling other BBs sure you get some extra damage from the rounds that do hit that far from makes up for the fire damage French BBs will get. So i request the German BBs get a buff to secondary fire chance or French gets a nerf to theirs.
  6. In short, give players the option to assign consumables to keys/slots as they like. It gets very frustrating to play matches in one ship class, switch to another class that utilizes similar or the same consumables and every one of them be in different slots. IE playing several battleship games and switching to a cruiser, high tier in both, and muscle memory activating your heal, and well that is actually DFAA. and wasting consumables and possibly causing your own demise since you believed you were healing all along. Same goes vice versa when planning to use a heal in a battleship and instead using hydro or speed boost. Being that i use a mouse with hotkeys i would rather assign my consumables to the keys themselves, so all heal would be the second slot. no matter in a bb or cruiser, or even a dd.
  7. But that also requires a cruiser to sit dead center of the map. No (useful) cruiser is going to overextend. Thus their radar is only going to cover an area in front of them, towards enemy spawn. Number of ships with X radar distance: 4 at 7.5km, 2 at 8.5km, 4 at 9km, 1 at 9.5km, 7 at 10km (3 of which are UK cruisers who will most likely choose smoke) and 3 at 12km. so 21 ships have radar, and average at just under 9.5km radar And you are right about the math wiz stuff, radar utilizes a circular area. so the 400 km^2 is wildly incorrect. Even using a 10km ship, they will cover (C=2πr=2·π·10≈62.83185) or 63km circumference around them. now taking the first line, 9/10 times they will only be using that for half the circle in front of them. And like others have stated it, at most without upgrades, will only last 40 seconds. In conclusion quit overextending in a dd knowing they could have radar ships close, no only does it cut your game short and xp earnings it leaves your team with one less ship. the nerf for spot time from the radar ship to other ships is exactly what it needed. To call for more is just bonkers. And quite frankly only screams that dds should be allowed to run free because, well because. Dont like radar being used against you, play a battleship.
  8. As a BB main player it will be nice to have matches that i wont have to worry about getting smoked by the enemy CV, typically in a GK. However as a CV player and owner of a few prem cvs i wont be playing anymore i want compensation for money lost in this shamble of "ideas" to fix CV game play. Like a few other posts read, strafing is what allowed veteran players to dominate a match against other cv players, thus taking this out would make players rely on teammate AA support or rng in the chance their planes shot down the enemy. Where in high tier matches where players got multiple squads of planes they would have to run them together and seek out enemy fighters or use one for enemy fighters and the others against their attack planes, hoping to wipe enough of them to their teams advantage.
  9. My question is what do players get in return against the new CV rework. The only reason i bought the Saipan was to have a premium crew trainer for my US CVs. after getting to tier 5. And also building a crew for a CV. Which ultimately led me to buying the Enterprise along with the unique, at the time, AP bombs. However now that the whole CV dynamic is changing and after testing the new CVs i do not care for them, at all. So what do i and other players in my situation get in exchange for this drastic change.
  10. geez. third time i have time to get on, third time that will be postponed due to issues.
  11. Alright, it may be a few days till i can say for sure. I will be working today and tomorrow so wont have much game time.
  12. Since the 7.6 mod update i have had 3 games where either at the start of the game, or sometime during the match, usually the first few minutes my camera quits tracking my ship. I cant aim and its like im in spectator mode with no camera movement. i can still control my ship, use consumables change to torps, ammo ect. but i cant open map or view player lineup. Ill get a screen shot the next time it happens. best way i can describe it is a frozen spectator mode. At the time of this occuring, first 2 times i had the basic 7.6 mod downloaded with mods. it just happened in the GK with mode 7.6 1b. happens in various ships, so far the Z-39, Cleve and recently the GK. ***EDIT*** Found a screenshot of it happening, forgot i took it. while in the Z-39* **Before the most recent download of 7.6.0 #3 i was using the no rust mod on all nations. ** List of Mods im using: ----------------------[ Ship Contour Icons ]------------------------------------ ----------------------------[ Camera mods ]--------------------------------------- by hakabase Camera "Zeiss" (advanced camera + advanced zoom) (by Mebius_LW) hakabase v3 Zeiss Zoom FOV x20 More visible range finder ----------------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]-------------------------------- range finder: green version by BADoBEST ---------------------[ Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file ]------------------------------ BADoBEST: HP + nick Battle GUI customization Ship Movement Indicator Torpedo Warning SMI: v2 (aslain) torpedo warning v4 ---------------------------[ Port mods ]------------------------------------------- Ribbon Badges Session Stats Ribbons v1 Extended Tech Tree (adds hidden/unavailable ships to tech tree) -------------------------[ Loading screen ]---------------------------------------- Clear Vision Game loading screen: Battleships ------------------------[ Ship skins & appearance ]---------------------------------- Tracer contrails (only) none Customized tracer contrails Effect of burning and soot remaining on ship texture anti-aircraft guns Disable the effect completly anti-aircraft guns: lines -------------------------[ Map enviroment mods ]----------------------------- The old graphics effects Group 1 Splashes on water Fog Remover Fire alert frame -------------------------[ External Apps ]--------------------------------- Hide Fire Screen Matchmaking Monitor Cruise control mxStat (by qMBQx8GH_real) Green Mini 1.0 Alt Hud Smoke Indicator Remove unwanted texts from the map view Regen Assistant Companion (Campaign progress)