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  1. drop any strikes you don't think you will get to use before striking. Best way until WG balances AA properly.
  2. dukelego

    Loosing stars despite top fraging?

    top frag refering to being at the top of the leaderboard
  3. Just lost a star despite top fraging. anybody had this issue?
  4. you'll have to wait for someone to buy it and post the rewards
  5. lets not forget azuma and neutralizeshimi in a few months. >_>
  6. dukelego

    Cost for Steel Campaign?

    PTS gives several medium containers and 3-5k steel I think, so I'm assuming ~50$ for it
  7. dukelego

    Azuma is proof, that Stalingrad is OP

    hopefully heavily subject to change.
  8. dukelego

    Azuma is proof, that Stalingrad is OP

    that sigma though :/
  9. This would screw with the economy. It would never happen. if you want to make caps more important raise the points per tick. anyway: radar/planes/DDs = hard for DDs to push BBs = hard impossible for cruisers to push and hard for DDs to push focus fire = hard for anything to push Close range is ship dependent.
  10. has anyone heard of RU getting a Halloween credit quest or some form of participate page?
  11. f34r-th 3-m4chi [n35-0f-7] h3-d33p [if there is a ru code] but since all the hints are supposed to be out... f34r-th 3-m4chi h3-d33p referring to Rasputin, the castle, or our subs
  12. dukelego

    A fork in the road. Any advice?

    shimi is in a pretty bad spot atm. Its a matter of preference though. torp boat or gun boat.