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  1. overpens, overpens everywhere
  2. Premium Browsing...I Need Help

    with that money I think it would be better to get premium time since that allows you to play any ship you like and level faster. they usually have 60-80 dollar sales 2 or three times a year I think. *this is just my personal preference since there are no premiums that seem more interesting to play then the normal ships I have.
  3. TX Ships at T7

    part of it is the smaller team size allowing for more aggressive/reckless moves that normally wouldn't work at all. The mode was funner in testing though.
  4. its just a name so I see no reason why this is an issue. as for the flag thing: -25 commander dragon flags (assuming I can math) result in about 108,250xp (25 games, 1000xp/game, 83250 from flag) adding the additional 75 games with base xp you get an extra 75000. -100 regular commander flags would be 150,000xp (100 games, 50000 from flag) not to mention that you get the bonus xp in a quarter of the time. I would rather have 25 dragons to 100 standards. ship modules shouldn't be part of the drop pool though, since they are ship specific. Flags are reasonably universal so anyone can find them useful.
  5. "No Carriers" Queue Option

    you forgot the "I want Wargaming to actually try and balance crap" option
  6. The 100 Club

    zao - 1616
  7. We need premium T9 cruiser

    A proper B-65 design would be nice WG clearly has no interest in actual balance I don't know why you think they would start now.
  8. WoWp and WoT for me :/ and it came from a WoWs email >.>
  9. Graphics Settings

    I believe there is a setting for water that includes these affects check the two effects settings its probably one of those, In all probability a graphics setting is to low.
  10. torpedo bulge is a no no as I understand it all superstructure - what the others said
  11. theres a gallery on the submission page is that personal submissions only?