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  1. A proper B-65 design would be nice WG clearly has no interest in actual balance I don't know why you think they would start now.
  2. WoWp and WoT for me :/ and it came from a WoWs email >.>
  3. Graphics Settings

    I believe there is a setting for water that includes these affects check the two effects settings its probably one of those, In all probability a graphics setting is to low.
  4. torpedo bulge is a no no as I understand it all superstructure - what the others said
  5. theres a gallery on the submission page is that personal submissions only?
  6. We get multiple submissions right? what think? should I submit this?
  7. Oh I know that, I mean theme wise 'PC' was some humor on my part
  8. In case folks haven't seen: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/paint-my-ride/ official forum post is now up: