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  1. david093

    Cielo Rojo (Texture not Found)

    Tengo el mismo problema con el CIELO ROJO y aunque mandes a reparar la integridad del juego no se soluciona...Yo no uso mods así que dudo que ese sea el problema, espero que alguien encuentre una solución y la comparta. Reinstalar el juego para mi seria una catástrofe dado a la baja calidad de mi conexión .
  2. david093

    Barco con acceso anticipado

    tranquilo el barco que sacas en una mision de este tipo es permanente una ves que los consigues y puedes montarle todo lo que quieras ya no te los van a quitar aunque vengan futuras actualizaciones. suerte camarada.
  3. I have the same problem, I killed a marauder without receiving the reward. I hope the administrators will help us solve this problem.
  4. Ediciones de balance Parámetros mejorados de Habilidad de comandante Experto en Supervivencia: el HP de aeronave incrementado para cada nivel de nave es +25 en lugar de +15 (+30 en lugar de +20 comandantes únicos). En el nivel X, esto dará un aumento de 250 puntos a la aeronave HP, lo que fortalecerá la aeronave en más del 10% y permitirá que el escuadrón viva más bajo AA, teniendo en cuenta los últimos cambios en la mecánica en la actualización 0.8. 5. Seriously, it's all I leave to game administrators a whole weekend of suffering hahahaha I can not believe it. it seems that little or nothing interests them that people use aircraft carriers, so neither way will they remain in my port until they deign to do something that really works, because I'm tired of having each patch have a nerf for the carriers and have that adapting to the new changes enough of suffering they want the small population of people using aircraft carriers to get bored. good job.
  5. Let's go, administrators, the only thing that happened since they started with the reemployment of the aircraft carriers is nerfs and more nerfs to a single group, in this case the aircraft carriers. I've played with destroyers and it's really annoying when an aircraft carrier attacks you with bombers and it causes you a lot of damage, but I'm not complaining though, you hear some players cry for the destroyers and the first one The solution they come up with is nerfs, and only missing players of destroyers who begin to complain about the radars and eliminate them from the game. We are the aircraft carrier players, we have been adapting to a new mechanics and not because you attack a destroyer with the bombs means that it is always going to strike is something that cost us time and practice.
  6. david093

    PSA: Activar Batalla Naval

    Hay esta el detalle me acabo de dar cuenta que ya gaste todos mis intentos jugando con un solo barco, hubo partidas en las que no supere la experiencia base requerida ya que no tenia planificado jugar hasta el ultimo día, ya que el clan tiene estrategias para jugar las batalla navales ... ahora se nos informa cuando el daño ya esta hecho. Esperemos que para próximos errores se los trate de informar apenas sean detectados y mediante un método mas eficaz y no venir a los foros a revisar cual es el problema cuando ya es tarde.
  7. aqui mi resultado no es mucho pero espero competir
  8. david093

    Alaska opinions

    I have a question Does anyone know if I will enter the azuma for the update that is to come?
  9. david093


    It is what I do not understand, on what logic are based to implement that a tiny plane has more detectability than a large ship.
  10. david093


    Legend has it that there was another aircraft carrier that was feared on the seas and his name was HAKURYU. A ship feared in the seas by many and hated by others, that no longer exists, could not resist so much nerfs and remain in oblivion let's give a minute of silence for an extinct species.
  11. david093


    The truth would like to understand ... what balance they speak to us if the only thing they have done since they launched the new mechanics of the carriers is nerfs and more nerfs every week.
  12. david093


    I think the same thing, comrade. Good job, gentlemen. with today's patch they threw all their work in the trash ... it is impossible to accept that a minotaur will take half of the squadron down without being detected. until today I play the carriers, I will sell them and I will recover some XP and credits is the only thing that can be rescued from all their work that did not help at all. and if at some point you think of fixing all your disaster, maybe buy some for your missions, which surely will not be missing to try to revive your work
  13. david093


    And now this: Visibility of all ships from the air is reduced by 20%. This will reduce the reconnaissance potential of the Cvs at the start of the battle and will help destroyers to remain undetected for a longer period, provided that their AA is turned off with the help of the P key. I know that little or nothing interests what common players think, but if they follow this path, more damage will be done by a Tier 4 or 6 aircraft carrier than a Tier 10 aircraft carrier. At this rate we will detect the minotaur when half of the planes are already destroyed. Good job.
  14. david093


    come on let's go, that at this rate in two updates will not have more aircraft carriers in tier X. already with the HAKURYU they achieved it they no longer exist in the high tier games.