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  1. Heh, not a bad design I must admit, but it pales in comparison to what I have to show. USS Texas BB(x)-1 Commissioned: 25 January, 1941 Stats(2015 refit) 2000ft long x 190ft wide, 76 ft draft Crew: 15k-17k Weaponry 18 40"/55 Mark 5 main battery guns(Rate of fire:3 RPM) Shell weight: 15 Tons 56 8"/55 Mark 16 DP secondary guns 32 Scorpion missiles 560 40mm/56 Bofors in 70 Octuple mounts 320 3"/50 AA in Quad mounts Armor Main Belt: 40 inches, split between internal and external belts, angled 20 degrees Deck: 12" Machinery 14 shafts, 7 blade propellers 4 rudders Speed: 35 knots(Flank), 20 knots(cruise) Air Complement 4 F4U-4 Corsair Fighters, modified with retractable floats 1 B-17G Heavy Bomber, Modified 1 B-117 Super Heavy Bomber, Strengthened hull for belly landings on water.
  2. Also, that episode was awesome. Personally, I would ask where the other three were, because...
  3. Ehh, he chose to wear the glasses.
  4. Like I said, you couldn't censor FDR. He forced you to sensor the words below him!
  5. This is... interesting. As if you could censor FDR.....
  6. And now, you're on the list. I'm still surprised that I haven't even seen River in battle, my crews are getting hungry for Cream of River Soup night.
  7. Alright, makes sense. But then again, when you have a ship wieghing 680k tons with two layers of 20 inch thick armor on her main belts, AND a design top speed of 35 with a range that would make even Iowa jealous, you kinda want to make the distinction clear. (Insert shameless self-promotion of Kancolle Fanfic here)
  8. I like how you characterized Hood. Just wondering how Hood would react to her being called a battlecruiser instead of a fast battleship as she's classified here.
  9. So of you don't mind drawing them, I have two ships of my own design that I've pretty much written out. They are USS Texas and USS Renegade, both of which are battleship of my own design(well not Renegade, her post-mothballed 1942 refit I did design.). Both of them are main characters in my Kancolle Fanfic Texas Rising(link in my Sig) and the rest of my band of ships will be following them soon if you guys are interested in following the story. If you guys have any questions about them or my story, feel free to ask.
  10. Just a little project, my friends and I are working on. Btw, the steamer in there is a Union Pacific Big Boy.
  11. Well, looks like the "I like trains" kid struck again...
  12. Sadly, I was only around for the first 20-40 posts before my Montana dragged me back. But what I saw was funny indeed.