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  1. High_Admiral

    Review of U.S. Battleship Branch

    This. This explains perfectly. Give us an unmovvable object please.
  2. High_Admiral

    Review of U.S. Battleship Branch

    Not going to lie, I actually had fun in Minnesota before today's release, but having upgraded to Vermont now? Just wow, I was not expecting a ship this sluggish after Minnesota. Everything just felt like it needed fifteen cans of WD40. In today's HE heavy meta, there is really no chance of survival in that ship since its slow speed and low maneverability make it hard to dodge shells which you know will start fires. As for her guns, for supposedly being the same as those found on Georgia, I just find it incredibly sad. Having both ships, I find Georgia's gun handling(turret rotation, reload, ect.) far superior. At least can we get a reduction in reload times to 30 seconds? At the current moment, I'm finding this line to be a waste of experience used to research and retrain my commanders.
  3. High_Admiral

    Alternative American BB Line SUCKS Badly

    Having played nothing but Minnesota for the few days I've had her, I can agree. I find her maneuverability and speed comfortable to my playstyle(for the most part. There are some times when I wish she was faster). Her guns on the other hand are wildly inconsistent. They're usually quite accurate, but I get massively varied damage counts each game. One time I can slam two broadsides into a Georgia, obliterating it then go on to killing a Iowa with a extremely quick and not very accurate salvo as I turn to engage an Alaska, then utterly destroy that same alaska with only my two front turrets(as the other two were used on the Iowa) then the next game I mabye get 4 pens max per salvo while the rest ricochet. I just wish the guns/shells were more consistent performance wise.
  4. High_Admiral

    Lego Rebuilt Battle of Britain Class 34111 'Princess Royal'

    I would suggest Bricklink Studio, its more stable than LDD, and it's got a far greater parts library, plus you can render screenshots and actually get a parts list and purchase all of them at the same time since the program is integrated directly into Bricklink's marketplace for price estimates
  5. High_Admiral

    Forum Funnies

    XD Keep these coming man, and I hope to see you on the battlefield sometime!
  6. High_Admiral

    Insane Alsace game!

    @Fletcher7_1944Nice work man! Alsace is a fun little boat, one that I wish took the T10 slot instead of that thing called a battleship. Don't really got to play her much myself, the USN BBs and Tirpitz over shadow her and Richelieu in my port
  7. High_Admiral

    Lego old-timey steam locomotive

    Bricklink Studio also has access to the entire bricklink shop and you can order the parts pretty much directly from the program(with like one extra step in between, but its better than LDD which you can't) plus it gives you a price in the program as well as allows you to insert custom parts, like the drivers on my A3 which are Big Ben Bricks XL drivers. (link to BBB's website: http://www.bigbenbricks.com/ Great guy, awesome products, using the XLs on a PRR S1 that I'm slowly cobbling together irl)
  8. High_Admiral

    Lego old-timey steam locomotive

    nice work mate! Curious to the need of a winch on the rear of the tender. Also, I see you're still using LDD, have you tried Bricklink Studio? Lxf files are compatable with the program although any changes you make will be saved in the file format Studio uses. Did this in Studio, it even includes a render engine
  9. High_Admiral

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Got beat by british cruisers
  10. High_Admiral

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Can't Stop dying and being reborn
  11. High_Admiral

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Steamyness intensifys
  12. High_Admiral

    Incendiary's Random arts

    looks good! Mabye an HMS Tiger(the battlecruiser) drawing?
  13. High_Admiral

    Pikohan's Kwality Kontent Korner v2

    Lookin good! That Kongou you have in lego?