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  1. HellHammer9182

    AA needs a buff

    Well we'll have to change their minds some how then.
  2. HellHammer9182

    AA needs a buff

  3. HellHammer9182

    AA needs a buff

    Good luck getting war-gaming to listen, this was one of the major reasons I stopped playing this game in the first place. The constant carrier and plane spam. That and the now the HE spam is an issue with all the fires, but that's not what this thread is about.
  4. HellHammer9182

    AA needs a buff

    Was in a Cruiser
  5. HellHammer9182

    AA needs a buff

    So, I think AA needs a buff, at least at lower tiers, I just had a match where 2 friends and I were in a DD and 2 CL's we got attack by a single rank 4 torp bomber squadron and we all focused our AA on this one squadron and he was still able to make 3 passes on me, I dodged the first torps, but the 2nd and 3rd pass I ate a total of 3 torpedoes. and that squadron didn't even lose half it's health with three ships focusing on it. Now to me that is just unacceptable, I was killed a minute later by the same carrier [edited] with another torp bomber squad on his second pass because I couldn't kill it off and I can't keep dodging without losing speed.
  6. HellHammer9182

    AA for Kolberg and Bogatyr?

    This ship is completely screwed if there are Tier 4 CV's in the match, the few times I've had this ship in a match with CV's the instant they see me, I get focus down till I'm dead. It's a joke, it should have some kind of AA, the tier 2 German cruiser has some crappy pea shooters, but at least it's something.
  7. HellHammer9182

    How are teams decided MM?

    I get that, it's a typical russian thing, war-thu-nder does the same thing. but still that doesn't tell me why I've been losing 90% of my matches, I'm gonna have to start a log or something on every single play in every single match and see how much experience each team has and if it's one side or not. probably have my account banned and deleted if I find something and post about it. lol.
  8. HellHammer9182

    How are teams decided MM?

    Ok, so I have been noticing the last couple days I lose almost every match, and I'm just sitting around, I'm in there fighting, brawling away but it seems like I get put on a team that just runs in like Leroy Jenkins and dies. then they trash talk the team the whole rest of the match and blame the last person alive for losing the match. So how exactly are teams picked? is it random? does number of wins to loses or number of battles have an effect on it? I'm just tired of getting put with potato teams, cause that's a paddling.
  9. HellHammer9182

    Is the AI too good?

    Doesn't that seem unfair and broken too you? shouldn't they only be told once they would normally see them?
  10. HellHammer9182

    Is the AI too good?

    3km isn't in there face? cause DD's and CL's do it from way further away all the time.
  11. HellHammer9182

    Is the AI too good?

    Ok, so I remember when I first started playing you could go into a co-op battle and win easily, now I haven't played co-op in a very long time, did the AI get a buff or something? I tried to hit an AI ship with torpedo's 6 freaking times at close range, 4 of the launches were less than 4km away and it just dodges them like it's nothing, they dodge torpedo's better than players do, that's complete and under [edited]!
  12. HellHammer9182

    Which russian ships are OP?

    Russian ships are Broken, don't know how many times I've shot them at close range in the citadel with my AP and just get normal dmg, they fire back magically punch through my turtle back armor and blap me into oblivion.
  13. HellHammer9182

    Bismarck — German Tier VIII battleship.

    So I just got my Bismarck, I use it as a brawler cause that's what it's designed for, but I constantly die all the [edited]time, I go in with team mates, I'm never the first one through the door so to speak, but my DD's and Cruisers with me as well as other battles ships just yolo and die leaving me by myself to get [edited]gang banged by a bunch of [edited] DD's CL's and BB's hiding in smoke and shooting me to death with HE and torps. I'm starting to think all russians harbor some kind of hatred towards Germans and always make there stuff crappier than the russian counter parts.
  14. HellHammer9182

    HE Spam

    I do try to play smart and I don't just rush in all the time, I wait around a lot till I can ambush someone. Furthermore If secondary builds aren't viable then why does everybody recommend them for German BB's? Also if they aren't viable then German BB's aren't viable, cause apparently even with the dispersion buff they are still inaccurate past 10km, so you have to get in close anyways so why no make your secondaries help you out seeing as German BB's have the best secondaries in the game according to everything I've read and watched.
  15. HellHammer9182

    HE Spam

    I'll look it up, problem right now is the ships I'm playing do better at close to medium range, so I'm forced to get in close, I don't want to but kinda have to be effective. even still I will always push to have the HE nerfed a bit on starting fires, 80% fire starting rate is some [edited] if you ask me.