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  1. gamer_60

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    Do people really think top players are unable to adjust to CVs? But as we all know WG will only make changes to make money.
  2. gamer_60

    DDs are NOT dead!

    I agree that good DD play matters. However, using ranks to determine which team is more likely to win is extremely flawed. Ranks don't really mean anything when people can just spam battles.
  3. gamer_60

    DDs are NOT dead!

    DD's are not dead. DD's are just harder to play because there are more cv games. I'm also no unicum and it takes too much effort to play DDs well compared to other classes.
  4. gamer_60


    If only WG nerfed German ships like they nerfed Kremlin Edit: Just look at Odin's excessive health nerf
  5. Didn't WG say that they didn't have enough resources to work on operations awhile back? I guess that nerfing the economy was a huge priority.
  6. gamer_60

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    The only way you get good rng is if you pray to our lord and savior RNGesus The Spreadsheet. On a more serious note, I really hate how these early access events are done now.
  7. gamer_60

    Donskoi B Hull XP Refund

    Donskoi orginally had 3 hulls, they removed the b hull. The current b hull was the original c hull. Oh, that's unfortunate then :(
  8. Donskoi's B hull was removed, however xp was refunded on the ship instead of being fxp. Did WG explicitly state that they would not be giving out fxp? I swear they used to give fxp refunds when modules were removed.
  9. gamer_60

    AP rockets, eh?

    Who asked for AP rockets? Regardless, I feel great that I started shifting to playing more BBs.
  10. gamer_60


    Colonel Sanders, Is that you?
  11. Just lost 3 games in a row in the donskoi. While GIT GUD obviously applies, it got me thinking. At what point do you recognize that all hope is lost and you switch to damage farming mode? I feel like I get too aggressive when I should have started kiting and farming.
  12. This thread is brilliant entertainment and sums up the playerbase as a whole. It's almost as if unicums are good players because they know what they are doing.
  13. Now that's an amazing game. Shame that even that was not enough to carry the team.
  14. With the free premium time and some camos I was finally able to finish my Soyuz to Kremlin grind. Soyuz didn't feel that bad and I had ok damage but bad wr in it. I know the kremlin gets 457s but what is the main advantage of 457s vs 406s as found on the Soyuz? Also, what's everyboday's upgrade setup on the Kremlin?
  15. What do you mean? The event is so easy, all you have to do is play for 40 hours a day non-stop! Man this entire fiasco make me glad I''ve only made one purchase on this game.