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  1. Kwikasfuki

    Special flags gone

    I just logged in to play some games and came to the forums to post an update. Of the 8 special flags I have stacks of 3 of them. Only 1 was showing up, the Ouroboros. The other five I had only 1 each. I keep at least 1 flag of any type. But after logging in I went to add flags to a ship and now they show up. So all is right in the world again. lol
  2. Kwikasfuki

    Special flags gone

    I had a small stack of Dragon flags that are gone. I keep at least 1 flag of all types of flags. The only special flags I still have is my stack of Ouroboros flags.
  3. Kwikasfuki

    A Historical Marathon With Gifts!

    I thought this was starting 30 minutes ago.
  4. Kwikasfuki

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Yes I know. And my replay was based on a battle that US ships had vs. IJN ships. And the Washington was paired with the SD during the battle which they beat 4 IJN ships, 2 of them were sunk. Read the post I replied to and you will understand.
  5. Kwikasfuki

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    None of the damage the SD received was due to being penned to the hull either. All the damage the SD sustained was to the super structure. So that has nothing to do with it having a high citadel making its strong belt useless armor vs. shell protection. Also lets not forget you can visit a SD class battleship. The Kirishima on the other hand, do you like under water exploration? Kirishima could not pen the belt armor and the Washington actually did ravage IJN BB and curb stop Kirishima with ease.