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  1. The "historical accuracy" argument for this game left port years ago, and is now providing a nice artificial reef for all the fishes at the bottom of the Ocean map. The only thing even remotely "historically accurate" about the game are the ship models - and even some of those are complete works of fiction. Every time I see a WoWS ad, telling prospective new players "you can play with historically accurate ships!", I either snort in disgust or laugh my backside off, depending on what mood I'm in. And as far as the CV players complaining about plane regen rates - come on guys, I've seen the videos by TopTier - thanks to the "nerf" to plane return speed, on some carriers you can "stack up" planes on the return leg in your "sky hangar", like the holding pattern at JFK Airport, to the point you can actually end up with twice the number of planes of a particular type on hand, than what your actual hangar capacity allows. Nothing quite like unintended consequences.
  2. Retnav54

    So ugh...California?

    Another reason California might end up being a poor fit at Tier 7 - the proposed armor and pen changes for cruisers. Tier 6 and 7 cruisers will be able to ricochet (ie, bounce under the right circumstances) AP 14 inch and smaller, Tier 8 and 9 AP 15 inch and smaller. A Tier 7 BB with 14 inch guns is going to have that additional disadvantage to deal with, besides the limitations a USN Standard already brings to the table.
  3. "..... cultivated ethnic hatred." For the love of all that's holy, is this what it's come to, that we feel the need to drop the "racist" card over a half-arsed video game? There's an old saying, "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by sheer incompetence". And from what I've seen of WG over the past 6 years, there's plenty of the latter to go around.
  4. Current understatement of the year for 2020. Yeah, there's a whole slew of ships that are going to be affected by this. What's notable is that there looks to be a whole slew of PREMIUM ships - some of them, like Scharnhorst, long time tried and true favorites, that have earned WG a crap ton of money - that are going to be affected by this. Blyskawica may have some company in the "also- ran" premium department.
  5. I'm also wondering about the proposed changes as far as overmatch mechanics and armor - what I remember looking at it a few days ago, seemed that starting at Tier 7, anything with less than 15 inch guns wouldn't be overmatching cruisers any more. Offhand, that looks to be an indirect nerf of Scharnhorst with her 283's. Come to think of it, perhaps California at Tier 7 as well, and the French BB's with their 13 inch guns.
  6. From watching the various streams over several days where they're being tested, I'm thinking the Pan-European DD's (ie, the Ikea line) are going to be strong contenders to be added to the list. Some of the "competitive" streamers are already dissing the line as junk - one of them commenting "if I can't average 150K damage per match, it's worthless". I'd say that if they stay pretty much as they are, they're definitely going to be an acquired taste as far as their playstyle. They look interesting, and I'm going to keep an eye on them.
  7. You know the old saying, opinions are like noses, everyone has one. When it comes to this forums's opinion on ships, and deciding whether or not I'd be interested in trying it out, there's really just one poster that I put any stock in on the first pass - LWM - and that's because she is usually so detailed in her analysis, and covers most if not all the possible ways and game modes the ship could be played in - such that I can pick out the applicable parts that apply to my playstyle and criteria, and if it checks those boxes, then we have a contender. I'm a simple man - as long as the ship is fun and enjoyable to play, and I can do well with it in my preferred game modes, stats be damned - I'm happy. Going on 5 years now since CBT, I've lost track of the ships I've had a fondness for, that others who were more "serious" about the game, dismissed out of hand for one reason or another - and vice versa as well. My favorites? The ORIGINAL Pensacola from back in CBT - she might have been visible from the moon, but she could dance at range, and those guns were accurate as hell - I was estatic when they gave her a concealment buff - and then bitterly disappointed when I saw what they did to her for the USN cruiser line split. Monarch - I've always been comfortable in that ship, even though she seems to be widely regarded as the low point of the RN BB line - for me, Lion is the disappointment here, with those godawful rear turret angles. PEF is another. I'm fascinated with ships of that era to begin with, drive her like a big cruiser - which is essentially what a battlecruiser is - accept her limitations, and have never been disappointed.
  8. For my part, if it was an American ship, I'd be throwing the bullcrap flag and calling a ten yard penalty. The USN (and the RN as well, if I remember correctly), had already decided by the early 1920's that 18 inch guns were pretty much the upper limit of what was practical and combat effective, for a variety of engineering and fiscal reasons. A USN or RN BB with 20 inch guns in game would be complete and utter fantasy, and I'd be first in line calling it a blatant cash grab and power creep.
  9. Retnav54

    My investment in this game is complete

    For those of you that would still like to try something in the area of ships and naval warfare, I can provide three recommendations that I've personally tried - Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts, still in Alpha, but set to be available on Steam the first part of this year. I picked it up at the end of October, when I retired, and have probably spent easily 3 times the number of hours playing it since, as I have WoWS. Already highly polished, quite enjoyable and playable, even for being in Alpha. Big feature I enjoy is being able to design your own ships. Want to build the original South Dakota class or Lexington class battlecrusiers, and try them out against ships of the same time period? Have at it... UBoat and Wolfpack, both available on Steam. UBoat tends more to an arcade style for ease of game play, but manages to still be realistic and immersive as to all the factors that need to be covered as far as operating a submarine in real life. I'm a retired submariner, and the list of submarine games I've found where I can suspend disbelief and become immersed is VERY short - but I'm impressed with this one - they did quite an impressive job, balancing ease of play and realism. Wolfpack is a full-on hardcore real time simulator, you have to do EVERYTHING manually. It's two noteable features, you can play with 3 or 4 friends in co-op mode, each of you covering one of the crew positions on the sub, and you can have other players manning other subs playing with you as a true wolfpack in the same instance.
  10. Part of it is the constant power creep WG does in all of their titles, making some players feel that they constantly have to chase after the latest and greatest, to stay competitive and "keep up with the Jones's". Another part of it, looking at it's current stats, is that many are saying it's an objectively worse Yamato, but which WG is going to want an extraordinary effort or extraordinary price for because it's a Tier 10 premium - IOW, Puerto Rico Part 2 Killer Grind Boogaloo. And also, that it's a blatant cash grab aimed at the weeb community (no insult intended) - those who are fascinated with everything Japanese, anime, Kancolle, shipgirls, etc - who will have to have it simply because it's the fabled Super Yamato, no matter how good or bad it is in game.
  11. To me, this event smacks of the same underlying philosophy by WG, that was behind much of the PR Event - to take advantage of some people's obsession with the game, their impatience as in "I want it NOW!", those with disposable income and/or lack of fiscal restraint, those who want to "keep up with the Jones's" by having the status symbol of early access - all in the name of getting that last extra dime of profits. This is troubling to me. It hints that the Puerto Rico event was not an aberration, or a one time "go for the brass ring" mega money grab, but that this is the new underlying attitude at WG towards their customers and player base - monetization at any cost - that as long as it's within the bounds of legality, they have no qualms about taking advantage of our human faults and foibles - as LWM put it, it wasn't enough for them to have most of the money, they now want ALL of it, and have no respect for any of us, when it comes to how they go about getting it. These ships will be in the game in a few weeks, and there will be some form of permacamo available for them at that time as well. I see absolutely no reason to waste my time, and especially my money, on it. This is a grind event, simply for the sake of having another grind event - and making more money where possible. WG is apparently no longer interested in the "casual buyers" - those who only buy a premium ship here and there that they're truly interested in, that wait for sales and discounts before spending money, who wait for Christmas before buying a year's worth of premium time, who only buy one or two bundles of crates at Halloween or Christmas and not hundreds of dollars worth trying to get an unobtanium ship, who buy doubloons or economic flags once in a blue moon, who don't do impulse buys and turn their noses up at "limited time offers" and artificial time restraints and scarcity, who practice patience and due diligence as consumers - no, their new preferred customer type appears to be those with enough disposable funds, to drop money on the game on a continuous basis, even to the tune of 3 or 4 figures at a time, event after event, to provide them with a constant revenue stream month after month. In all honesty, that's probably been their preferred customer type all these years across all their titles. It's just that now, as far as WoWS, the mask has slipped , and they're being open and blatant about it.
  12. Retnav54

    Secondary Build Accuracy

    I do love a good secondary build BB in co-op. It's fun, and the extra damage the secondarys cause help bring in just that much more for xp and credits, especially when you're racing against the "mercy rule". So, when I watched some streamers running a Graf Zep in Ranked 1 v 1 Sprint just for the memes, and those amazing secondarys literally melting opposing ships, I'm like "that thing looks like it would be hella fun in co-op". So, with 25% dub coupon in hand, I ended up getting one out of the Armory. I took it into the training room, primarily to get a handle on how to use it's planes (it is a carrier after all), but also tinkered a little bit to see how effective those secondarys were. Just like on the stream I watched, DD's and cruisers literally melted under those guns in seconds - even BB's given enough time. And I became curious, just HOW good were it's secondarys, especially in comparison to secondary monsters like the Massachusetts? So I decided to do some testing. I set up a training room, Ocean Map, Tournament Domination mode, 60 minute timer, 1 v 1. I used a moving bot NC as the target, 57 300 HP - enough health it would take a fair amount of hits to kill it, and thus give a better sample size for each individual test for average accuracy - and the bot would be moving and maneuvering to try and take individual caps, IMO more realistic than just firing at a stationary target. I ran four different scenarios - Tirpitz B with Man Sec, Massachusetts with Man Sec, Graf Zep without Man Sec, and Graf Zep with Man Sec. I ran each scenario at least 4 times each, and averaged the results from the 4 tests to get an overall average accuracy for each ship and configuration. For each test with Man Sec, the ships were equipped with SBM1, BFT, AFT, Man Sec, and the Secondary flag. For Graf Zep without Man Sec, it was equipped with SBM1, AFT, and the Secondary flag (my "normal" carrier captain for the GZ didn't have BFT speced in favor of plane skills, but that shouldn't have affected gun accuracy). To keep it as direct a comparison as possible, I kept the secondarys on the Tirp B and the Mass turned off until within 9.4 km, the max range of the GZ's secondarys with a flag. In each case, I maneuvered the ship being tested to stay within 9.4 km but no closer than 4 km of the target. Accuracy was computed simply as "number of hits/number of shells fired". And the overall results were - Tirpitz B with Man Sec - 35% average overall accuracy Massachusetts with Man Sec - 53% average overall accuracy Graf Zeo without Man Sec - 45% average overall accuracy Graf Zep with Man Sec - 75% average overall accuracy 75% accuracy - 3 out of every 4 shells hitting the target consistently- is nothing short of remarkable. And at that - 45% accuracy WITHOUT Man Sec - coming within a few percentage points of matching, what is arguably the best secondary build BB in the game, the Massachusetts, and said BB equipped WITH Man Sec........ and making the Tirpitz B, part of a BB line who's bread and butter was supposed to be secondary builds, look like an also ran.... And with the way the Graf's guns are configured, it actually has a heavier secondary broadside than Tirpitz or Bismarck. Part of me is somewhat amazed at the results, and another part somewhat disgusted...... that what is perhaps the best secondary build ship in the game, as far as accuracy...... is a bloody carrier.....
  13. Okay, I'll admit I'm a fan of secondary builds, at least where they make sense depending on the ship and game mode - but I wonder if the following example might just be a step too far - Couple nights ago, I was watching Kingpin61's stream - one of the mad lads that ground out the PR without gold boosters or the "buy now" option - playing in Randoms on his NA account, trying to level up some items in preparation for clan activities. In one match, he suddenly started taking secondary fire, and was going "WTH?" because there were no BB's around even close to secondary range. Looking around, it turned out the secondary fire was coming from a Venezia.....the Tier 10 Italian cruiser.....from over 8 km away...... Someone in chat opined that perhaps that was just an unintended consequence of specing for an AA build. I flipped over to Fitting Tool, and checked.... no, the only way he could get that kind of secondary range was to load both the SBM1 module and spec AFT, for 8.64 km....... this was a deliberate secondary build. Venezia's secondarys are 100 mm, only 16 mm of pen - even most DDs at Tier 10 would be laughing at that - so from the aspect of direct damage, this looked to be a fool's errand - but looking further at the specs, I think I know what this player was trying to do...... Depending on how you set up the build, you could get the secondarys down to around a 3 1/2 second reload, and upwards of a 9% fire chance, with flags and such....... This mad lad was attempting to turn an Italian cruiser into a firestarter by using his secondarys...... Well, I'll at least give him credit for thinking out of the box, and trying something different..... as to how effective it might have been.....
  14. Wait, wait, wait........ OP was originally in WoT, got fed up with the greifers and trolls, and left.... OP then joins ANOTHER WG title, which is basically a copy/paste of the first, with ships instead of tanks, with many of the same players from WoT playing this game as well, and then complains when he runs into the same childish behavior...... You do know what the definition of insanity is, right?
  15. Retnav54

    14 inch NC and Iowa class

    The USN had actually developed their 16 inch gun in 1913, and started pressing for an increase in size and tonnage in their designs to make use of it - this at roughly the same time the RN was developing their 15 inch gun and Queen Elizabeth class. The one thing that stopped them from doing this was Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels. He saw his primary job as being to ensure that the USN "wasted" as little of the taxpayers money as possible. So, from 1913 until the US's entry into WW1in 1917, he steadfastly refused to allow ANY significant changes to the basic Nevada/Pennsylvania design - roughly 32 to 35K tons, 21 knots, twelve 14 inch guns - only minor changes as in regards to seakeeping, habitability, reliabity, etc. It was only upon the US's entry into WW1, and looking at the designs other nations already had in service, much less building or on the drawing board, that he finally relented, and allowed the USN to use 16 inch guns on the Colorado/Maryland class, and approved the original South Dakota class and Lexington class battlecruisers. As for the North Carolina class, it was designed initially for quad 14 inch guns, to comply with the London Naval Treaty. However, it was already becoming apparent that Japan wasn't going to continue to comply with the various treaties - so the USN hedged their bets, began design work on a triple 16 inch turret that could comparatively easily be swapped in place of the quad 14 inch turrets, and made design allowances in the ship itself to facilitate this - so when Japan opted out of the naval treaties in the late 1930's, the US invoked the escalator clause and equipped 16 inch guns. That said, it would be interesting to see NC's alternate incarnation in game.