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  1. I've got no problem with them having Russian ships in the game, even completely fantasy ships they pulled out of a certain orifice to fill out full tech trees. My main beef is when they advertise the game as "historically accurate", and on the main WG website, used to claim they used the game to teach history to children - when the only bloody thing that is even remotely "historically accurate" about this arcade game are the 3D models of some of the ships that actually existed. That, and at times, they appear to be using the game to glorify a certain form of government they used to have - while they won't even display the historical flags of a couple other countries that used to have similar forms of government.
  2. Even in Co-op, I've been occasionally seeing the same behavior - being shot at, being shot at and hit, torped at, torped at and hit, deliberately rammed and ran over (as in they had to make a radical change in course and go out of their way to do so), deliberately blocking my line of fire by all but parking right in front of me - the times I've tried playing a submarine in co-op - not because I'm overly fond of the class - but if I know what they're capable of, I'll know that much better how to counter them in a surface ship. I ignore them and go about my business. I've been around online gaming long enough to know, that in every game, there are trolls and jerks that get their jollies by harassing other players and getting a reaction out of them. When they don't get a reaction in the game or in chat, they get bored and leave you alone. I'm there to play a game, not to react to someone who's too emotionally challenged to deal with other players in said game, or to deal with changes to said game, much less deal with real life.
  3. Retnav54

    Missouri's Earning Data 10.6 vs 10.7

    Only people that already owned the original version of Missouri get the +20% credits mission - anyone just getting it now thru the lootboxes or campaign won't get that mission - it will earn credits for new owners like a regular Tier 9 premium.
  4. Haven't even logged into the game to look at what the first bundle is. And frankly I don't care. Just tired of dealing with WG and them continually trying to get their hands in my wallet.
  5. Retnav54

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Well done dear lady. From other ex-CC's as well, I've heard that Shonai is one of the few decent people left that they could deal with. I quite understand why you felt the need to specifically apologize to him, and make sure he's not swept up in the firestorm aimed at the rest of WG - besides, as you noted, being the bigger person and admitting your own mistakes.
  6. In the article for testing 10.8 on the PTS, there was a highlighted blurb in there saying you main account would be mirrored on the PTS.
  7. I'm beginning to think WG's definition of "Community Manager" is "someone who manages the community into spending more money". Nothing more - aside from being a bullet sponge for the higher ups.
  8. I swear, if a local car dealership tried to pull similar crap, to what WG is trying, the state auditor for our county would yank their business license in a heartbeat.
  9. Retnav54

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Jesus Christ........ Last person out of the game, please remember to turn off the lights....
  10. The end result of me reading thru a good part of this thread? For the first time in the 6 years I've been on this forum, I've finally put someone on my Ignore list. I'll give you 3 guesses who it was.
  11. Purely for clarification purposes, I'll list my own particulars - I'm retired USN enlisted, 1977 to 1997, Honorable with no disabilities, and veteran status for being alive and breathing during the First Gulf War. When I get official correspondence from the government concerned with my service in the military, such as from TriCare regarding health insurance or from DFAS concerning my pension, it will include "MM1/SS / E6 USN Retired". So, in some cases, your military rate and rank does stay with you, even after you've left the military.
  12. Retnav54

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    Indeed. I unfollowed one particular NA CC last night. I tuned into his stream, just as he was discussing what happened to LWM. His take was that the whole affair between LWM and WG was "none of my concern", that what happened was strictly between LWM and WG, and that it should have stayed that way - that LWM should have kept her mouth shut on the way out the door, instead of "creating needless drama on Reddit and the forums". And he wasn't the only NA streamer I came across last night that expressed a similar attitude. One was having his chat moderators insta-ban anyone who even dared mention LWM's name - even another streamer who raided him. Let's just say, my Twitch follow list, is drastically shorter today.
  13. Retnav54

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Wow, I just remembered what day it is. Proof positive that there is karma in the universe. HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH, WG!!!! Somehow, I don't think this is the version of "Black Friday" that they had in mind.
  14. Retnav54

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    My apologies - I hadn't yet waded thru all the subsequent pages, when I posted my respects to LWM, to realize you'd announced your resignation as well. For the sake of brevity, just let me say, that all the sentiments I expressed towards LWM, applies to you as well. Perhaps we should ask Jingles to finally unleash Akizuki in attack mode upon WG. Now THAT would be the ultimate cat video in my book. Best wishes my friend.
  15. Retnav54

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    LWM, In the tradition of the US Navy, when it comes time for someone to retire and move on to other things in their life, I'd like to wish you "Fair winds and following seas", and the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. In the future, if someone asks me to point to any one day and one event, that for me, would truly mark when the final nail was driven into the coffin for WG and WoWS, I'll say "This - this was the final straw that broke the camel's back for me. That game and that company were dead to me afterwards". You've earned my respect and my trust over the past 6 years. With your leaving the CC program, in my eyes, WG has lost the last person that gave them even the slightest shred of credibility. Best wishes for you in the future dear lady. Mitchell Oates MM1/SS USN Retired