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  1. We Demand a Nerf!

    Now we need somebody with some vocal talent to record these so I can play them while I ship.
  2. Yeah I'm the opposite big time. My Benson took me to 11 pretty quick and easy. Not sure if I have the desire for much more than that this season though. But overall, my destroyer addiction pays for me to be able to play ships I'm not very good with. I can even show you how to use a KM BB pathetically.
  3. More good work. I find this especially funny since Everytime I try to break out a BB I play poorly. I don't BB right at all.
  4. To Many DD's!

    I got to feast last night. I was in my kami R. Enemy had 2 DDs. 2 CLs on each side and a full house of BBs. Only sank 4 ships before the other team folded with 0 pts and 3 ships left on the board. Seems like low cruiser count is most common at any tier. But I also had a match that was cruiser heavy. Bottom tiered in my Cleveland and only 2 DDs to a side and 3 BBs to a side. Rest was all a mix of CLs and CAs. Whole lotta shooting going on there. Was a blast. BBs and DDs fell first. Ended up a wild west free for all. Glorious thing to witness. So many shells in the air at once.
  5. Neptune. I started off strong with this ship. Every since I got the full upgrade finished, nada. Not a single win. Cannot figure out what I started doing wrong. I know it has to be me but no idea what I changed.
  6. John Young passing

    Farewell to John Young. Gemini, Apollo, shuttle astronaut. Another moonwalker has passed. Hope the next level has something to explore worthy of your courage.
  7. You ships in Port?

    My paltry but easily sunk fleet is in my signature.
  8. The USS Kidd

    It's like some Johnny Hortons sink the Bismarck stuff.
  9. Should I get the Gearing?

    Keep the Fletcher and add the Gearing. It's a bit different boat. Some like and some hate it. I personally think it's great.
  10. The USS Kidd

    I liked it! Good use of history mate. PS. Especially since this is turning out to be one of my better boats.
  11. I Know I Suck Because...

    I can only manage a 46% winrate in the St Louis. How bad do you have to be to have trouble winning in that monster. Btw, I mean the US one.
  12. Rank(?) displays?

    I usually hit around 10 before I just run out of steam. Bouncing up and down from 9 and 10 just looses it's appeal. I think that is just my skill level.
  13. Rank(?) displays?

    That's the level in ranked they have achieved. As ranked progresses you will start to see lower numbers as well
  14. This reminds me of when as a kid I asked my dad why he had to go on yet another med float. His response was because the generals hadn't figured out how to March them on or under the water yet.
  15. Take a break. Come back when the French BBs get here. Have fun again.