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  1. This just reminds me of the Iowa amphibious assault ship conversion concept from the 80s. Remove the rear turret and install a harrier ski jump on the backside. Saw some pictures of it long ago. As I recall the modifications looked odd. In reality it probably never made it past the dumb idea I drew on a napkin stage.
  2. Clemson, kamikaze, sometimes the Farragut can provide the savagery needed to blow off steam. But mostly the Clemson. Play like a rabid ferret and it'll reward ya.
  3. I've had a couple of successful channel runs on two brothers. But all we're lower tiers without radar and we're also standard battle. Oh and no CV. That's the only way it works.
  4. Come secure all the kills of enemies I beat up. I don't mind a bit being too xp on my team with 0 kills. As a matter of fact I want you too. My winrate has taken a dip lately and I welcome the help turning it around. I'll even fake some salt if it makes you feel better.
  5. Hopefully next time I play.
  6. If my ex played this I would go hunting to the detriment of my own team.
  7. I remember that thing on Asteroids. It always dropped me in a worse place than where i left.
  8. Every ship can be beaten by any other ship if played right. My best vs Ark Beta is getting a double strike and a dev strike against a pair of Ark Betas in my Clemson. That said, Ive also seen an expertly piloted Ark Beta absolutely wreck the opfor almost single handed. I see them as strong with skill being a bigger multiplier than normal for some reason. Don't have one so no idea why that is the case.
  9. Other alternative is the USS Melvin.
  10. Got 3. Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing captains all at 19. Hoping to get Akatsuki and Cleveland Cpt to 19 soon as well. Added a couple of ships with fresh captains recently so ended up burning most of my elite xp to train them up to usable. But congrats on your first.
  11. Being overly aggressive would be my #2 biggest enemy. Number 1 would be doing anything spudly. DDs are far too unforgiving to potato moments. Must be the masochist side of me that likes playing DDs so much.
  12. No screenshots but 1.21 mil on a 2 star in the CL. But my 5 star was a measly 540k in the BB.
  13. I still run them as semi gunboats instead of as torpedo boats. So I like to get in close to go stabby stabby but that also means I'm in danger close for torpedo runs and return attacks. Both have over 50% winrate but rather low survival rates. But then I also do stealth torp runs with a Farragut and lots say you can't do it at all. I end up tweaking my playstyle with every patch. Some cause me bigger drops in performance before I find my new nitch.
  14. I've had success with TA on the Benson and Fletcher. But I'm also told I play both wrong so take it with a grain of salt.
  15. Just made the 10 star club. Need to give extra thanks to Navyshell22, Northryan, Cpt_Capper, caged03, Mrbigwill, a13962200908a. These guys all did it right. Sunrise into darkness 5star was crazy hard. They also got me the wakatake camo. They were all randoms as well. Northryan, our CV driver, was on the ball! Cpt_Capper while the only loss on our team, did it ramming great gorgon for like 6 seconds or so. So long the shield wore off!! The rest were laying a Macho Man level of smack down on the bots. Thanks guys.