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  1. Some new game modes are tested

    Is this an argument for or against? Cuz now I want to see those scorecards. I see matches with a 3 man Atlanta div on each side grouped up to see who can make the better AA bubble.
  2. Player name change

    I have a player with one of those player_xxx in my guild and I read somewhere that they can still get one free name change. I can't find that info again and am looking for help. It's possible I am remembering it wrong but and help from nding this info again would be appreciated. Happy hunting.
  3. We Need a Review on Frequency of SC

    I admit I haven't kept track of frequency of SCs but I haven't been victim of them being unfairly rare as far as I can tell. I've only gotten one SDC of 500 dubloons way early in the implementation. But I seem to get the premium camos more than anything. And there is no way I will complain about those things. 50 ocean souls, Valentine's or any of the others is sweet stuff. I think I still have around 70 ocean souls thanks to drops. Oh and my last one was 25 of those sweet Hydra flags. But even if it's 50 or 100 regular flags, I would be happy. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get a ship or more dubloons but I don't have that kind of luck.
  4. OMG yes. Scored some free premium time, loaded up with econ flags and pulled a great game once and topped 800k in one battle. I know that's not the norm but your GIF there was exactly how I felt with that match. But she does turn a nice profit on normal games even without being loaded up.
  5. DD players - a question if I may.

    Depending on which DD I'm driving, I'll go B cap from the start. Oh wait, y'all are talking about sane people. NVM just ignore me.
  6. Your "Cursed" ship....

    Neptune for me. I'm pretty average with the UK CLs but for some reason I can't win in the Neptune. Like 38% winrate bad. Oh well, I like her anyway so I'll keep playing and hope I figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  7. Nicholas or Farragut for its tier?

    Love the Farragut. But no dogs in the whole DD line. Nicholas is one I haven't kept so it's the closest to a dog in my opinion but I'd say a long way from one.
  8. Easy Free Stuff

    I'm doing the varyag missions because all I have to do is play as normal. No extra effort required. Otherwise I probably wouldn't be after it.
  9. Your last "oh derp" moment

    I played on the weekend. But seriously, um I have lots. If I remember an especially good one though I'll drop it here for everyone to laugh at me.
  10. Finally did over 200K damage...

    Congratulations. I just got my first 200k battle a couple of days ago myself. 225k in my yugumo. We lost too. But still felt good to get over that hump. But again, congratulations. Keep improving, that's all I'm aiming for myself.
  11. Welfare warrioring isn't hard. You can win ships and dubloons during events. My 1500 dubs come from ranked and in game events. If you reach rank 11 it's usually worth 250. I have 61 ships and 14 open ports as well without spending anything. I was gifted a Kidd from a long time friend so not counting that ship for this purpose. One thing I will recommend is hanging out in tier 6 for a while. Lots of good players go back there to play. Many are more than willing to help out as well. 6 is in my opinion the most fun tier as well. Also don't rush up the lines as fast as you can. You can learn a lot by staying with a ship a little extra time before moving up. You're no longer in grind mode so you take the time to notice things you used to miss.
  12. The Fletcher

    Try them both. I know it's expensive but your playstyle with her might be a bigger factor than you realize. I went gun because I found it made a difference when knife fighting. I don't usually throw Torps the moment they are ready. I like setting up my torp runs and that can take time since I like to be close. And TA does help if you don't mind being in close. So again try both and see what works better for you.
  13. I've done boiler checks in the past so I could be useful in the engine room as well. But I'm sure plenty of training would be needed to those specific units.
  14. How to Aim - Help an Ensign

    Have to check it out anyway since my gunnery is mediocre but I'm with Alex. Angling is something I'm so bad with. I'm with him for a recommendation for your next vid.
  15. Well this explains why even I can do ok in her.