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  1. Slightlyaskewed

    To Many Duplicates

    My first 5 we're all the same piece. Wish I'd taken a pic. I thought it was funny more than irritating though. I think I just got used to collections though. Now I just keep them until finished and enjoy the credits unless I get impatient and have a need to finish it by a certain time. I have one piece left right now and around 20 dupes. We'll see how long I can hold out.
  2. Slightlyaskewed

    UI and Menus

    I would be very happy if an entire patch was dedicated to cleaning up the port screen and interface. If feels like they just stack new parts right on top of each other without ever having cleaned it up. I really would feel it worth while for that to be an entire patch. Seconded this feeling!
  3. Slightlyaskewed

    Other naval ww2 games

    Silent service 1 and 2 Remaking SS2 would be nice but I doubt many even remember it.
  4. Slightlyaskewed

    Wows Nightly News 15: Fly, Strike, Fashion!

    And now I'm looking forward to the BB as crazy as shimikaze and Enterprise. And we also know the cruisers aren't gonna take this from the bottom of the ocean either. The question will end up being will they unify as cruisers or bicker as CLs and CAs Fielding individual candidates and split their larger vote?
  5. Slightlyaskewed

    FLY STRIKE WIN Question

    I always called my DoY the Duke of Yuck but yeah it's unimpressive. The Nelson on the other hand has that zombie heal that will print you something like 2 full ships if done right. It can be really hard to kill. If you can spare the fxp it's kinda fun.
  6. Slightlyaskewed

    How Many Ships

    111 with 6 openings left. Will have to clean house when I fill them. My keep priority is: 1. I enjoy playing it (USN DDs) 2. I want to keep it for any reason (NC) 3. It's a premium ( emden, Mikasa) 4. It's a T6 or higher so good for ops 5. Perma camo given ( wakatake) 6 have room left still and too lazy to sell it yet
  7. Slightlyaskewed

    Firing Torpedoes

    I aimed for the moon once back when I put AFT on my Fletcher. I missed, but not by much.
  8. Slightlyaskewed

    Keeping a Ship From Each Tier.

    1. Haven't touched in ages 2. Smith or tachi. 3. Vampire or campbelltown 4. Clemson 5. Kamikaze R 6. Farragut 7. Atlanta 8. Kidd 9. Fletcher or Black 10. Gearing
  9. Slightlyaskewed

    Looking at the Farragut, Opinions please

    Still have my Farragut even though I've gone all the way to Gearing( actually kept Clemson, Farragut-Gearing). Farragut can be very beastly. It's nimble and good in a knife fight. I've got a 19pt captain in her that was ground out. I liked it more than Nicholas but admit the nick was so long ago that I learned lots since then and may like the nick more now than I did then. The torps reach just far enough than you can stealth torp with a good setup. Remember, you are aiming for where they will be, not where they are. With the way things are now, the Farragut is one of my favs.
  10. Slightlyaskewed

    Do Bots cheat?

    I've seen a DD launch torps to the opposite side his guns are firing. So yeah, they cheat.
  11. Actually I'm a spicy chicken with no mayo, large fry, large ice tea, and a chocolate/vanilla mix frosty. How does that fit into the equation?
  12. Slightlyaskewed

    Where is the "Top 5 Raffle" at?

    Haha, that's how I did mine too. Anime came from teenage to early adulthood so it was all pretty old. I would like to know how many entries each list gets after it's over just for kicks.
  13. Slightlyaskewed


    I need a better potato, I mean computer to play on. Those pics look sweet and I'm running low resolution settings to run smoothly. What I get to see looks nothing like that.
  14. Slightlyaskewed

    Top Five raffle requirements changed?

    Man I wish I'd thought of US animation. That would have made that easier. The country one was hard too, too me a minute to think of 5 that don't sound like torture. Of course the war movie one was hard for the exact opposite reason.
  15. Slightlyaskewed

    Why I am leaving the game as an open beta player

    Stay safe and return.