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  1. Actually you want Maryland '45. Early '45 she took light damage and had to go back for repairs, again. That's when she got the 5"/35 DP twin mounts. Before that all her 5" were still single mounts. Also she got even more AA in that refit as well. The '45 refit/repair makes her look like a slightly skinnier WV. And my hope for the TN vs CA war is for the TN to win.
  2. Slightlyaskewed

    Favorite snack to eat while playing WOWS?

    Sweet tea for a drink. Lots of tea. Not consistent with a snack. Just whatever I crave that session. Fruit, nuts, sweets, chips, cheese are all regulars.
  3. Slightlyaskewed

    The (Semi) Compleat Handbook for the New Hornee

    The Kidd and Mahan share a horn I think. At least on my machine I can't tell them apart. For whatever reason this also happens to be my favorite that I've listened to.
  4. Slightlyaskewed

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    I have the kami R but I'm debating buying back the Nicholas. It will be a good DD Hunter in the right hands. I'd even go for an exemption to allow the Clemson in. It may be a T4 but I'd feel very comfortable bringing her into this.
  5. Slightlyaskewed

    tier5 ranked and the ships

    Most T5 ships suffer from the current MM system. I think quite a few will show to be a lot stronger when not having to fight T7s all the time. Nicholas and Omaha are actually rather good. I think that RU CL will show to be strong as well. While paling her former self, the minekaze will be ok. I'm sure other tech tree ships will prove to be ok as well. But my kami will be playing I'm sure.
  6. Slightlyaskewed

    When WOWS makes you feel old...

    The old black and white moster movies were great. Grew up watching those. And the old 70s car movies. Vanishing point, gone in 60 seconds. God I hated the remake. The old Harryhausen stop motion movies were a hoot. Couldn't get into movies with class though. Citizen Kane and gone with the wind just don't work for me. But now I want to watch forbidden planet for some reason.
  7. Slightlyaskewed

    Lets talk USS Maryland (fighting Mary)

    Actually I do want the MD. I think the CO should become the T6. The MD become the tech tree with the WW2 refit. And the WV post pearl become the T7 premium. The MD post pearl refit was planned for the CO but was never performed due to being perceived unnecessary that late in the war. Well that and the priorities of CVs, transports and other items being ranked as higher needs. I find both the late war WV and MD being quite intimidating to behold.
  8. Slightlyaskewed

    To Sims or not to Sims

    Maybe someday we will get hard mode. Twice the planes and little boats but we get to use T8 ships as well. And then we will get even crazier scores with the Kidd.
  9. Please. I loved playing in those small ice flows.
  10. Slightlyaskewed

    Why I Am Happy About Submarines

    As someone who enjoys DD play, I want subs. Something else to hunt.
  11. Slightlyaskewed

    American Cruiser Collection

    And I thought I was running lots of dupes at 90something. Be a nice payout once you complete it. This is the only collection I haven't completed so not in a rush to spend the dupes. I can wait for the credits.
  12. Something came toind here for me. All the other skins are for existing ships. Do the subs have standard models for what would become tech tree ships, and these are skins we see? Or are they modeled this way and will have no standard model? I guess we will find out later.
  13. Slightlyaskewed

    DD builds for Dynamo

    My Mahan Capt is SA, LS, BFT, AFT, MAA. Next skill I'm getting will be superintendent followed probably by whatever the improved smoke is. It works great.
  14. The next question becomes, how can I earn/win these camos. I really want that NC Leviathan. Last year's Benson camo is still desired too. Fine I'll shorten it up and just say I want all that I don't have. But I desire that astounding Leviathan camo the most.
  15. Slightlyaskewed

    planes vs submarine?

    Reading this thread made me nastalgic for BF1942 with expansions and the DC mod. I enjoyed those so much more than the later ones. Especially when the teams got smaller.