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  1. How many times have you "died"?

    9829 battles. Survived 2224. That's just under 23% survival. I think I need to play a little less aggressively.
  2. Indianapolis Marathon Depression

    Me neither. But I considered the Xtra ships bonuses anyway since I have lousy luck. I was hoping for the ATL though. The extra oil from each container was nice and the camos will help as well. So while I can't complain nabbing the ATL as a bonus would have been nice.
  3. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    That's way too small to be anything about a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado. That thing could use the Yamato as it's front bumper.
  4. Someone defended a "friendly-fire" torper.

    Wait. My potato laptop and lousy eyesight aren't the the only thing to blame for why reading the chat is so damn hard?! Now I wish they'd try and tweak that a bit to help us spuds out.
  5. Buff the 5"/38

    That's why I'm for a small buff. Some buffs and needs I've been through since the beginning have felt rather heavy handed. Something small though, would be good without stealing another nation's flavor excessively. Admittedly, I'm planning on working the US CLs for a while since I do still enjoy the RN CLs so it's a little self serving on reflection. But even if I wasn't, I hold the ground that a small buff would be good for the whole tree there.
  6. Buff the 5"/38

    As someone who plays DDs more than any other type, I'm all for a small US secondaries buff. Say a 1/2 kilo on base range and maybe 2 rds a min then see how they work and if they need more or not.
  7. New York is awesome

    New Jersey has you beat on being polite. Having done see serious traveling, New Jerseyans we're always the most..... Nope can't do it. Can't muster that level of sarcasm. Don't even like the idea of passing through New Jersey again. Can't even pump my own gas there to make the trip quiker.
  8. Damn, I'll be working. This sounds like my kind of nonsense. I would buy back the v25 for this. Maybe next time.
  9. I miss the old islands of ice map. I wish they'd bring that back. Wonder why they changed it so drastically.
  10. Why remove Yubari?

    I kept thinking Danae. I think it's a good boat. That and Clemson are my T4 keepers. I think I still have the RN BB but that's just cuz I haven't cleaned house in ages due to not needed the openings.
  11. This is Why I Hate Win and do X Missions

    My weakness has always been survival requirements. Got lucky with this mission. Farragut T8 estuary, domination. Spawned in the middle. Went to the island to guard the middle for the beginning. T6 PA DD (forget the name at the moment) and kill him in 2 engagements. Team takes W cap and is doing a good job of keeping the opfor from taking E cap. Looking at minimap I realize I can probably take S cap before opfor can return and push me out so I enter cap. Long after taking cap a BB comes strolling in to try and do something. I get him with 2 delayed Torps spreads. End of match I realized I even survived. Throw that requirement in and I'm positive I would have fouled that one up. I like the winning overall but would rather see something along the lines of X kills in winning battles or X base XP in winning battles, accumulating.
  12. I only clean house when I run out of ports. WGing keeps giving me more and I'm back up to 13 open. I have at least 5 ships I will never play again and probably at least that many more I would give up without complaint if I ever run out of room. But it all boils down to what you enjoy. I've got ships I enjoy that are not well thought of and hated a few that are generally well regarded.
  13. Something "flipped"...losing...bad.

    The Meta has changed. Even if only temporary. You probably haven't fully changed to it yet. Add that with some bad luck and a pinch of some other stuff and you can get a really bad run till it evens out. You're most likely still a 50% player.
  14. The horn can sound like maniacal laughter. Man I want this camo.
  15. Oh oh, and out seal fur on the gun turrets and torpedo racks. Gotta keep those parts warm and cozy.