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  1. SuperContainer Change?

    Ive had 2 in the last 4 days after a long period with none as well. An engine boost module and 50 Hydra flags. Pretty happy with both since I just got the aigle and used my spare module on her. Now I have another backup for the next ship that I decide to use it on.
  2. My First Tier X and 19-point Commander

    I kept mine. Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing all have 19 pt captain now. Unfortunately I am not performing in the Gearing the same way as the other 2. But that's my fault, not the ships. If you have the space, keep the Fletcher. If you have some restless fire camos, that's how you get a captain to 10 pts. Plus with the elite xp from the Gearing you'll be in a good spot in no time. Also congratulations on getting there.
  3. I just saw lord_zath 's stockpile and now I feel very inadequate.
  4. 380 FXP. Not sure if I'll get the musashi yet once I have enough saved. EXP gets used up quick. Only have 4 19 pts and have 2 17 pts trying to get topped off.
  5. What's the reasoning

    Been there with that boat. Hump an island, get in close, use Torps. You just have to act like a large DD in those scenarios. I've also baited and wiggled like a boss before. If they shoot at you, they aren't shooting at an ally.
  6. Super Containers are *** nowadays

    Got 50 Hydra flags about 2 nights ago in a super container. I'm pretty happy with that myself. My luck's pretty crap so I'm not expecting a ship ever. 50 premium camos or special flags or 100 regular flags is good for me though.
  7. Fletcher, Kidd, Cleveland, NC. Those are probably the 4 I stare at the most. Even in low settings they look good. But there are so many sexy boats to just look at.
  8. Criss Crossing at start

    Oh I agree with you Crucis. It's the razor's edge of risk vs reward. I can't help but be a risk taker. It is easier to do with few to no radar ships.
  9. This Torpedo Mission ‘Vent’

    If it helps, I'll be scumbaghing this weekend in my kami R.
  10. Criss Crossing at start

    As a representative of those DDs who will go scouting like that, that info of ships over yonder can be quite helpful to the rest of the team. Also when it's a 3 to 2 DD advantage, someone gets a easy/easier cap. But I do try to be escape ready when I'm doing that. Hell, I've scared off a much larger force than myself by being in that cap when the enemy shows up and is to scared to push me. But yeah, your right far too much of the time. Part of my many flaws keeping my survival rate pretty bad.
  11. French ship containers

    They are still in French containers. Got the Lyon missions last night. Still doing the campaign so getting containers from there.
  12. Y U heff to do this, WG?

    I've never got the special flags or camos in those containers. Unless I'm just that unlucky (fully possible) I only get those in the TYLs. I only get regular flags and type 1,2 and 5 camos in the standard containers.
  13. Y U heff to do this, WG?

    Got a SC last week and in it was 50 restless fire camos. Pretty happy with that. Only reason I do TYL these days is for the better camos and flags. Even on a fail you get 2 or 3 of them sometimes.
  14. We need new achievements

    MAD- you kill the guy who killed you
  15. Overly simplified answer is no. DDs care about skill level more than tiering. DDs are affected differently than other ships so it's nowhere near the easy answer to other types of ships deal with when it comes to when it comes to facing tiering differences.