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  1. Slightlyaskewed

    Who likes tacos?

    Street tacos. Always go to hole in the wall taco shops. Taco bell is only acceptable after midnight and you're out of options.
  2. Slightlyaskewed

    Who have you seen in game

    I've run into @KingCakeBaby in ranked Sprint a couple of times. He was pretty much the only good thing i had on my team in a 2 game loosing streak that I quit after. @Chobittsu helped me get my first 5 star win in subs hard mode. Thought that one would go really bad since we lost 2 ships on N side by the Leviathans. @Estimated_Prophet was in a co-op last night. my dumb cat decided to climb the Christmas tree so I had to run downstairs and get her. Get back and I had taken some damage from him. Not sure of the circumstances. Was pretty funny though. If I was actually at fualt then I owe you an apology that we ran out of time for me to give mate.
  3. Slightlyaskewed

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Deep Water Torpedoes

    I haven't run up the PADD line but I know people who have and will throw dwt at a DD in smoke or in a knife fight to try and mess up the other guy even knowing they can't hit. Causing the other DD to change his actions can be just as effective. Not sure if they still do it with the alert changes though.
  4. Slightlyaskewed

    Infinite Torpedoes from God-Like DD's in WOWS

    Main battery hits and secondary would be higher irl if ships would drive in straight lines and stay in formation until the battle is over. The Johnston made several IJN ships hit ratio crap just by "chasing the splashes", while raking the Kumano. Most ships had actual better accuracy than you realize. Shell flight times are a big contributer to misses. Any variation to a ships course can cause a miss and be exaggerated the longer the shell is in the air. Just something to consider
  5. Slightlyaskewed

    DDs: Smoking Kills

    It's also not hard to misread a situation. I've laid smoke thinking I was covering a withdrawal and instead just caused confusion for my teammates. I watch my minimap pretty consistently but it can fail you if there is something undetected in range. Laying good team smoke can actually be a highly complicated endeavor. Even the best can screw it up. An average Joe like myself can mess it up royally trying to help.
  6. Slightlyaskewed

    Islands of Ice - Epicenter Mode...

    I'm in the camp for bringing back the old islands of ice. New version just feels boring. Epicenter doesn't bother me. Localized storms are kinda interesting.
  7. Slightlyaskewed

    Thank You Wargaming

    Holy crap those screenshots look nice. I need a better potato, i mean computer to play on. I have to play on low res and this just shows how much I'm missing.
  8. Slightlyaskewed

    Adding ships to port

    Take your time. Don't just rush up a branch. Your just about to reach a few of what I thought were good ships. T4 UK CL danae is a fun boat for the tier. The ST Louis can send people into rage fits when played right. You like the Wickes? Oh boy are you gonna love the Clemson. T4 is in my opinion a good place to slow down. Keep those for a bit after you get the next ship unlocked. You start learning a lot there. I will recommend trying a ship of each type while low tier to get a feel for what you like. I started thinking I would Chase BBs mostly and ended up enjoying DDs and CL more. And that's the main thing. It's a game, play what you enjoy the most. Don't be afraid to ask questions either. This is one of the better and more helpful communities.
  9. Slightlyaskewed

    Thinking of buying the Kidd...

    That depends. If you're a red when I see you then no. Thing is terrible. If you're a green when I see you then hell yes. If you like USN DD play then this thing does it right. You give up engine boost for DFAA and a rack of torps for heal. This thing plays the long game like a boss. I have it. I love it. This ship can influence the game a lot. I also don't have trouble placing top 5 in most matches.
  10. I'm fine with whatever they stick in it. Free camo is still free camo. Plus we get 10 oil for each pumpkin container.
  11. Slightlyaskewed

    So decided to try the Nobilum

    The consumables are way more important than the planes it feels like. Had a match with what would normally be a crap CV driver. But his timing with the consumables was masterful. He ended bottom of the board but it was one of the easiest 5 star wins because of him. I'd rather a bad CV driver that tries to time the consumables use over a quality CV driver that never uses them.
  12. Slightlyaskewed

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @Ebonaries If you watch it just for the fun of it, it's ok. Bad comparison but it's a far better movie than Pearl Harbor. That movie infuriated me.
  13. Slightlyaskewed

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    The movie battleship's handbrake maneuver makes me laugh every time. The amount of damage that would have caused if the chain didn't just instantly snap would be incredible. Gonna have to check out a bunch of these though.
  14. Slightlyaskewed

    Thanks WG - free Z-23 permacamo

    This makes me feel really lucky. I got the Z23 camo( also have the anniversary co but the filth camo looks better so I'll take the small loss in FXP bonus) and the Leviathan NC camo so far. Last year I managed to pull the Chappayev and Wakatake camos. Have to take a pic of the Leviathan to share for y'all.
  15. Slightlyaskewed

    It's beyond time to nerf the most OP ship in the game

    In the right hands, it does seem to excel in this ranked 5 setup.