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  1. Slightlyaskewed

    Broken back award

    Come on WG. We need this award. I don't care if it comes with any token flag or camo. I just want the award. BTW, both of these were today.
  2. Slightlyaskewed

    Mission Code

    Rats. Needed this one. I'm only 10 short of Skane.
  3. Slightlyaskewed

    What was your best salvo ever?

    Looking ago in my NC I took a hasty shot at some cruiser right at the start of the match. He must have been doing those start of March practice shots and got spotted for like 2 seconds. My guns just we're pointed close enough that I was able to make the shot right before he went dark again. A few seconds later he went poof. Such luck on such a hasty shot. Being I remember nother else about the match or even the outcome I think that may have been my only significant contribution of the whole match.
  4. Slightlyaskewed

    Anyone using these EU tokens for the ships?

    I've gotten fairly lucky with the tokens so far. Already have the T5 and T6. Hoping to pull off the T7 as well. Decided I'll end up selling the T5 since I usually keep T6 up anyway so only trying to get permacamo for the T6 currently. So the T5 ship really just earned me a port slot. Nothing to complain about there. Whatever extra tokens I have left at the end will get blown on whatever I find useful I can afford.
  5. Slightlyaskewed

    When is WG going to fix shells falling short?

    I haven't been able to replicate reliably but something I've noticed is when I'm changing aiming elevation I can fire a shot off before the guns have adjusted sometimes. This can cause what I used to call a flubbed shot but basically is shells falling short. Not sure of this is what everyone else is encountering or not. Most of my short shots I believe are this but like I said, it's so inconsistent that I. Unable to be sure.
  6. Slightlyaskewed

    What did your PT T6 ship container give you?

    Got the T61 for the winter season reward
  7. Slightlyaskewed

    They Really Really Want me to Come Back to WoT

    1 idiot buys a bunch and a bunch of people overreact and think they need to stock up think idiot #1 knows something and it just escalates from there. Now I'm on my last 2 rolls in a house of 4 hoping they restock so I can buy another pack before I run out. Or I may make a do it yourself bidet as well. But may have to log into tanks just to see and then back to botes.
  8. Slightlyaskewed

    Why play US DDs now

    Yeah I doubt our USN DDs will be useless. Like everything else they change/add, I reserve judgement until long after the dust settles. I bet we will find most are still competitive.
  9. Slightlyaskewed

    Your favorite midtier ship?

    Farragut, Atlanta, Leander and Kamikaze R are my most reliable and fun in different ways. Hard for me to chose from those 4.
  10. My driving has gotten worse lately it seems and I've gotten stuck a lot more recently than I used to. Spent way too much time trying to work myself off of an island or rock that I should have.
  11. Veryaskewed Mentallyaskewed
  12. Slightlyaskewed

    PTS 0.9.2 Round 2 Errors

    Not having trouble in coop anymore but I've still got lots of pink to work off before I can try ransoms.
  13. Slightlyaskewed

    PTS 0.9.2 Round 2 Errors

    Now I'm getting the error in coop.
  14. Slightlyaskewed

    PTS 0.9.2 Round 2 Errors

    Seems to work fine in co-op but still getting termination error in randoms. Using Georgia the error occurs when selected for a match. Will try again tomorrow.
  15. Slightlyaskewed

    Have PT crash errors been fixed?

    I've had it multiple times in a row as well. I tried CO-op and it worked fine. Went back to randoms and It did it again. Also I tried a client repair before the co-op attempt. Unfortunately the error doesn't give me any more information to add to help find the problem.