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  1. Slightlyaskewed

    The number of DDs in a match

    If we are gonna ask for unrealistic MM rules, I have one. If there are less than 3 DDs, then no CVs. When I get a match of 7 BBs and I running a DD, I don't want the chance of a competent CV driver messing with my fun of throwing torps at a herd of BBs.
  2. Slightlyaskewed

    The boats we wanted since Beta

    HMS Dehli with AA refit. I think she would still fit at T4 since she loses a gun and all become 5"/38's.
  3. Slightlyaskewed

    PSA- Official survey about Ranked.

    The fact that there are time slots where ranked is unavailable has eliminated me from play. My work schedule leaves most of my free time where ranked is locked out. So that's my gripe.
  4. Slightlyaskewed

    14 Citadels In a DD, I Was Shocked

    Pensacola and Aoba are also very susceptible to DD AP. I've dealt a good bit of damage to those 2 in my Farragut when they show too much flat side.
  5. Slightlyaskewed

    New Ship Ideas

    HMS Delhi with 5" gun refit. Low tier AA cruiser. Also if the Sam B Roberts shows up, it better get the hedgehogs.
  6. Slightlyaskewed

    Been a long time since this happened.....

    Nice. I got the CV that way.
  7. Slightlyaskewed

    National Fletcher Day?

    There still is only 4 in game right? If so I'm there with in owning the complete set.
  8. Slightlyaskewed

    Ship names

    Cool dude! Any chance you got pics to share?
  9. Slightlyaskewed

    Ship names

    We need US ships named after towns instead of cities. I want my USS Lizard Lick, Hell and various other oddball places. Back on topic though, every county has their equivalent version of a naming convention for their ships. But USN CVs have done a terrible job of sticking to a convention.
  10. Slightlyaskewed


    HMS Delhi. An AA capable T4 ship. It's RoF with Benson 5"/38s would make up for the gun changes and having good AA down at 4 would be nice.
  11. Slightlyaskewed

    Keep or sell?

    My clanmate skeeterhawk did the same but got her back in an SC during another event. He said he'd keep it now since it was obvious the "darned" (changed for cleanliness) thing won't go away.
  12. Slightlyaskewed

    Smalland? (Solved)

    Love mine but somehow me and the Pan Euro DDs clicked. It's just enough different than the Halland to have been a strong yes for me. Your milage may vary.
  13. Slightlyaskewed

    Keep or sell?

    That's the same ship I got from a Santa crate. Haven't played her yet but not gonna sell due to NEVER SELL A PREM SHIP. You know you'll get her again if you do.
  14. Slightlyaskewed

    A history of discontent, a historical inquiry

    I haven't seen 'bama gate or the original kamikaze event mentioned. Only 2 I can think of that no one else has brought up. But yeah, there has always been something that has gotten a sizable portion of the forum community worked up.
  15. Oh man I would love to see this one return. Also bring back the other ops and original Islands of Ice map and I would be ecstatic.