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  1. 56Bravo

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    I'm an ironic, sarcastic and at time salty person. At no point did I write or even imply that I did not care about Co-Op. Nor would it be logical to even bother to put forth an opinion if I didn't care. I just don't see why it is causing such a hefty twist of everyone's panties, this is after all a WG product, they make a decent game but seem to delight in causing consternation as well. Co-Op seems to be working as intended, be careful what you wish for(carrier rework....).
  2. 56Bravo

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    Oh no, I get what the Mercy rule is. It just doesn't really matter. It seems the prevailing thought for getting rid of this "rule" is that it denies a player of potential damage and thus less XP than they might otherwise have gained. The problem with this is that a given player is already receiving such a low amount of XP that the difference is negligible. Also, many players, myself included use and have used the Co-Op mode for learning and testing with new ships and loadouts, so it is used for and is in fact a "Learning Tool". The fallacy is that many players make the assumption that everyone else plays or should play like they do.
  3. 56Bravo

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    Mercy rule?? Do you mean the primary objective of every match in the game? Do you mean to say that the main objective is better to not achieve? What will replace it in the training match generator that is Co-Op? Perhaps WG could offer a special mode with out the need for points victory but they'd offer less XP for it and honestly why should they for simple HP farming. Putting more effort into making Co-Op into a better learning tool for PvP would be a better use of their time instead of nerfing a mode that you only have to wait for 20 seconds a match to get into most times.
  4. 56Bravo

    Need help with Carriers.

    The new CV rework is still in testing, go and download the Public Test Server to see it in action.
  5. Opened 6 containers, got 3 camos. Naturally they're all for ships I don't own, so basically an empty container would have been far, far more exciting.
  6. 56Bravo

    Massachusetts Secondary Build

    Yes, go BFT and AFT with a dose of Manual Secondaries. I've been seeing an average of 40% and as much as 48% hit rates for secondaries in matches with 20k to 30k damage just from secondary hits. All without IFHE. The no fly zone is great fun too.
  7. 56Bravo

    Ise in game

    I think In all the excitement people are missing what Ise could actually do. She was never intended nor able to operate as any sort of conventional carrier. She could only operate float planes and while her catapults could launch specially converted aircraft, they had to land on an actual carrier or land station. In game terms for World of Warships, that means Ise would have at best consumables for catapult fighters and catapult spotting aircraft, possible many of them, but nothing even close to an actual carrier squadron. In the end Ise was an interesting concept and possibly useful for support or perhaps ASW operations, but really a poor use for a ship armed with 14 inch guns.
  8. 56Bravo

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    While that may be true and WG does have a responsibility to take any steps it feels necessary. People are exercising their right to speech and the thread is still not locked in case those glass half full people with such negative attitudes are keeping track.
  9. 56Bravo

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    No, this is exactly why the first amendment exists. If you can't have a discussion about anything there will be people that don't know that it is wrong to kill others over a game. Just because some people are disturbed by honest discourse, doesn't mean it shouldn't be said. This event is a tragedy, and the possibility of a particular medium limiting its discussion is not an indication the that the discussion shouldn't happen.
  10. Wait, isn't the Massachusetts a South Dakota class? But that really doesn't matter, if the Tosa is brought in as part of a line split. One, what ships are actually available to support the split? And two, what ships would be left to provide for future premium ships? Not dissing' the idea, but asking for more critical thought on what's actually available in real life as opposed to making more purely fictional ships to fill out the proposed new line split.
  11. 56Bravo

    North Carolina

    You should maybe begin shooting from a canoe for real life ballistics comparisons. With a shotgun or any "real" firearm for that matter, you are shooting at extremely close ranges compared to naval artillery. The shells have longer flight times and the sighting systems are far, far more complicated. Take for example the difference between a .30-06 rifle and a rifle from the USS Texas, the 14 inch/45 caliber. The .30 cal rifle has a projectile that weighs 0.02 pounds traveling at 2800 feet per second and the Mk16 shells of the Texas weigh 1500 pounds and travel at 2700 feet per second. The .30-06 has an effective range out to 1200 yards, while the Texas 14"/45 only has an effective range out to 13000 yards and can lob it's shell to a maximum range of 34000 yards. The .30-06 has sights set along the barrel and the bullet will drop more than 60 inches during flight at only 600 yards range, that's 5 feet at only half of the effective range. Meanwhile, the sights on the Texas are more than 50 feet from the barrels. Hopefully you can see by now why comparisons even between "real" handheld firearms and naval artillery is silly, they are not the same in real life and not the same in game. That being said, the game does suffer from the same limitations and flaws in the nature of random number generators. Sometimes the RNG dishes out bad strings of "random" poo and gives you the finger, but on the flip side, when RNG is giving you nice treats with icing on top you never think to complain on how unfair RNJesus is to you.
  12. 56Bravo

    North Carolina

    I feel that it may be more to do with your expectations and false understanding of "aim". Understand that each salvo is going to have different parameters and dispersion will place shells in an area around your point of aim. If you place the pattern of shot and don't get the hits you want, it's your aim that is faulty, simple as that. It may seem that your aim may be true, but the proof is in the hits, placing the pattern on the target to ensure the most hits is what aiming is all about. In my own experience with the NC, her guns are fairly accurate but seem erratic if only taken on a salvo by salvo basis. Over the course of 10 to 20 salvos however, she dishes out consistent heavy damage for me. Keep making adjustments until you get the results the NC is capable of, her guns are devastating and can keep pace with tiers 9 and 10 ships as long as you remember those guns are in a fragile tier 8 chassis.
  13. 56Bravo

    "Ban by complaints" how does it work?

    ROFL... So wait, not being an a$$ hat to someone in general is prudish and giving respect to others is self righteous. I did not learn that in school, college, or the military, I guess you do learn new things everyday, thanks. And actually there is a direct correlation between education, intelligence and profanity in that in general terms the higher the education and IQ, the less profanity is used. Fell free to take that as you will.
  14. 56Bravo

    "Ban by complaints" how does it work?

    Education; as in using those big words that replace vulgarities in contemporary discourse. Knowledge is power, brushing up on those language skills will actually make you more intelligent and as a nice byproduct, make you actually sound intelligent. That is what is meant. Now you may of course curse yourself for not knowing these very basic ideals of linguistic etiquette, but that's our wonderful society today. Now I'm not saying that the situation wasn't frustrating and being angry is a normal human reaction. However, human beings are supposedly intelligent creatures and fully capable of controlling how they communicate their frustrations to others. Road Raging like you're gonna get 10,000,000 views on YouTube isn't going to help anyone or make anyone take you seriously. It shows a lack of respect and in case you didn't know, no one will react well to something delivered disrespectfully. Do you like to be disrespected?
  15. 56Bravo

    "Ban by complaints" how does it work?

    Don't take this the wrong way and I'm sure you meant well in that particular match. But, when your speech indicates that you have little education and virtually no self control or even a tiny ounce of respect for anyone but your self. Other people will naturally treat you like a child and usually be very defensive and offended, thus the chat and reporting backlash. It's hard, but please try and remember that everyone playing is another human being like yourself that doesn't like to be yelled at or harassed. Be polite, be professional(not actually saying I'm capable of this by the way...), if the game gets you so spun up you need to curse at other players, you yourself have a serious problem and need to go breathe into a paper bag or something.