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  1. 56Bravo

    bogus team kill penalty

    There is no specific amount of damage that will turn a player pink. Instead it is a ratio based on a percentage of damage over a number of games. In essence, you have caused enough damage to teammates over a number of matches and are now being warned that you cannot actually shoot straight. Aim better.
  2. 56Bravo

    New bot magnetic shells....

    It's a render issue, update your drivers and check how much lag you have while playing. Solve those issues and you wont see this kind of thing as often, it's not real, just your machine trolling you.
  3. 56Bravo

    Tell me this isn't a bot.

    It's simple really. He heard the water boiling in the kitchen and ran to make his coffee. While away his chicken got loose and thought the crumbs he left on his keyboard were quite tasty. See, simple explanation.
  4. 56Bravo

    UI wish list item: Camouflage sorting.

    I'm pretty sure it requires having a bottle of Vodka in one hand while randomly clicking around the screen with your mouse to select camo in any particular and useful order. That said, having a sorting mechanic like the one for the ship carousel would be infinitely helpful.
  5. Ocean is the map that allowed (or made if you like) players to learn how the WASD hack operated. It is the frustrating meta that WG has allowed that leads to players being very passive and not even knowing how to maneuver. I am curious as to just how many times the OP has actually seen the Ocean map due to its current extremely low rotation compared to other maps. I've seen it once in about six months and I was so excited, then horrified that no one on my team could dodge enemy fire and wilted in seconds. But that's how it goes, adapt, learn, and overcome and it wont be so bad for you.
  6. Not sure what to tell you Haze. Maybe after submarines are introduced they will have time to look at Co-Op, so cheer up.
  7. No, it doesn't matter how tall he is. Just the opportunity to have your sub Commander shout: "Oh my god, the sub is on fire!!!", and an animation of him trying to get out quickly makes subs in the game totally worth it.
  8. 56Bravo

    A change to Co-op I never saw announced

    Yeah, this. The MM would insert a stock version of your ship, then as it loaded in give it an upgrade to match your ship minus camo and ship upgrades like Steering Mod etc. So, if you hit battle with a fully stock ship, the mirror would also be fully stock and the mirror upgraded if yours was also upgraded. Now it gives a random of your ship type but not a stock hull.
  9. I think I see part of the problem for all the short "unsatisfying" games. It's tier 10, you're supposed to lose credits, even in Co-Op. It is obvious that tier 10 is way imbalanced for the AI, but it still has nothing to do with the "mercy rule" just really powerful ships and mid tier AI behavior.
  10. 56Bravo

    USS Arkansas Beta

    Even though I groan when I see a CV in a match while sailing my Arkansas, I never really seem to have a problem. The CV players either don't know the Ark Beta doesn't have AA and ignore me or the try to focus me down and the rest of my team cleans house unimpeded. So not having AA at tier 4 seems to actually be a non-issue for the most part. Although it does annoy me greatly that so very many people have no idea that their own brain is a ridiculously efficient problem solving device. Go find a grunt Marine so he can show you how to adapt, improvise, and overcome. No whining required after those lessons, probably. Aww, who am I kidding, kids these days....
  11. 56Bravo

    Shooting through smoke hack?

    The only "hack" involved here is observation. It's easy to deduce where a DD might end up when it deploys smoke. And recon by fire gives someone the ability to land a hit on an undetected target and then place all following shots dead center. It's what I do when confronted by a camping DD or CL, I'll rain some shots into the smoke and concentrate my fire at the spot where a shell hits something, even I can do it so it must be pretty simple.
  12. 56Bravo

    Collision avoidance Glitch??

    Not an audio bug. When the Q or E key is pressed, the rudder moves from center to half with the associated sound and with another press of the same key to full rudder and the associated sound again. Pressing the opposite key does the same thing but in the opposite direction, so you would need to press the E key four times to go from full port rudder to full starboard rudder. However, since the latest update, while at full rudder with one press the rudder will make one bell sound and go to the opposite full rudder with no stopping between. Thus you will be at full starboard rudder to bring your guns to bear on a target, hit the Q key once(and hear only one bell) to slow your turn so your turrets can lock on and then your ship begins to turn away from the target as you rudder is not at half starboard like you commanded but instead at full port rudder. Thank you WG for making something simple like steering MORE fun and engaging.
  13. Haven't annoyed anyone in months with a post so here we go... I still don't see how exactly the mercy rule (which isn't actually a rule) is broken. If it is about total damage done (which means XP), then you should be playing Randoms and getting XP commensurate to your inflicted damage to the enemy. Co-Op awards significantly less reward for significantly less effort and queue waiting time. So 50k hit points gets away when the match ends and someone gets 311xp instead of 329xp. I shudder to think of what type of game mode might replace Co-Op to please all the players who have nothing better to do than complain about something that isn't really broken as it is the exact same "rule" that governs random matches. Maybe as soon as the re-include CV's in co-op they'll "rebalance" it for the mercy rule too. Remember WG is all about "fun and Engaging".
  14. 56Bravo

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    I'm an ironic, sarcastic and at time salty person. At no point did I write or even imply that I did not care about Co-Op. Nor would it be logical to even bother to put forth an opinion if I didn't care. I just don't see why it is causing such a hefty twist of everyone's panties, this is after all a WG product, they make a decent game but seem to delight in causing consternation as well. Co-Op seems to be working as intended, be careful what you wish for(carrier rework....).
  15. 56Bravo

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    Oh no, I get what the Mercy rule is. It just doesn't really matter. It seems the prevailing thought for getting rid of this "rule" is that it denies a player of potential damage and thus less XP than they might otherwise have gained. The problem with this is that a given player is already receiving such a low amount of XP that the difference is negligible. Also, many players, myself included use and have used the Co-Op mode for learning and testing with new ships and loadouts, so it is used for and is in fact a "Learning Tool". The fallacy is that many players make the assumption that everyone else plays or should play like they do.