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  1. 56Bravo

    lost a coop today, WG is to blame

    Unlike all the "the red bots can't hurt each other" quotes, this I have actually seen. It seems that a change was made to bot targeting causing them to fire when too close and dump a spread of torps into an ally which do not travel far enough to activate, thereby doing no damage. As always, if a players contention is otherwise, screen shot or it didn't happen.
  2. 56Bravo

    Fix MM for tier 6

    Sure, I'll weigh in. First, the MM needs filler if no one is playing when you are. Thus bots are necessary, unless WG wished to hear the constant moaning from players that it's Ludacris to wait 9 minutes for a match!!!! Second, if someone with more than even 5000 matches is getting "seal clubbed", they have seriously missed learning some very basic concepts in the game. That is not to say that getting you butt handed to you doesn't happen, but be honest, did you do something silly like show broadside to that BB you ignored for the previous 4 minutes? Third, you cannot as a player improve unless you are challenged. Moving from the beginning tiers past tier 5 should indicate that you have leaned the basics and are ready to complete with more veteran players. In tier 6 you can face players who have made it to tier 10 and have some experience advantage over you. But at the same time the game gives a tier 6 player more XP for using the basics learned so far and holding your own against higher tier ships. By making things easier in the mid tiers, there would be a large number of players who get to tier 10 still not knowing how to play effectively. Sort of how the player base is now.....
  3. 56Bravo

    AP Damage

    I know, right? The least he could do is get his Jimmies in a bunch over the insult I "actually" intended.... XD
  4. 56Bravo

    AP Damage

    lol. No, actually I was strongly implying that you didn't know beans about ballistics. Never even said anything about history, just compared reality to an arcade game. Though you do seem somewhat prickly about history, which is kind of weird.
  5. 56Bravo

    AP Damage

    Be careful of invoking the "real world". Battleship engagements during WW1 and WW2 usually consisted of at least 5 or 6 salvoes before hits were scored and one could expect around a 10% to 15% hit ratio. Unlike this game where 40% to 50% is the norm. I understand the absence of knowledge of real world ballistics might lead you to wonder why an object made of hardened steel might be particularly resilient. Is this simply an observation of game mechanics or is there something specific you would like to know about naval gunnery?
  6. 56Bravo

    Please. Fix CVs in PvE so they come to the center

    Actually, I like that idea. If the CV is the sole survivor, have it become more difficult and aggressive. But in any case, they already addressed the "mercy rule" thing, and since they brought subs to the game, be very careful when you ask to have CV's changed. Just saying.
  7. 56Bravo

    Super Bots skills

    Yes, there are times where a ship will react to a torpedo launch well outside of even their Hydro range. But it is Co-Op after all, the game engine (i.e. Skynet) already knows you launched torpedoes and doesn't need any stinking torpedo alert. That being said, I would love to see a torp launch from 1.5km that can be proven NOT to be poor aim.
  8. 56Bravo

    Bad Behavior in Co-op

    Good to know that things do happen to those that misbehave. However, it is also a huge problem in how its resolved from a player perspective. As a player, I would never know if a report or replay led to any sort of disciplinary action and could rightly assume that nothing is being done to curb trollish and illegal behavior. Not asking for a player to be cast out and vilified on social media (no matter how much they may deserve it), but an occasional announcement that WG does put boot to butt on people that ruin others fun would be nice. Because there is absolutely no transparency for players, how can anyone really know what behavior actually gets punished?
  9. 56Bravo

    Swirski: Strong-Willed Campaign in Co-op (PVE Thread)

    Nice job Admiral. I think I'll wait until just before the campaign closes as WG will very likely introduce an over-priced premium ship with a 10 point captain included just in time. Unfortunately I'm apparently "essential" and just don't have the time. >.<
  10. 56Bravo

    bogus team kill penalty

    There is no specific amount of damage that will turn a player pink. Instead it is a ratio based on a percentage of damage over a number of games. In essence, you have caused enough damage to teammates over a number of matches and are now being warned that you cannot actually shoot straight. Aim better.
  11. 56Bravo

    New bot magnetic shells....

    It's a render issue, update your drivers and check how much lag you have while playing. Solve those issues and you wont see this kind of thing as often, it's not real, just your machine trolling you.
  12. 56Bravo

    Tell me this isn't a bot.

    It's simple really. He heard the water boiling in the kitchen and ran to make his coffee. While away his chicken got loose and thought the crumbs he left on his keyboard were quite tasty. See, simple explanation.
  13. 56Bravo

    UI wish list item: Camouflage sorting.

    I'm pretty sure it requires having a bottle of Vodka in one hand while randomly clicking around the screen with your mouse to select camo in any particular and useful order. That said, having a sorting mechanic like the one for the ship carousel would be infinitely helpful.
  14. Ocean is the map that allowed (or made if you like) players to learn how the WASD hack operated. It is the frustrating meta that WG has allowed that leads to players being very passive and not even knowing how to maneuver. I am curious as to just how many times the OP has actually seen the Ocean map due to its current extremely low rotation compared to other maps. I've seen it once in about six months and I was so excited, then horrified that no one on my team could dodge enemy fire and wilted in seconds. But that's how it goes, adapt, learn, and overcome and it wont be so bad for you.
  15. Not sure what to tell you Haze. Maybe after submarines are introduced they will have time to look at Co-Op, so cheer up.