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  1. So here are my thoughts on this. The only major screw up with this campaign was where they let the last mission go live with known bugs in two of the tasks. Completely unacceptable. Yes they remedied it by adding on two days to the completion date, but that's cold comfort to the people who bought premium time, wasted flags, took the day off work, etc. And I say this as a person who was greatly benefited by the extension. I couldn't really play much that first day anyways. Still, not cool and frankly WG is too big of a company for such bush league amateur hour crap as that. That being said. I understand their predicament with respect to the missions and mission difficulty. Make it too easy and nobody would buy the Duke. So they have to put a challenge in there. I'm not a game designer so I don't know what the right balance is for that. I frankly prefer the grindy type tasks (earn X exp, earn Y credits, etc) that can be worked on over various ships and games to the stuff that must be done in one mission. You can feel progress towards it, and it doesn't create situations where your personal task goals are at odds for the game itself. IE detect ships gets DDs who just yolo, etc. With regards to the specific tasks I really felt that they were too lopsided in favor of long term players. 90k torpedo damage in a single battle? How are you supposed to do that without a very high tier ship? Earn 3 million credits? Easy if you have the Missouri. If the highest tier ship you have is 6 or 7, you are looking at a very long grind. If you just started playing the game, you aren't even eligible to do the missions.
  2. Division window

    Yeah I don't think people who haven't used the old one realize how cumbersome and awkward this one is.
  3. Division window

    Is there a way to change the division window back to the old way? this new style is obnoxiously large. And WG, seriously guys, it's not 2003 anymore. Nobody uses chat. We are all on discord.
  4. Roma Kobayashi Camo

    Get rid of the Japanese writing as well.
  5. HSF Question.

    Thanks for the info. Thats just... smh
  6. HSF Question.

    What I want to know is suppose you already have the two captains and the camo from buying the ships? what then, is there any discount for the bundle if you have them? Or are you better off buying the missing ones individually?
  7. I absolutely and completely hate that the premium camo is covered with Japanese writing. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why isn't it in Italian or at least Latin? And the beer can is just stupid looking. I was getting ready to buy her this morning and the I looked at the camo and said wth and held off. And I know who the artist is. I LIKE anime. I like his work. But he screwed this up, and WG shouldn't have let it roll. I feel like it's trying to poke fun at the Regia Marina.
  8. Lol. Just no. That's not how copyright law works. but I want him as a captain too.
  9. The worst part isn't the stupid can (bad as it is) the unforgiveable part is Japanese writing on the side of an Italian ship. I mean wth? Who thought this was a good idea?
  10. The Mighty Mo leaves?

    When is it supposed to leave?
  11. ROFL. literally. I'm laughing so hard tears came out. Bravo good sir. Bravo.
  12. With the fiasco on Monday, has there been any official announcement about a time extension or when the missions will end? I know there was something posted on Reddit, but is there anything here?
  13. 75k xp mission bugged

    The silence is deafening.
  14. 75k xp mission bugged

    I'm not necessarily saying they did it on purpose to sell ships. What I am saying is that a reasonable person, from the outside looking in, can certainly draw that conclusion with ease. Sometimes in life perceptions matter most.
  15. 75k xp mission bugged

    This kind of mistake (all the other ones worked properly, why doesn't this one) combined with the timing (need to complete it to do next campaign which is about to expire) - unless you buy the Duke just reeks of deliberate malice. And I really hate to be the guy accusing a company of this. But if you showed the facts to a reasonable person who doesn't even play games, it would likely be a conclusion they could draw.