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  1. 10 when that pic was taken
  2. I imagine the difference is changing from light cruiser (6" rifles and smaller) to heavy cruiser (8" rifles or larger). I think when the US Cruiser line splits in 2018 we'll see Cleveland in its proper place
  3. Mauser, my german shepherd, and I just want you to know how much we like Corgis
  4. Rough couple of fujin games this morning
  5. It's fun to be in game with one of the Community Contributors or WG Staff. Gives a little extra fun, especially if you can shoot them. :)
  6. My point exactly
  7. I guess while Dr. Suess is on your reading list, Les Giblin or Dale Carnegie was not. I'm just asking for a tier 7 US BB premium because I want one. How WG structures and balances it is beyond my paygrade.
  8. I had one launcher permanently destroyed, and knew I had to kill you asap or I would remain spotted. RNGesus heard my prayers
  9. Outstanding idea, I endorse this message
  10. I'm not locked into Nevada. I'll take anything
  11. Yeah I meant the Monarch at tier 8. I am actually working today. Please stop popping my fantasy bubbles and find reasons to give me what I want, which is a US Premium BB or BC at tier 7. That is all.
  12. After the 1942 refit Nevada was nudging just north of 30K tons. Standard load on Arizona was just a bit less than 30k tons. Not seeing the 10k less HP, WG could certainly bump HP up slightly, it's not that egregious a change given some of the wazoo stuff I've already seen in game, I mean for God's sake they created a paper ship for the Royal Navy at tier 7. All that said, I'm not locked into Nevada. Any standard class BB that received a nice mid war refit would fit at Tier 7 in my opinion. Particularly for my gaming convenience. :)
  13. I know AZ is tier 6. I'm saying AZ holds her own nicely when uptiered to Tier 7.
  14. Well she had the same guns as AZ (literally after the refit - she got two of AZ's relined barrels) and AZ holds her own just fine at tier 7. Should have a very nice AA rating. I could see her filling a nice AA BB role at tier 7 similar to how Texas works at tier 5
  15. I have to say I agree, would rather they split up the available humans and fill the remaining slots with bots than get a 2 v 2