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  1. More SHIP HAPPENS by WG

    I'm ready for some decent new premiums, regardless of flavor.
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Got a good laugh from that one
  3. If WG Punish Exiting Games While Alive, They BETTER....

    Any time I ground myself the shame I feel for my lack of situational awareness is followed by my death shortly thereafter.
  4. Richelieu gold plated camo looks beautiful

    The Duck of Death...
  5. [PSA] Bonus code

    ty..... what did it give us?
  6. Wargaming growing lack of quality

    I had a series of crashes a couple of patches ago, but honestly right now things are pretty stable.
  7. Teamer intentionally turns into torps.

    This. You don't launch torps from behind a green ship and assume he will read your warnings in time.
  8. Am I getting all I can out of Kami R

    We're not worthy, Gary....
  9. USS Helena Found

    The US lost 3 light cruisers in WW2, Atlanta, Helena and Juneau. Allen found Helena and Juneau. jw
  10. Synergy

    I switched my Fletcher to DFAA for this reason. Now I can make it uncomfortable to keep spotting me
  11. Synergy

    That's the absolute worst, when you are a DD and can't get unspotted from enemy air
  12. Working Model Deck Gun!!!

    That's unbelievably cool
  13. Who have you seen in game

    Good to see you in game! Don't short our Fletcher his due, he played a tremendous game. Most of his torps were launched at 85% or greater range and he connected over and over. This was my 4th consecutive bottom tier game this morning and I was getting grumpy, but the Fletcher pulled it out for us. jw
  14. Richelieu a good choice for T8 ranked?

    I agree wholeheartedly.
  15. TY WG for the Free XP conversion Sale!

    More than half a million XP, but less than 1M is a gob where I come from