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  1. I've noticed in the background when playing the ship you get a 20 minute rendition of "99 bottles of beer on the wall" if you listen closely
  2. ...that's my new beer drinking ship. I shall never play it without an open beer next to me
  3. Roma

  4. Fix Training Room

    And submarines. We need them in the training room. Please.
  5. Sayings that strike you deep within your soul.

    Lo, There do I see my Father, and Lo, there do I see my Mother, and Lo, There do I see my Brothers and my Sisters andLo, There do I see my people back to the begining, andLo they do call to me, andbid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla, Where the brave will live forever. -- Norse prayer
  6. The Weekend Wrap Up

    Didn't play much this weekend but all in all it was decent. I did have one game saturday in which a forum member I recognized was on my team. It's always cool to see a player you recognize, and I'd never had any interactions with him before but his conduct in the game (in chat) was absolutely toxic, berating his own team for not following his instructions and vigorously cursing the enemy that killed him. It was no surprise to me that this guy ended up being at the bottom of the losing team. One of the biggest in game jerks I've seen in 5000+ battles. Looking forward to moving to a new home in the real world this week. jw
  7. Apology to my teams

    No apology necessary, was fun to see you in battle
  8. Who have you seen in game

    Saw a bunch of folks this evening. @MaliceA4Thought, @Lert, @MrDeaf and a few others I recognized all in one game. Fun game but too much radar for the likes of my poor Fletcher.
  9. Actually very interesting and I didn't know this. I learned something today :)
  10. Not quite a farewell letter...

    Lot more game coming for WoWs. We're still in the early stages of this game. I'm gonna stick around and see what happens. Take care GP
  11. Who have you seen in game

    BWI.... I've been guilty of same... usually impacts my karma as well
  12. People who just Troll the Game

    Maybe if he gets in trouble he will quit for a few months, and then come back when WG throws a few free premiums and a few thousand doubloons at him.