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  1. That's cool!
  2. TY very much! And now a new patch tomorrow :o
  3. Yes to every one of those. You've been reading my mind!
  4. I just got it in an anniversary container and put it on my Baltimore. It is amazingly sweet
  5. I'm the same way with tier 10 BB's. If the DD's and cruisers will push forward and prevent me from getting blasted at close range by a stealthy DD, I will absolutely push and help. Drives me crazy when everyone sits back and allows all caps to be taken by the enemy.
  6. For price and performance, Arizona. For sheer performance, Alabama. For fun and love - Warspite
  7. As a famous American philosopher once said:
  8. lol thanks for the laugh
  9. That was fast! I'm working on it!!!
  10. Good luck Aethon. We were sweating the path of Irma out here in Myrtle Beach but got lucky in the end.
  11. A man can't polish his torp constantly. Need a break every now and then
  12. Strange, I really like the Hood. It and Scharnhorst are my two favorite ships at tier 7
  13. I've been getting an occasional half second freeze in game. Only seen this in the last couple of weeks.
  14. I've had the Polish DD for a couple of years now, I think I bought a package including the ship during closed beta. Haven't played it a bunch because with only one ship in the Polish line the captain grind is long and arduous. Trying to get back into the ship to get my captain's skills at least to 10 to pick up CE and mitigate the horrible concealment rating of this ship. How does one play her? She's not really fast enough to play as a Kiev, and there's only a 500 meter stealth window for torpedo work. Ideas?