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  1. KantaiKessen

    German Turrets

    Why are they shaped so weirdly? I mean if they wanted to maximize effectiveness at short range, then you need to make American style sloped turret faces, and if they wanted max long range protection then the british practise of horizontal turret faces. Why did the germans decide that they want their turrets to be bad at close and long range, with horizontal turret faces and a weird sloped part over it?
  2. KantaiKessen

    Design A-150 can happen now

    Why A-150 if you can have 1934 MAXIMUM BATTLESHIP If 20 inchers are too much, replace them with triple 18's If 18 inches is to much, replace them with quadruple 16's Also, with the Tillman ships, imagine being a cruiser and seeing 24 16 inch shells coming at you.
  3. KantaiKessen

    Azur Lane Question

    Not really. There's many of the CVLs and most of the DD's.
  4. KantaiKessen

    Where should I be after 700 games.

    I feel like I do better in higher tier ships for some reason, but that may be just confirmation bias.
  5. I've been registered here for a long time, but haven't really played very much at all. How far were you at 700 games, and how far have you guys gotten in 4 years or so?
  6. Isn't this historically accurate? After all, the 20mm Oerlikons on US ships during the later periods were really only useful for making sure that planes that dropped their payloads could not return to their carrier. This could be a justification for how many planes get shot down after they drop their payloads.
  7. KantaiKessen

    Tier 6 Ise-class BBCV

    This might be offset by the fact that it takes longer to get P turret from off the port bow to off the starboard bow, and vice versa. Ise might be better at kiting, but you can't really kite at 24.5 knots anyways.