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  1. After reading substantial negative feedback about the CV rework, I decided to download the Public Test client today and played some rounds with CVs. I expected I would not like it, but I found I actually enjoyed the rework. The main thing I enjoyed is that you are closer to the planes and get a more immersive feel in the approach, maneuver, and attack on a ship. Some background: I have been playing since Alpha Test and I admit I always enjoyed CV play, although I certainly am not a CV main. I do understand some of the frustration with CVs in current state. As noted by many others: With the high skill ceiling on CVs, if your team has a lesser skilled captain managing a high tier CV against a better skilled opponent CV, your team is at a major disadvantage from the start. If a competent player in a high tier CV (e.g. Midway, Hakuryu) decides you need to sink, they can wipe you out pretty quickly with a massive alpha strike and there is very little you can do about it. CVs can park planes above any DD and perma-spot the DD plus their torps, effectively countering a DD's main capabilities (stealth + torps). I think with the rework, all three of the above frustrations are addressed to some degree: A high skilled CV player can no longer rapidly strafe and destroy all the planes of a lesser skilled captain and completely take over control of the sky. CV alpha strike potential is reduced and the frustrating quick deletion via massive torpedo bomber attack will be much less likely. Reduced perma-spotting. I know a number of players prefer CV's be banned. I disagree, even as a BB/DD main. I think we should have CVs more frequently in matches because it will reduce the appeal of static "bow camping" and "island humping" which I think are among the least appealing aspects of the current meta. A few suggestions for improvement to CV rework: 1. Really MUST give a CV player the ability to adjust ship speed/direction while a squadron is in the air. The explanation of "reducing multitasking" is taken too far to the extreme by disallowing CV steering and speed adjustments during squadron flight 2. Bring back a CV for each tier. At least for Japan/USA. Surely there must be a way to balance CVs at every tier. It is a shame not to have Zuiho, Hiryu, Taiho, etc in the game, especially since these are historic ships that had significant operational history in WWII. 3. As for the "unlimited" hangar capacity in the rework - have not formed an opinion on it yet... but I do enjoy the "inventory management" aspect of airplanes in the current state. This is something to keep an eye on as the rework goes live. Good luck and have fun!
  2. I never had this happen before latest update. I don't think I am hitting the "control+shift+backspace" combo to cause this. Seems like a bug...
  3. Hi Everyone, This has happened to me multiple times now. Details: Usually at least one time during a 5-10 game session. Camera freezes in place and my ship sails off as the game continues. I can adjust ship speed and pop smoke, but no steering and otherwise camera and game is locked up. When game ends and I get back to dock, but no ship models appear in dock even if I change ship selection. I cannot shut down the game. Need to shut down computer. Anyone else having this happen on a regular basis? Video attached. Happens at 1:05 mark, I cut engines to stop ship, but wake still swirling. Thanks!