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  1. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Game crashing at end of matches

    I'm not sure if it's mods or not. It only happens when the end of match results try to come up on screen. It's intermittent and only happens at this time. Anyone have an idea what the issue might be?
  2. People still play with chat enabled?
  3. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    The New Autopilot is Great!

    Yeah I was playing my Ranger yesterday and it was weaving through islands like a DD. At 1/4 speed but still it did it!
  4. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    What's the best T10 DD to grind for?

    It’s all subjective I suppose but I’m curious what to save for last cause I intend to grind out all of them. I didn’t get those rogue wave Captains and camos for nothing. Judge my taste all you like.
  5. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Brothers Headed into Battle

    Cats dogs living together?!
  6. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Should Large cruisers get their own tech tree line?

    Do a tree split off of tier seven BBs.
  7. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    PSA: New Code

    Rather than do something different they give the same damn mission with a different code. F-WG.
  8. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    +1 for the new port WG!!!

    It’s beautiful!
  9. Have your music people compose a Jaws theme sound alike and play it when a Submarine is within 5-10Km of your ship.
  10. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    TK with guns

    @CAPTMUDDXX sync dropping with a dummy account into ranked battles in the hope it is on the enemy team effectively leaving them with one less player. I’ve witnessed it myself in an Alsace as well. Alsace was AFK just outside the epicenter rings and we lost cause we need that player and they did nothing. Everyone on my team and I’m hoping some on the other team did as well.
  11. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    TK with guns

    Dummy account did team damage to help their real account team.
  12. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Statistical name analysis (in-depth study)

  13. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Naming the Ohio the Ohio....

    Alaska used to be owned by Russia and they released that ship as a premium. RIOT!!
  14. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    Massachusetts-My first premium. Yamato-My first 19pt Captain and first tier X Kremlin-Coolness plus I have the Admiral for him. Jean Bart-Fast and turret layout is great. Irian- mediocre boat but the lunar new year camo is fantastic.
  15. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam


    Pretty sure he’s Scottish.