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  1. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Twitch users check your offers.

    Opened up twitch yesterday to update some mods for another game and looked at the offers available and there was a WoWs starter pack. It was 1k dubs a St Louis and five Yamamoto collection containers. I didn’t think it would work since I’m not new to the game but when I followed the prompts and linked my account to the offer it was there. I got credits for the ship and free dubs. Just FYI if anything else hadn’t looked in awhile at there offers on twitch app. I don’t know if everyone gets it or not.
  2. So are we talking Howard Hughes amount of jars of pee or what?
  3. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam


    OP should join the Lexington’s clan cause they’re [S4LTY].
  4. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    I got a bunch of ships. The only one I got that matters to me is the Missouri.
  5. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam


    After my Midway got rammed by an Azuma I’ve started flying the ramming flag. A rare occurrence but never again!!
  6. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Time to extend the Ship Tiers to 12 or 14

    Sure just add nuclear submarines and I can nuke the entire map after the match has gone 10 minutes. Better find me before then.
  7. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    You're pushing me out the door WG

    Play tier X. You’ll never be bottom tier then.
  8. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    At long last, I have her in my port.

  9. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    where are Christmas camos from combat mission?

    CVs are the only ship they can’t be mounted on as far as I know.
  10. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Is this the best looking ship and cameo in the game ?

    Water World Camos for tier X DDs
  11. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Thanks for making owning the PR an embarrassment WG!

    Is it not well known that chat can be disabled now? Best addition to game.
  12. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    The Humans Will Be On Fire Camoflauge

    Plop a giant metal scorpion on top of it like my Yamato and it’ll be getting there.
  13. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    PR step 2

    Even if someone died from trying to complete this event, WG still would be laughing their butts off.
  14. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    PSA: How To Div Alone For Mission Requirements

    Thank you for this I couldn’t remember how to do this. I already completed it but hopefully I’ll remember for next time. It’s pretty easy to get a div in Co-Op if you try a little. Did it with the Leander and Div mate was in a Graf Spee for good measure.
  15. I_Potato_Ther4_I_Yam

    Ok I figured this game out

    When Subs go live...