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  1. Tier 10 Special Module Additions

    no the Gearing lose no concealment it gets more concealment dang i got ninja
  2. Kidd or Des Moines

    I have the Kidd & i love( when it's in the right battle)
  3. BATTLESHIPS WOULD COST TO MUCH TO BUILD! The uss zumwalt cost almost 5 billion dollar build.(a battleship would cost 10 time as much to build just 1 ship.)
  4. Mouse the Dunkerque is still in the store too FYI
  5. List of BB content that has yet to be released

    The USS Maine was going to be one of the Montana class Battleship ( Montana is in the game already). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montana-class_battleship
  6. HELL YEAH!! i'm gettin her when she comes out.
  7. Get rid of Smoke.

  8. Any of the Atlanta class or Subclass ships of the Atlanta.