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  1. XxBraveHeart

    %200 bonus

    How long is the %200 experience bonus going to run?
  2. XxBraveHeart

    Honor -Glory game setup question*

    I understand all that, but losing like this is not fun. I'm currently 1-8 this morning and i'm at least an average player. Makes you wanna go download Fortnite and forget WoW.
  3. I've been on WoW since it came out.The way the Honor vs Glory battles are setup , to me are just the worst. Usage of the medium vs difficult game set to try and balance the two sides is terrible in my opinion. You come on one day and you do ok under medium and come on days like today and I've lost 5 straight already. I've lost that many straight plenty of times. It's just very frustrating when it's a %200 day and you struggle to win a battle . The thing is, you never really know if yer gonna be on the wrong side of this poorly conceived balancing act, IMHO, they are trying to do. There has to be a better way. It almost feels like yer being punished. In the several years I've been on here this is my first forums post. If I'm totally off base, I'll accept that. I just felt compelled to say something and get it off my chest. Thanks -Terry (XxBraveHeart)