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  1. Jagdpanzer131

    Paying $$ for Oklahoma?

    I wouldn't bother playing it unless they gave it the Texas/New York AP shells. The AP pen is laughably low for tier 5 and while you can still deal good damage to cruisers, you will see a lot of shatters on battleships.
  2. Jagdpanzer131


    What I don't get is why they didn't give Oklahoma the same shells as the Texas/New York as they are the same guns. The difference in penetration is so absurd despite ballistics being the exact same.
  3. Jagdpanzer131

    Does anyone play the Kurfurst?

    I still have it but don't use it, I find my other tier 10 battleships to be more effective.
  4. I don't think I would get much use out of it. 1.5 sigma at tier 9 is terrible and the meta overall doesn't allow for secondary builds to be effective in every match while taking fire prevention and other survival skills will almost always be more beneficial. I think I would be more frustrated rather than enjoying it.
  5. What would be the point if they don't provide anything new to the game? Its like people asking for the other 2 Iowas.
  6. To me all those slow battleships are no fun to play.
  7. Jagdpanzer131


    You seem to have this problem a lot.
  8. Jagdpanzer131

    Nevsky, discuss.

    It definitely does not have stealth radar
  9. Jagdpanzer131

    Do most know how to play this game?

    The only tech tree ship you have played random battles in is the erie..., and you thought that buying an Alaska would be a good decision?! This seems very much like a troll post based on the level of strangeness.
  10. Jagdpanzer131

    Yamato - underperforming BB that's not fun to play

    There seems to be a lot of tinfoil hat theories in here.
  11. Jagdpanzer131

    Do you have a Vanguard?

    Get the thunderer, it plays similar to vanguard but does not have nearly as many shortcomings.
  12. Jagdpanzer131

    Yahagi vs Huanghe?

    Neither! They are both terrible.
  13. Jagdpanzer131

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Looking at the original stats I don't see how it would be OP. It's not like it even fully encroached on tirpitz's role.
  14. Jagdpanzer131

    Next season of clan battles

    The thing is that if you don't go with the meta you probably wont fare to well overall. Have some teams brought a bb instead of a cv, yes. Has it worked out for them, mostly not.