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  1. Jagdpanzer131

    "italain ships have good handling and maneuverability tho"

    Well it was your choice to put that time and xp towards them. Simply complaining about the ships wont give you those things back.
  2. Jagdpanzer131

    WG has Nerfed my Battles

    Got to love the occasional conspiracy post.
  3. Jagdpanzer131

    The Italian CA line: its not them, its you.

    I'll just say they seem to scale with player proficiency.
  4. Jagdpanzer131

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    Well the mid tiers weren't very interesting but once you get to almafi it starts to become fun because that's when you get back that best in class speed (besides speed boost french). Venezia was definitely worth the grind for me.
  5. Jagdpanzer131

    Thunderer - aiming

    Its really dependent on how well your aim is as it does not shower an area with shells as with others bbs because of its lower gun count and higher accuracy.
  6. Jagdpanzer131

    All Cruisers need heals period

    I think you are becoming a little obsessed with this.
  7. Jagdpanzer131

    Worst ship in the game

    The real answer is Mikasa.
  8. Jagdpanzer131

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    I guess that was an interesting nautical lesson but this isn't a sailing simulator game. The only use me and many others have for the horn is just using it like a car horn to prevent ramming into each other.
  9. Jagdpanzer131

    The simple fact is DD anti aircraft fire is OP

    This thread gave me brain damage.
  10. Jagdpanzer131

    Reporting SuperTesters?

    Its news to me that certain tactics apparently qualify as cheating.
  11. Jagdpanzer131

    Why I've ditched concealment mod...

    I'm just going to keep running concealment on everything.
  12. Jagdpanzer131

    World of Warplanes or World of Warships

    Remember this is the guy who said he would quit from multiple carrier games.
  13. Jagdpanzer131

    yashima is going to be broken

    well in my experience I don't eat citadels from every battleship salvo in most of my cruiser. There are a few like Minotaur that can be citadeled by basically everything, but most people consider it a good ship anyway. It really depends on the level of skill involved between who is shooting and who is being shot at.
  14. Jagdpanzer131

    yashima is going to be broken

    So far the only thing that seems good about it is the AA. At least with the way the guns are now.
  15. I'm just going to keep resetting the Japanese gunboat line just because its the cheapest and the quickest to go through.