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  1. Greenie_DD828

    Tier X Fletcher -- USS Percival DD-452

    Not a bad premise, but why not just build Tier X Premium Gearing Class DD-828? It can have the speed advantages of new engines and firepower of the Gearing just make it a little more susceptible to damage (or lower health pool) since it was lighter and had less armor.
  2. Greenie_DD828

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    What about then people who needed to rank out to #1 in Rankled Battles 3 times and 5 times to get those ships? They are the only ones with a real gripe. I have both the Flint and Black that I got for steel because i was never going to spend the time to rank out. But I've had those ships for well over a year before a lot of people. No complaints from me.
  3. Greenie_DD828

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    At one time you had to get to RANK 1 in Ranked Battles 3 times to get the Flint and 5 times to get the Black. Those are the only people who should have any gripe about this change, as it was super hard, then available for steel, now coal. So the exclusiveness of those ships has certainly waned. I was fortunate enough to get both for steel as I did not have the patience to get to Ranked 1 all those times let alone once. ;)
  4. Greenie_DD828

    Talon's ADLA Somers class Destroyer

    Where is the Porter in Warships?