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  1. It's a little chilly outside this morning so I came in to get warm and the community did not disappoint me. flames and more flames everywhere, so I am more than toasty now. thank you.
  2. darkreapr

    Apply a Coupon to Obtain a Ship!

    LOL, @ all the suckers that basically bought a free ship by paying for a dubs bundle.
  3. darkreapr

    Hamburg Dockyard: Admiral Schröder

    let me guess phase 30, is still paying for the ship with doubloons?
  4. darkreapr

    Battle Pass: Play and Earn Rewards!

    This is the same thing Game of thrones has had going for a couple of years. It's just a money grab to be honest (in my opinion), In the game of thrones one you have to repurchase the pass every time it resets.
  5. darkreapr

    Golden Age of Industry Premium Containers

    Why does WG keep shooting themselves in the foot by giving less and wanting more money? Oh wait, this is the way business is done now a days, just remember WG people have known to leave other games for them doing the same things. The way you are doing business now isnt going to help in the long run.
  6. darkreapr

    Hampshire and Web Campaign

    says it is suppose to be available now on which team to chose from, but I cant do anything but switch between the doing their sales pitch. Is it not active yet even though it says it started 4 hours ago for my time zone? But I also agree with all the rest I see posting here on the lamesauce WG is putting out lately. Camos that do nothing, perma camos that just give some lame minor always active bonus, and ships that were only concept ships and guessing at what that ship actually would have been like. It's like the puerto rico do all these missions but the last 6 you are going to have to spend 19k dubs ( I think) for, still cheaper than just buying it outright but still lame. just my two cents.
  7. darkreapr

    Godzilla vs. Kong: The Titans Return

    "I fell in to a burning forum of fire, down down down as the flames went higher, in the forums of fire, in the forums of fire." All of your comments deserve a thumbs up.
  8. darkreapr

    Armada: Iwami

    Another paper ship that was never there. must be getting pretty desperate to be throwing so many ships that werent ever made into the game.
  9. darkreapr

    Ship’s Log: Around the World

    How are these great rewards? I mean they are probably awesome to someone very young to WOWS but they would be the only ones.
  10. darkreapr

    Flag-o-Rama 2022

    That's why i clicked participate. I have hundreds of combat that I don't mind wasting, see WG isnt the only ones that "mess" (since I cant use a more appropriate word) with the situation.
  11. darkreapr

    Compensation for technical issues in 0.11.1

    how did you get to 100? mine stopped at 50 and i did 70 challenges and stopped when i noticed it wasnt going up anymore.
  12. darkreapr

    Lighthouse Auction: Gremyashchy

    Came here to see how many people were going to flame the auction AGAIN. Well I wasnt disappointed because wow everyone is doing a great job. Why is everyone flaming this you ask? Because for 10k dubs WG is trying to disguise a plea for money again. Wll played WG but people arent as blind or stupid as they were when they started playing the game.
  13. darkreapr

    German Battleships: Early Access

    They both have pointy noses? It's all i got sorry!!!
  14. darkreapr

    German Battleships: Early Access

    More paper ships that never made it to production??? German BB's had torpedo's?? Or is it just another way WG is trying to "stay afloat"?
  15. darkreapr

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    So is this the same re-run cinematics they do every year or even less than that? Subscriptions must be doing the downward spiral if it's "prize" giving time for new subscriptions.