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  1. darkreapr

    Marathon with Gifts: Real Naval Stories

    So is this the same re-run cinematics they do every year or even less than that? Subscriptions must be doing the downward spiral if it's "prize" giving time for new subscriptions.
  2. Well looks like a lot of people have the same feeling as i do, "this is a sh t show happening in front of a large fan", and that picture i just painted aint pretty. lmbo at this concept. cana anyone say money maker hail mary in the face of so many that arent working right now due to the pandemic. way to be just another money grubbing company wg. looks like me cutting my game play down came at the right moment.
  3. darkreapr

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    You can do 18 of the 20 but by the god of the sea you WILL PAY to complete it. lmbo ripped off. (but hey atleast they are honest ripoff artists.
  4. why enter when we can eventually get it from a container or by just simply researching it.
  5. darkreapr

    King of the Sea X Results!

    well sh** since i had stuff to do on saterday this must mean that i am fuc**d and cant complete yet another one of these events.
  6. darkreapr

    King of the Sea X Results!

    Do I HAVE to watch KOTS tournament to get anything can you complete the entire thing without watching the KOTS tournament?
  7. How many times can you enter the code, so far i think I've entered it 5 to 10 times. LOL Also not everyone will getting that many containers right just "certain, lucky" players will be receiving a container?
  8. U.S. ARMY proud Desert Shield / Desert Storm vet TY wargaming for giving the armed forces a shout out.
  9. darkreapr

    NA server unavailable?

    i was able to get in just now.
  10. darkreapr

    NA server unavailable?

    ahhhh, I just got disconnected as well and I see i'm not the only one having issues now. And yes restarted client many time now.
  11. darkreapr


    no mods at all and did the repair same issue. And yes i should have stated that it goes from game to port no score/stat screen inbetween.
  12. darkreapr


    I see they havent fixed the issue with going straight back to the port. Well maybe someday it will get fixed