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  1. If you have a T9 or T10

    It already takes too long to queue up a game...LOL!
  2. How pathetic can this site get?

    You mean like the OP did coming to the forums to blame his team and the game for things he, himself, clearly doesn't (or won't) understand? Yeah, I'm tired of that, too.
  3. Surprise in Co-op

    Coop is great for stage 4 of the legendary module missions, and I have a ton of them to do.
  4. I've watched Flamu play it enough to realize there's absolutely nothing special about it.
  5. They were right (19pt Captains)

    I have 34 of them along with about 10m more elite commander xp. I may convert one or two more to 19pts, but once you get this many, the need for more lessens greatly.
  6. Only 119 for me. Pretty average for 13.4k random games played. The following Jan or Feb, I believe.
  7. And for those of us that played last season and made it to at least rank 8, it was non-existent.
  8. Manual Secondary Battery Monday

    Tried it on the GK for the LOLs, and had a few 30k dmg secondary games, but after a few games of that i realized it took too much away from main battery accuracy which needs all the help it can get.
  9. Ranked tips and tricks

    Wait for all the unicums to get to the top league or rank out, then start.
  10. I might be done with USN DD...

    This is exactly how I play it. Just over 600 games in mine it is still the most consistently well performing ship I have.
  11. LOL, OP! I took a look at your stats for the day to see what PR that garnered you. I think you broke the stat engine! 13k PR ???
  12. ArmageDDon - The Sky is Falling!!!

    Looks like a good time to grind the Worcester and DM legendary modules.
  13. Ranked season 10 will be worse

    I like going straight into T10, actually. I still have another 14 legendary modules to grind out :)
  14. No it didn't. They back-filled any player that was booted for whatever reason. I was added to the crew the first day of the event, so I was one of those "alternates".