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  1. Three ships with 7 kills, many more with 6. That 8-kill game has proven to be very elusive.
  2. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    Sounds pretty fun, actually.
  3. Can You Rank Out With Gearing?

    LOL..you are well above avg in the Gearing (better than me, for sure) in Randoms, so I think you have just as good a chance in it as anyone. Gearing is a gud bote for Ranked. Maybe not the best, but I don't know of anyone who has a problem with it.
  4. What is more impressive?

    I’ve had the elite DD (damage) emblem for a while, but I’m only 56 into the elite top-3 emblem, if that says anything.
  5. When you finally see this...

    I was afraid of this. I've only managed 7 games so far, so I'm a few ranks away from 10. Not even sure it's worth it now.
  6. So I’ve made Rank 10!

    Try them all, but since you've already got a grove going with the NC, I'd start with the Monty.
  7. Getting Past Rank 10

    And for some reason I can't seem to get motivated to play much at all this season.
  8. If you had started this thread it would have already been locked and/or deleted, and you'd have a strike against you.
  9. First time I've been called a "seal clubber" for playing T10.
  10. Haven't gotten there yet, but I'm somewhat intrigued by t10 Ranked. Guess I should play more than 2 games. It's just so hard to press "Battle" lately.
  11. I don't think there is a site that will give you exactly what you want. warships.today is not being maintained and seems to be losing it's grip on reality. Wows-numbers thinks it's clever with giving daily stat segments over the period of several weeks and the occasional 7, 21 and 60-day summary, but it's not very helpful. So other than setting up your own database, there isn't much out there at the moment.
  12. I'm thinking the Asashio gives the Akizuki new life...the life it lost when OWSF was removed.