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  1. It's going to be interesting to see how all these "solo" clan members like seeing their oil contributions go towards bonuses they never wanted. Since they apparently don't division or talk to each other, I can't imagine there would be any kind of democratic process to choosing the next upgrade.
  2. Fine, I'll play: DD: Gearing - 864 battles CA: Atlanta - 924 battles BB: Yamato - 307 battles (this surprised me a little as I rarely play it these days) CV: Zuiho - 26 battles
  3. I don't see much of reason to hoard elite commander xp, unless you just don't like having 19pt captains. I'm constantly using my elite commander xp to train up new captains. I have 28 19pt captains right now.
  4. I got a ton of free stuff, not sure what you are complaining about.
  5. Wasn't a bad weekend for me, but wasn't great either. Felt like I equals parts potated and played well.
  6. FXP'd my way to both the Conq. and the GK for Anniversary SCs, and because I could. Don't really plan on playing either of them much, but I just felt like doing it. Otherwise, I played a ton of games trying to take advantage of all the 200% first wins. Not a bad weekend overall.
  7. Best: Atlanta - first premium and still played. So fun! Worst: Okhotnik - what a POS this ship is!
  8. You mean an achievement for the guy who goes D when the whole team is yelling at him to not do so? He ends up getting lucky and taking the cap cause the other team wasn't dumb enough to go D. Sounds like encouragement to take unnecessary risks. I'm also not saying I wouldn't like to have something like this, as I'm usually "that guy" who tries to grab a cap like that when the situation presents itself. But it also seems like a very easy achievement to get unless some sophisticated rules were added to the requirements.
  9. After getting a Duca from a Yamamoto SC earlier this week, I'm expecting nothing but spotter plane modules and crap flags. Anything more than that would be gravy.
  10. Maybe not a bug, but there's no way to tell your guns to shoot over an island instead of at it when not targeting another ship. I recall a time when this was broke even more than it is now.
  11. I stopped counting at around the 15th super container, since they mostly got bad with the introductions of the "special" modules. But I'm not complaining. Free is Free!!
  12. Been waiting a while for this one!
  13. While I'm not a CV hater, per se, Co-op is ths only place I will bring one. I have a Saipan that I only play in co-op. Feel free to join me!