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  1. Ahhh how that ship has a way of infuriating it's opponents.
  2. I was referring specifically to the OP. His stats suggest he can play the ship better than most, so there's no reason to think his WR won't reflect that over time.
  3. I think your sample size is a bit too small to make that judgement. There's no reason to believe you won't have a 55% WR in it over time.
  4. You make it sound like this is something provided, certified and approved by WG. "Remember, we don't officially support mod functionality" - says otherwise.
  5. I stand by my opinion that the mod that shows the exact angle of the targeted ship in relation to your own, as well as turning colors to signify optimal/sub-optimal penetration angles, is a cheat, and needs to be banned.
  6. This. People who don't have the Conq don't realize how much the increased cooldown to the repair party has affected it's survivability. Whatever OP-ness it had went away with that nerf. I can't remember the last time I was able to use the last charge of the RP consumable since the nerf hit.
  7. I have 32 19pt captains, and they didn't get there by letting 1m elite xp sit there unused. Just sayin'.
  8. The stats are weighed down by the fact that I still play it.
  9. I don't discuss such things with mine either.
  10. An overall WR of 60%? LOL...not going to happen with my potato stats, but one can hope.
  11. This thread is awesome! Also, I can't stand it when player refuse to improve!
  12. My only solo warrior was with the Montana.