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  1. sbcptnitro

    Confessions of a stat padder

    Shameless stream promo! And @C_D please take @Ducky_shot up on his offer. This would be highly entertaining!
  2. sbcptnitro

    Definition of Unicom

    Unicums have superior map and situation awareness. Hard to teach and even harder to master (I still haven't learned it). Point being, that's all it takes to recognize a unicum during a game.
  3. sbcptnitro

    51 19Pt Captains

    Congrats! You got me beat. I think I'm only at 39.
  4. sbcptnitro

    Steel for the Scrubs!

    As someone who stops at rank 5 and whose clan is not going to be doing CB any time soon, I approve of this.
  5. sbcptnitro

    What is your current interest level in wows?

    I would say somewhat diminishing for me, not because of the game itself, but more due to the current player base. Maybe it's just me but it seems the ROFL-stomps have increased dramatically as well as the toxicity from either side. So much so that I've ventured off into other games, mostly single-player. Just my opinion, you can agree or disagree.
  6. sbcptnitro

    Weekend spree

    That sounds BIAS.
  7. sbcptnitro

    I got called into Service - CVs

    Dude, seriously?? WG has stated they recognize 90% of the player base has never even attempted to play CVs. They believe it's because players come to WOWS to more of an FPS type game than an RTS. They stated a couple of other reasons as well, but that was the gist of it.
  8. sbcptnitro

    Main Battery Monday - Top Shot

    34% over 393 games in the Missouri is the best I got.
  9. sbcptnitro

    Why do people still send threatening messages?

    I can't even post a particular rant I received while in port. Filled with racial slurs and threats of violence. I had no idea what he was talking about, however, but I'm betting he got a few involuntary days of vacation (either from in-game chat or the game itself) after I sent in the report.
  10. There are no good snipers, only hackers....unicums with super sekrit cheat mods, amiright?
  11. sbcptnitro

    Kron worth 750k free xp?

    I 100% agree with this statement.
  12. sbcptnitro

    Kron worth 750k free xp?

    The Nelson is fun. I don't play much these days, but blame WG for all the t10 grinding it's making me do lately...LOL
  13. sbcptnitro

    Kron worth 750k free xp?

    It's the worst FXP ship I have. I don't like it much at all. Wonky dispersion and horrible HE shells, which means broadside targets need only apply. Just like any ship, the unicums can do well with it, but that ain't me.
  14. sbcptnitro

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Potatos believe their skill level comes from bad circumstance and luck, whereas unicums are so because of divs, hacks, and copious amounts of good luck. They can't see there's more to being good at the game, so they don't believe it.
  15. sbcptnitro

    Possible Solution to Radar

    1) I can't believe this thread is still going... 2) @Ducky_shot please stop playing it. It's one of the few ships I still have better stats than you (and not by much). You don't need to fix that.