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  1. Torpedo Dodge Of The Week

    Looks like a fairly standard night for DD mains (the good ones, anyway).
  2. Farming solo warrior...

    I don't understand. If both the DD and BB were in the cap, they are both gaining cap points. If the BB is getting reset, only his cap points are reset, not the DD's, the DD would essentially be capping as if he were the only one in the cap. I see no reason why he had to TK the BB.
  3. The animation will be gone, too! This is devastating! I sometimes just sit for hours watching him dance on the deck of the MO. What am I going to do now?
  4. I've seen some of the O7 guys like @Pulicat have contests among themselves on who can hit 30 wins in a row. They rarely miss it.
  5. Noob friendly cruiser line?

    The IJN has been woefully power-creeped with the addition of other CA lines, but hey, it's ultimately up to you!
  6. Cheating

    Farming salty tears in the Minotaur! Good job, OP!
  7. You should do your own ships guides, OP. You obviously have way more insight than our most experienced CC.
  8. Ditto with the personal missions.
  9. Atlanta Buff/Adjustments

    Any buffs to the Atlanta would cause many tears from all the crying of it being OP and broken.
  10. So you want to play tier 10?

    Tier 10 is not for the faint of heart, but it is still the most challenging tier in the game (note: I said challenging, not unfair...eh hmm tier 6) . I'm not the best at t10, not by a long shot, but I still enjoy the challenge of it.
  11. 27Million Elite Ship XP

    I feel you, OP.
  12. Credits and XP

    I did the same. Don't regret it one bit, even if it is somewhat out-classed by other T10 DDs these days.
  13. It's gotten to point where mustering a 50% WR while soloing in randoms is a good day. Very sad.