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  1. i cant wait, 2 more months!

    With 16 TXs, I approve of this.
  2. Worcester First Day Results Thread

    Two somewhat meh games so far. It's fun to play, but just like the Atlanta, it's very situational with how effective it can be.
  3. YY, Gearing, Montana, DM Grozovoi is the only one I can't get along with.
  4. It will be my 16th T10 at approx. 7pm EST tonight (when I get home from work).
  5. filthy rich

    My 700m buys a lot more! LOL
  6. filthy rich

    LOL, bragging about having 100m credits! Now that's rich!
  7. You are doing a heck of a lot better than I am with it, so I got nothing for you.
  8. I would suggest superimposing short single lines of text over the video itself, switching to scenes of text walls is not something I'm going to watch for long.
  9. Only took me 2 or 3 games in the Atlanta. First game gave me an enemy Ryujo with a 400PR who sent me all his planes within the first couple of minutes. After game 1, I had completed the 150-hit mission and logged 21 plane kills. Can't recall if it took one or two more ATL games to clean up the plane-kill mission, but it didn't take much after that first game.
  10. What do you think is Super

    Where's the BACON! option?
  11. Is Moskva worth it?

    After doing so well with the Chappy and Donskoi, I was very disappointed with how awful I am with the Moskva. YMMV, but it's definitely not the same experience as the previous ships in the line.
  12. How much XP for new Line?

    He isn't wrong. You do not get all the ships in the new line. For IJN, I already had every DD ship up to the Shima, but I was only given the new Hatsu. I still had to grind it over again to get to the Shiratsuyu (which I also had to buy) and grind it to get to that Akizuki. Same with the RU DD split, yes I was given the new Udaloi, but still had to regrind it to get to the Groz, of which I had to buy.
  13. My body is ready for Worcester

    I'm right with you there. Plus, it's not just about skipping the ship cause I'm rushing to get to T10, it's also about minimizing the amount of XP you spend for training and retraining captains as well the costs for modules and upgrades for a ship you know you aren't going to like very much and/or won't be playing very long.