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  1. LOL! This isn't WOT Blitz. Seriously, there are so many things about this game I still don't know or can't do well (looking at you, CVs!) Like @LittleWhiteMouse said, learn those gunnery skills. Make it more of a reflex instead of a purposeful calculation. If an enemy is actively avoiding shells, you only have a split second to line up a good shot.
  2. Even professionals with integrity do this.
  3. The Montana is my favorite BB, even more so than the Missouri. It just fits my play style and I do significant better in it than the Yamato. *Note: I'm a very average BB player, so my Montana stats so far have been a bit of a surprise to me.
  4. Not necessarily a FTFY, but more of a clarification. When AMD cards are used, Crossfire support is needed. If anyone cares to know.
  5. Basically this. I've never played a manual-sec build and thought to myself, "Man, this skill is such a waste." It's always been quite the opposite.
  6. Congrats, OP! Ive been considering trying the Gaede, but I hated the T-22 so much that I can make myself try it. I've been primarily playing the Anshan, but I can't help but wonder if there is a better DD for me.
  7. Saw @DOCTOR_CITADEL tonight. His div pulled out a hard fought victory for us.
  8. @DOCTOR_CITADEL, here's another one. How the heck did we win that game earlier? That was one heck of a comeback!
  9. My major flaws as of late... Playing the t10 meta well still alludes me. I'm doing something horribly wrong here. I'm thinking it's a lack of patience. Hearing the inner voice say "You probably shouldn't go there (or do that) because it's too risky, stupid and you have no support", and responding with "Shut up! If I pull this off, it'll be awesome!"
  10. @DOCTOR_CITADEL, I have a question.. When you sit down for a gaming session (random, not ranked), do you focus on one or two ships the entire time, or do you play one or two games in a bunch of different ships? I tend to do the latter as I get bored of playing the same ship over and over in a single session. However, I've been told that's not necessarily a good thing. What is your opinion?
  11. This has my vote for most uncomfortable thread of the day.
  12. So when Warships.Today is not working (like right now), does that mean anyone can post?
  13. Not nearly enough in my opinion. It should be insanely difficult to get purple WTR numbers at tiers 1-4. It would be nice if the same WTR numbers were comparable across all tiers, but they aren't even close. Like @aether_tech said, no one is impressed by unicum WTR numbers at a low tier. Well, if that is indeed the case (which I certainly agree) then why assign "unicum" ratings to a non-unicum performance?
  14. It's a scaled-down version of the game for playing on mobile devices. I played WOT Blitz for a while on my iPad, but never really cared for WoT on my PC. If WOWS Blitz comes to the apple store, I'll probably play that too.