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  1. I mostly play German BBs and the MO, all of which have specific tools to counter the threat of DDs: hydro, secondaries, and radar. When I'm in a destroyer the biggest threat are cruisers and other destroyers, not battleships.
  2. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Most fun way to grind credits?

    The most important thing is finding a ship you enjoy playing, and to get good at it. Credit grinding takes a lot of battles, so you need to find a ship you are very comfortable in and don't mind playing over and over and over and over and over... Higher tiers get more credits overall, but keep in mind that the repair costs are also significantly higher. If you want to make a profit in a tier X ship you may want to buy a permanent camouflage to cut down those costs. Dollar-for-dollar, premium time is probably the best value for any sort of grinding, just make sure you keep a stock of signals too. I don't really know what ship I would grind credits in if I didn't have the MO. Probably the Tirpitz or Atago.
  3. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Motivation Monday - Toughest Battleship to Learn

    Looking over my stats, my most embarrassing win rate by far is in the Tirpitz, a pathetic 40.38% across 104 games. I got her around Christmas when I was far less experienced and I must have racked up a lot more bad games in her than I thought. By comparison, in her sister ship the Bismarck I have a 67.57% win rate over 37 battles. I'm sure if I put in 104 battles that would go down, but it goes to show how much a few months of experience makes.
  4. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Why arsenal/inventory/clan interface so slow?

    WG (along with most big video games) uses Scaleform for the UI. It's not actually flash, it just uses flash files as inputs. I think the premium shop, news, and arsenal may be running in a web-browser though, I'm not sure. I do find the UI to be rather sluggish, particularly when changing flags or switching ships when the game has to pull data from disk. If I had an SSD I bet it would work a bit better.
  5. I’m not sure I’ve ever managed it. You have to kill every single enemy for the transports to stand a chance, at which point you’ve already won.
  6. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Could Go Navy have been Differently Organized?

    I think the multiplier should apply to the player’s points and count towards earning containers and placement on the leaderboard. There’s no incentive to play the losing team, but being on the winning team gets you an extra container each day. In fact, you get two containers if you start on the losing team for a few battles and then switch. That will maximize your total rewards if I am reading the rules correctly.
  7. Am I missing something? I don’t understand this event...
  8. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Buy Atago? (and CB ship question)

    Atago is fantastic, but unforgiving and a completely different play style from any BB. I recommend going for it, the price is fantastic and she’ll force you to become a better player.
  9. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Loving the coal

    It’s nice to have some degree of agency and only be 98% at the mercy of RNG.
  10. _TheEntireUniverse_

    How do you play Gaede and Fushon?

    I have CE on both captains and the 8km torpedoes. 6.6km detection on the Fushon, 6.8km on the Gaede. It’s weird because I love the Gallant which isn’t that much more stealthy, but being able to single fire the torpedoes allows me to make the most of that 2km gap, especially against ships who are bow-on when rounding an island. With Fushon and Gaede its much easier for enemies to slide between the torpedoes so you have to approach from the side, which is much more dangerous.
  11. How much money does anyone want to bet that it’s an Electron app?
  12. _TheEntireUniverse_

    How do you play Gaede and Fushon?

    Got these from the missions a few patches back, but I can’t seem to make them work. The detection range is just so much larger than the IJN boats I’m used to. There’s so little room to stealth launch torpedoes, and firing the guns is more risky because it’s a lot harder to disengage and return to stealth. The guns on both boats are too slow to play these ships like American gunboats, but the concealment is too poor to play them like torpedo boats. Am I wrong? What’s the secret to playing PA and German DDs?
  13. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Data nerd uses a spreadsheet for WoWS

    I use mxstat to make my spreadsheets from time to time. Let computers do the bookkeeping. :)
  14. You could use mxstat to analyze your replays and do a lot of time-intensive number crunching, but if you're suiciding at the first sign of a CV that data would be useless for any objective analysis.
  15. _TheEntireUniverse_

    Lert's tier 8 experiment

    MXstat just released a new update to fix a bug with old replays, so it might be worth trying again. I’m using mxstat to go through my data as well.