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  1. They were seeing it gives regular cruisers a chance to burn a poorly played Alaska down...which seems fair considering the gun caliber.
  2. coal SC?

    Got that right...just got a SC, it had an underwhelming 25 flags(I already have over 1000 of these flags)...I would of been happy with the coal. WG needs to give a choice, even if it's the lowest prize you can receive.
  3. Well, as long as it's NOT premium rounds here that you are advocating! That would be a disaster, much like pay-to-win WoT currently is...
  4. I've Noticed Something Funny

    Nope, I have played co-op quite recently and it's still easy mode.
  5. Meh

    I don't recall Harugumo having super stealth. However, you do have a point. WG does bring in better and more powerful tanks, er, I mean ships. It's their way of keeping players in the game to grind to the next best thing.
  6. I've Noticed Something Funny

    /shrug, it's easy mode in co-op. They are entirely predictable. They yolo in like crazy; just find a good spot to knock off the DD's.
  7. Game hardware - monitor

    A wide, curved monitor is the way to go. At first I didn't like it, but I got used to my new Asus and now I can't go back to normal monitors. It's model is Asus P6348Q. Just measured diameter at 35 inches, Gsynch and 60hz and can set up to 100hz.
  8. Good job, very informative...one minor change... Part 3---10km for most ships...however, 12km if there is a Moskva(and assume it's active for 30s).
  9. ...and all this is based on your testing the ship, right? Supertesters and community contributors are really the only people right now who should be giving opinions on ships they've actually tested. The rest of us should wait rather than conjecture based on just stats.
  10. Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    I should tell the 2 khab drivers we had in clan wars...SIDE was in the top 20% of clans with the most improvement, and a large part of that were a couple of players who knew how to play gunboats.
  11. It was a summary of the OP. I am opposed to CV players being able to spot, and in some cases, perma spot opponents by hovering fighters over DD's(as an example) for the duration. I am opposed to CV players taking advantage of how OP high tier CV's operate in the game. If the new mode can level the playing field in fairness to each class in the game, then I most definately am for that also.
  12. British DD Play Style?

    I'll continue...Haida is a mix of gunboat and torpboat, aka hybrid, with excellent concealment. Until the british DD's actually come out though, speculating is kinda fruitless.
  13. just a thought

    Yeah, sort of...but this would reward actual good play on a ship and be visible on that ship rather than just an emblem. I'm thinking, for example, that game I once had in KGV once, I doubt I could replicate it, where I do just massive dmg for the tier it's placed in...that outstanding game that a player can pull in a ship.
  14. I will summarize: 1. CV players want to continue to be able to perma spot every red player in the game. 2. CV players want to continue to have massive advantages in winrate, dmg etc, especially at high tier. Here's a heads up...it needed to change, and WG's effort is a step in the right direction...it may not be perfect as seen in their video, but it's subject to change. The average player doesn't want a CV to have control of multiple units all over the map, and if this 'dumbs down' the play for current CV players, then so be it. Things had to change.
  15. just a thought

    Actually, I'd like to see marks of excellence, as seen in world of tanks, around my guns(white rings for example) denoting certain dmg thresholds or ships sunk. They should be uncommon, and only show up for notable deeds done with a ship. Cosmetic only; they shouldn't give any advantage to a ship.