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  1. Yep, got a potato friend who continually free xp's his way to every new T10 in the game.
  2. We don't know, and those that do, won't tell... Pure speculation at this point.
  3. Ashitaka question

    I didn't care too much for her, but honestly I barely played Ashitaka enough to form a concrete opinion...just my initial impression(dispersion seemed unusually bad, AA was bad, and the armor didn't really stand up). I'd skip it for something better like Scharnhorst, unless you specifically want an IJN trainer.
  4. Ashitaka

    Looks like Ashitaka is the next daily deal in the premium shop after Atlanta(based on SEA shop).
  5. Nueve de Julio

    I may have phrased what I said incorrectly. I know we cannot have the Swastika due to legal ramifications and I don't want to have it in the game. I'm just pointing out the correlation between having a swastika in the game is, to me anyway, the same thing as having this ship(in that name) in the game.
  6. I'm having a little fun/poking fun at CV's. Take a chill pill and relax...and I don't rant.
  7. Nueve de Julio

    They need to pick another actual name for the ship. If it's ok to have this in the game, is it also ok to have the swastika on german ships and flags?
  8. For my 1000th post, I thought it would be appropriate to highjack this thread and just say that I hate CV's in every shape and form, much like arty in WoT.
  9. Go and play Mikasa, then play Turenne. You will love it then.
  10. Yeah, I agree. I get a little salty at times also...but sometimes people make mistakes, especially in DD's(I know I do), so one DD match might be bad, while you play really well in the next. I try to refrain from calling out someone at high tier until I can check out their profile to see if they are consistently bad in a ship.
  11. If they are rude, then they can proceed with their subpar under 50% winrates. It's too late at mid to high tier. But at tier 4, you can give pointers. I've been told to mind my own business to ignored to thanks for the advice. You can't let a few spoil things.
  12. Grab him, take him into a training room, tell him to watch Ichase's how-to youtube channel and talk to him after the game. All of these are better than telling a new player in-game, how to improve.
  13. Too late...and if you take over WG, can I get a refund for all the perma camo I bought for nearly every ship?(T6 and up that is). Wish we had lower tier perma camo. Regardless, wishful thinking, WG makes good $$ from perma camo, even that space camo, which I think is ugly, but to each their own. However I do think WG botched T10 camo. Basically it allows you to play T10 without fear of losing credits. It kinda stacks players into the top tier now versus spreading them around down to lower tiers, to make silver. This in turn means that when you play T8, you have a greater than in the past chance of seeing T10 ships...and I think WG shot their own foot because they sell quite a few T8 premiums, that tbh, don't look as inviting to purchase as they had done in the past.
  14. Well, with both AFT and BFT from my Shimakaze captain in Fujin etc, against IJN DD's especially, the gun power is very noticeable. I don't have any problems 1 vs 1 against Mutsuki or really any gunboat DD either as long as you have surprise(and you usually do, being IJN) as long as you get the first shots in, and your aim is good. You just need to be aggressive and surprise is key. They just don't expect you to use your guns. Adding other red ships into the mix, however, is a whole other ballgame. As an aside, recently played my Shimakaze 'gunboat' and have gunned down a T8 german DD, and Harekazi with Akizuki guns. They just don't expect you to trade shots with them. There are limits, of course. I don't play 'gunboat' versus Khabarovsk, Gearing etc. You have to know when and if you should pick a gun duel or not.