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  1. Since I rarely play anymore, mostly due to burn out, but partly due to being tired of CV shenanigans, yeah, I'd fork over some cash, but only for a permanent 'no cv' button option.
  2. _Rumple_

    Why can't I auction my NA and EU accounts?

    If you use a ship, aka play it, then it's not returneable. If you buy a ship, have buyers remorse and don't play it, WG will let you return it, given a reasonable amount of time. As for selling your account, the EULA does not allow you to do so, although you could possibly find a buyer at a place ending in 'bay.' That's your business though.
  3. _Rumple_

    Tier III protected cruisers in CV battles

    That's my plan. I went from whale status to nothing.
  4. Looked at that game, looks ok and watched some gameplay. There doesn't appear to be any cover and engagement ranges look short, almost immediate. Probably gonna wait for a sale. Sorry, no comment on your description, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if they based some of the playstyle off of another game; in this case, WoWs.
  5. _Rumple_

    Some Clarification.

    Yeah, but the differences are generally small. Like my example, slightly different turret, 1 degree or so of gun depression, and marginally different soft stats if memory serves. But you do have a point about the alternate module. Still, keep in mind, I doubt they are finalized yet. There may be more changes.
  6. _Rumple_

    Clan treasury

    That was kinda rude...funny too. Anyway, yeah, it's up to the clan's management to delegate out these rewards as they see fit, presumably based on your experience, longevity with the clan, your willingness to play clan battles, your attitude etc...or totally at random to their favorite buddy. There-in lies the problem---you better hope your leader is fair and unbiased and willing to share his reasoning for his decisions...because it has the potential to cause strife if not handled correctly.
  7. _Rumple_

    Some Clarification.

    WG has done alternate lines in WoT at T10, same kinda deal here. Example, Object-140 and T-61 on the russian medium tank tech tree. Small differences in "flavor" and imo, a good thing. Good variety.
  8. _Rumple_

    Tachibana and Mikasa?

    Things to consider: out of the cruisers, maybe De Grasse(good range and all-around jack-of-all-trades ship). Perth is squishy and very bad range, Molotov gets focused and you need experience to play it well, Graf Spee for a newer player, no. Duca has range problems. I could be missing a few. For the battleships, Arizona is not CV friendly and gets CV focused, Warspite maybe but slow, Mutsu and Prinz Eitel you kinda need to know what you're doing, so no also. West Virginia '41 or maybe Warspite gets a good ship vote...*but*... they see tier 8 like you mentioned...and the cost jumps quite a bit when buying pretty much anything T6 and up. Not saying what you propose is a bad idea, but based on cost and the possibility of seeing T8 games and the OP's perceived skill level based on his game count, I still think no higher than T5. Just my 2 cents. PS---yes, I forgot DD's, but like I said earlier, DD for a new player is not recommended.
  9. _Rumple_

    Tachibana and Mikasa?

    I'm going to recommend Murmansk. Why? You want to make credits. Those tier 2 ships will make low coin for you...however, getting a T8 or so at your low battle count is a very bad idea. You will get stomped by more experienced players, get frustrated, and regret your decision. T5 is the minimum level that you can complete missions, the level of play is moderately harder than T2 yet mistakes are pretty commonplace at this level. You can make decent silver and Murmansk in particular is a decent ship. It has good range so you can disengage and still do good damage. Sorry fellow posters, but based on the perceived levels of the OP's experience in the game and coupled with his need for silver, I recommend no more than tier 5. Edit--if you're dead set on lower tiers, I don't recommend DD's as a starter class and Mikasa is co-op only, good for a few laughs, then as a port queen. If you want a battleship at the lower tiers, Ishizuchi is not bad. It got some decent buffs recently and is pretty fast.
  10. _Rumple_

    How fast is this game dying??

    Actually, I am seeing more players there than ever before, especially at higher tiers and they are opening up several new lines of planes and new maps. Just curious if your statement was just a general slag at planes or do you actually play it regularly?
  11. I applaud your efforts, however DD play is messed up. Fix the CV problem; three CV's per side is overpowering in any tier.
  12. _Rumple_

    Some Days...

    My desk is plastic. There is actually a rippled, dented area where my mouse is...and it seems I need to replace my mouse to boot /sigh, it double clicks when I single click. I blame CV's!
  13. _Rumple_

    Which line should I choose?

    From that list: german cruisers. Out of your list: IJN cruisers. Both are comfortable to play as a newer player. Both have good to excellent range, so if you make a mistake, you might not be punished. Playing US or UK cruisers requires a closer playstyle, more awareness of angling and being able to use island cover effectively. Stick with german cruisers until you are more comfortable with the game mechanics.
  14. _Rumple_

    Time to get to tier 10?

    Slow down hoss...you'll regret getting to T10 if you make an all-out effort to get there, regardless whether you're F2P or with a couple of years premium time. As someone said in the comments, stop and smell the roses. You should try to play all the classes and nations(so you understand how a ship plays and you can effectively counter it when encountered in a match) rather than make an all-out effort to reach T10...that being said, it's your time and effort. GL with your decision.
  15. _Rumple_

    CV's getting it Again

    Ok then, considering I'm a cruiser main.