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  1. T10 CV's are toxic currently...if they are changed/balanced then maybe things will change. However, in their current state, one-shotting ships with AP bombs might be fun for you, but not for the rest of us.
  2. I have all those premiums. I would say 1. Alabama 2. Roma 3. Hood 4. Vanguard ...but Massachusetts offers something different and fun with a full secondary build. I'd get Massachusetts.
  3. _Rumple_

    P.E. Friedrick

    Not so, it's an average ship, not a bad one. You can do well against cruisers and destroyers. It falls short against battleships. As for co-op, yeah I know some of you just love that stuff, but for me, it's mind numbingly boring.
  4. Well it won't help WG, they are in this for a profit. They make pretty good coin from premium ship sales. I should know, I have nearly every premium in the game, however I can guarantee I would have a lot less had there been a rental available. If you want to know about a ship or tech tree line then google and youtube are the way to go; not rentals.
  5. _Rumple_

    Zao needs some love

    Nope, doesn't need a buff imo. It's stealthy, can disengage well if you cease firing, has amazingly accurate guns with an excellent fire chance. The AP rounds are good. You can kite well with it and don't need island cover like Worcester does.
  6. If you're undecided on a ship line there is google, or try the forums. Also, there are plenty of premium ship and even tech tree ship reviews on youtube. New players can easily avail themselves of the above resources without resorting to a rental system. Besides, how exactly are you really going to get a 'feel' for a ship with a bare-bones ship and playing against mindless bots? I'll answer my own question: you're not.
  7. _Rumple_

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    That was your choice, but glad I kept mine for the snowflake event. I got a decent amount of coal from them.
  8. I'll just summarize what everyone said and what I think about this also: Hells to the no.
  9. _Rumple_

    Mah new bote!

    Congrats on the Flint. It's definately a ship I would like to get my hands on, but I got Stalingrad instead. I don't regret my decision...well, until WG slaps a nerf on it anyway.
  10. _Rumple_

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    I did, but not for this ship. PEF was a bonus. I got Stalingrad out of that deal, and around 7k doubloons once done with every completion. As for PEF, it's pretty mediocre but like others have said, get closer(I have my secondary Bismarck captain in it) and let the secondaries get to work. Also, you have to switch a lot from HE to AP.
  11. _Rumple_

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    If you already dislike Dallas, why would you want Atlanta? Honestly, it doesn't really sound like it's the ship at fault, but more that you're facing off against more experienced opponents at a higher tier. My 2 cents suggests you not get Atlanta until you get better going up the regular tech tree lines first. Atlanta is very punishing of mistakes...and Dallas is not the dog you make it out to be.
  12. _Rumple_

    Free Xp ship suggestions

    My 2 cents says keep the free xp for upgrading stock guns, range etc rather than free xp'ing a ship, especially if you're enjoying the 'grind' through a lower tier ship. Getting to tier 10 isn't really the endgoal of this game. It's more of a static game compared to lower level games. If you want your first T10 ship to see what it's all about, then I guess, go for it. My advice is to hold off, especially on using free xp to get to a higher tier.
  13. _Rumple_

    WoWS needs an end game

    Sounds like you pretty much free xp'ed your way to T10. I have a friend who did that, and that's fine; he claims it allows him to play any ship he wants without dealing with grinding. However, you lose any sense of accomplishment and there literally is nothing to look forward to...that's my 2 cents. My suggestion is to not pay your way toward any endgoal in any game...but again, it's your money, do what you want. Just be aware of the consequences.
  14. _Rumple_

    Mid tier premium CVs

    I hope not...at least at T4. Ships are not well balanced against CV's at that level, at least in the current meta. Who knows if the disparity will continue; gotta wait and see, but there are some ships in T3-T4 that have zero AA. Having more CV's to contend with, in the form of premiums at this level can, in my opinion, bring only a negative aspect to the game.
  15. _Rumple_


    You want to be around 7-10km away from BB's when using secondaries. DPS tapers off within spitting distance of each other. If things go decently, I can pretty regularly pull off 40k dmg with secondaries provided I got a little more aggressive in my gameplay(11.3km w/flag). That being said, my Massachusetts captain is a dedicated captain with AFT, manual secondaries and IFHE(my ex-Iowa capt).