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  1. _Rumple_

    Is it worth going beyond Budyoni ?

    Lol. Sorry man, it IS really uncool, but also funny in a deviant kinda way.
  2. Those loyalty rewards are not really rewards anymore for some of us 'whales.' I don't need any more camo or silver or a discount on an old premium. What I would like is for some loyalty recognition on the part of WG. How about some special camo, a discount on some upcoming premium etc.
  3. You already get rewards: containers with lots of flags because you must get 4000 capt xp flags like me so you can use them on every captain regardless...and the 200 coal because 2 years is not such a long time to wait to accumulate 200k of it...oh wait, the consumables and silver...how could I not enjoy more silver on top of the millions some of us already have. Ok, /sarcasm off. I do think they need to reward players based on more specific needs of the player rather than some generic reward. I don't think I'm asking for the moon either, since I am also a prolific premium ship buyer. Maybe an incentive for 'collectors' to continue buying more premiums at a discount is in order. I know I looked at Jean Bart and said hell no for $80, but 15-20% off for some players who have nearly every premium, over a year of premium time, nearly every premium plane in wowp, not even mentioning WoT. I don't think it's unwarranted.
  4. _Rumple_

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    You apparently don't know there's an option to stop the updates on the other games. I can join all 3 titles super fast via this launcher; really not sure why you're having problems. Go into options and uncheck the auto downloads for all the titles. Then you can manually update WoWs when you feel like it, from the WoWs page via the orange update button.
  5. _Rumple_

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    I have to agree with this. If you ever played WoT, super rare tanks like the 'mutant' and pz IIJ will eventually show up again because WG can't resist a quick buck...and because they are 'rare' they tack on an astronomical pricetag. It will come back eventually, just don't expect a good deal. Cynical, I know, and I can't really fault them for wanting revenue, but I feel they artificially create these tanks, planes and ships in order to withdraw them and then bring them back at a later point for added revenue, by falsely creating a sense of urgency on their buyers to acquire a 'rare' item.
  6. _Rumple_

    USS Missouri

    You no longer need to sustain T10 play anymore. Equip perma camo on your T10 ship(s) of choice and you cannot lose credits, even on a loss or poor play or both.
  7. _Rumple_

    Dasha Absent

    Vacation/taking a break? Lotta work goes into her make-up, hair styling and wardrobe.
  8. _Rumple_

    Orange Belts

    Congrats. I never got past yellow belt in judo as a kid.
  9. Got the Charles Martel camo from my first normal pumpkin and none since. I was pretty happy until I looked at the actual camo bonus. It lacked the free xp bonus my previous Martel camo had! So I removed it, and that made up my mind for any future pumpkin premium shop purchases.
  10. _Rumple_

    Coupon off "selected" WoWS packages... but...

    At checkout, before the actual point of sale. Personally, I find the coupons to be a complete waste of time. They never seem to apply toward anything I was ever interested in.
  11. _Rumple_

    Should I get the Nelson?

    I have the Nelson. It's ok, but I rarely play it. I am a cruiser main, and I find the Nelson is too slow. It's not a bad BB, good heal, but... It's too slow! Like the previous poster suggested, save your free xp.
  12. _Rumple_

    Remove DD SOFT & HARD CAP

    I understand what he's saying, however my comment still stands. DD's usually die fast, especially at the start of a match. Whether there is always 4 per side or in the old system, between say 2 and 6 makes little difference. They still die fast. As for your input, you're just showing your prejudice against DD's because regardless you don't care for them in-game. That's fine, I get it, I don't like carriers. However I am not going to say carriers ruin my gaming experience. You just have to adapt.
  13. _Rumple_

    Remove DD SOFT & HARD CAP

    3 of the 4 die in the first few minutes mostly, so you're really dealing with 1 or 2 DD's five minutes into the game. Not sure what you're complaining about...
  14. _Rumple_

    What to do with the Ovechkin Capt's????

    To me, obvious russian DD capt.
  15. Oh relax, so I just now noticed its not recent. Sue me. I was looking for info on the new T5 mini ranked.