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  1. No, forgot all about that...hmmm, that really gimps out the fire rate but I guess we can't have it all. I may have to do it.
  2. I may as well chime in with my 2 cents. Specifically light cruisers are now in a bad way. I'll take my T10 french light cruiser Colbert as an example. My previous range was around 16.8km; the new range is 13.8km. I will be the first to admit 16.8km was over the top but 13.8km is just crazy in the current meta of players hanging back and sniping. There has to be a useable range; even 15km would be better...and some of you will comment, use island cover etc. Yeah, ok...try that out in randoms and you get focus fire deleted. At least it's still good in coop for missions /😔
  3. _Rumple_

    Buyer beware: Fen Yan

    Pretty much requires an IFHE build. Hardly optimal...might even need a dedicated commander...hard pass from me.
  4. _Rumple_

    What is the best premium in the shop right now for HE spamming?

    Nobody mentioned Lazo...Bayard is good also...but Colbert is just crazy fun to play, although technically not a premium. While I like my Bayard, it does have pretty mediocre range. Lazo(Irian also) can spam HE from much greater distances making both safer ships to play.
  5. _Rumple_

    did u earn free puerto rico/how do u like it?

    Friend hates his. He said the gun dispersion was terrible and he got focus fired on quite a lot, cause...reasons. I have one also, and dare not take it out, just because there is still a bitter, knee-jerk negative reaction toward the ship. I do regret getting it and regard the directives that I boosted with doubloons as a waste. The upcoming Odin event will be more of the same but on a smaller scale.
  6. _Rumple_

    Pizza time

    Speaking of Venezia, SAP is no joke at that level. Almost got one salvoed back to port in my Colbert by one recently...mostly my fault though; was supporting a shima heading for a cap, and misjudged the distance to an island and my proximity to the red team(and Colbert is super squishy). So far I like the challenge of playing Italian ships eventhough, so far, I am at T7. Grown to like Gorizia and Genova, although tbh, if I felt the purchase of Gorizia wouldn't have helped immeasureably in the PR grind, I doubt I would have purchased the ship. But...the grind is lessened + I got doubloons back at the completion of directive 3.
  7. _Rumple_

    How many days to I have

    Don't do that! If you've purchased Gorizia and complete directive 3 earning Gorizia, you get compensated in doubloons!
  8. _Rumple_

    Crates Result

    T5 Siroco T6 Ark Royal T5 Hill T5 Viribus Unitas T8 Bayard T7 Yudachi T9 Benham Bought the Smolensk for coal and have enough(with the next coupon) to get Flint for steel. So far, so good. Particularly happy to get Benham. Edit: from 40 mega containers. Lots of coal(around 70k) camo etc and some doubloons(8k) and 180 days premium.
  9. _Rumple_


    Target selection: most definately any DD in range. SAP just wrecks them. Superstructure of BB's, and AP on any cruiser heavy or light that is close and showing broadside. I think all the Italian cruisers are particularly good at staying near islands and ambushing broadside cruisers with AP, then using the smoke to evade around the same or nearby island.
  10. _Rumple_


    Gorizia is your typical Italian cruiser, so no surprises here. I do miss the torps, but the hydro can be handy at times, although, if you're generally that close, it could go sour fast. Couple Gorizia with Luigi Sansonetti will get you the range, along with a spotter plane, that you need to keep others at range. Gorizia has good agility, as long as you keep an eye on what battleship might be aiming at you. Would I recommend it? Yes, and no. It really doesn't bring anything particularly new to the table but...for increasing your progress toward Puerto Rico, it makes the grind monumentally easier. It takes a while to get the hang of Italian cruisers, so if you're new, much like british light cruisers, I'd advise you to pass on this one until you gain more experience. If you like playing cruisers, this, like the entire line, is a challenge that your may enjoy. Be warned, below is not your typical game, results vary based on if you make a mistake...aka, bad positioning, out of cover etc. However, this is one of my better games, and I'm enjoying the line immensely.
  11. _Rumple_

    Tier 4 in a meag pack

    Well, if he plays high tier mostly, I could see his point...I have Nikolai from when it was for sale, and in todays meta, it's pretty bad...with constant air attack from 1 or 2 CV's on each team, it gets pwned hard. I'd rather have a T8 premium versus Nikolai. Wow, if he sold it, well, lol, dunno what to say...keeping mine just because if you can get a non CV game, it's jaw-droppingly amazing.
  12. If you want to do it on the cheap, complete all dailies. Too bad we can't donate signals to others, it's not like I'd miss 50 of em with 2329 total
  13. _Rumple_

    Before i sell all my NON black ships

    I would not do that if I were you.
  14. _Rumple_

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    Enable replays, send to WG if it's particularly virulent...or just ignore them via blacklist and their chat.