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  1. Plesiosaurus123

    Player count

  2. Plesiosaurus123

    Player count

    I enjoy watching the player count when I open the game, but with the new port ui, its not listed at the top of the screen, is there any way to see it?
  3. Plesiosaurus123

    Can we get T11 please?

    it would because only the most intelligent BB players take survivability expert on them, you see many BBs in matches with just the default HP, such as the 97k health yamato or 96.3k health montana, as opposed to each of those ships having around 100k.
  4. Plesiosaurus123

    Can we get T11 please?

    I have to agree with OP here. Taking survivability expert on a tier 11 BB would give me 350 more HP than it would on a tier 10, and would therefore be incredibly useful
  5. Plesiosaurus123

    automate DD gunnery

    where's the fun in that?
  6. Plesiosaurus123

    An idea to make CVs more fun to play against

    1. I don't think this is true, as the AI stops firing when you manually select the AA 2. I see your point here, this would be a harder fix, and I'm not sure what you would do about that. Maybe give an accuracy debuff for the AI controlled AA?
  7. Maybe make the ability to press 4 or something and you can manually fire your AA guns so you can do something about oncoming planes instead of having hoping your AA shoots them down, and shooting at them would be fun. Pressing 4 again could switch to different sectors of the AA coverage, kind of like how 3 switches torp options. If you are under heavy fire, you could just not press 4, and the AI could control the AA as it does currently. As def AA goes, maybe it could be changed to increase RoF of manually controlled AA guns, or increase damage. I just think this might make CVs more fun to play against, and maybe people wouldn't hate them (as much) as they are now
  8. Plesiosaurus123

    The magic Shimakaze

    there is a proximity spotting range around all ships of 2km, if you are in that 2km bubble you will be spotted regardless of terrain/smoke
  9. Plesiosaurus123

    HMS Nelson credit earning

    I cant find anything on the topic so ill just post here. I know its not a Missouri or anything, but does nelson have a higher credit earning multiplier than other premiums in its tier range?
  10. Plesiosaurus123

    Baltimore — American Tier VIII cruiser.

    I love this ship, the DPM and US AP angles are so good, and maneuverability isn't bad either
  11. Plesiosaurus123

    Small unimportant bug

    just a rounding error when looking at aa range on the b hull ship, don't know if this applies to anything else
  12. Plesiosaurus123

    Wide spread torpedoes

    I'm just curious to see what people say here, since nobody ever uses the wide spread torps.
  13. Plesiosaurus123

    Premium Consumable Selection

    This, I just would like to be able to prioritize :)
  14. Plesiosaurus123

    Premium Consumable Selection

    There should be an option to select premium consumables without using up your free ones, as I would like to use them more often than I do, but don't want to use the free ones I have on non-t10s each one costs 22.5k, so im saving my free ones from containers and the like from t10s, as they are expensive, and therefore, I cant use premium consumables on my lower tier ships, as it wont let me just buy a new one.