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  1. Musashi in game...

    I dumped my free XP on Nelson leaving me with very little. I'm having my own struggles with that ship at that tier which is literally it's own thread so I'll leave it there. So paypal took care of Missouri for me because reasons. Originally I was thinking- [edited] it. I'm going to get Mush to train my Japanese BB skippers. But Isitsucky and Mustboo already exist in the category of unremarkable premiums that I already have and I think I've played them 6 times total. As much as I'd love to be the elephant in the room with my 18" [edited] to swing around and knock everyone senseless it's unremarkable since most are sporting 15" and that all that is needed to drive the point home.
  2. I'm still pretty new with Nelson- Thanks to the CC's I think I have a good idea on what role it needs to play and it feels okay. I've got stuff to do... go here, shoot at this. Bow in, reverse sometimes... I'm no good at arts and crafts but judging by the colours in the attachment below my overall performance is reasonable and yet my WR suggests I'm missing something. I'm getting damage and XP- and whatever frags are. So... you're looking at matchmaking monitor at the beginning of a match and you see me in the Nelson: Do you think "Ah [edited] another Nelson Noob" or do you take your ease since I've demonstrated I can dish it out? People say you can control your WR... but how?!
  3. Musashi in game...

    That's it though- what's the gimmick? Big guns in tier 9 when -as has been mentioned before- the overmatch is irrelevant over 15"?
  4. Musashi in game...

    I have to admit I ended up dumping a wad on Missouri since it had a couple things going for it. Radar, toughened up bow, credits (which I didn't really need)... Mush is like... yeah 18.1 inch guns the 1 in 5 missions I end up top tier and it's significant (because you couldn't see a yamato) and... and... And nothing. Instead of being an upgrade of an existing tech tree ship it's a downgrade of a ship that's already unremarkable because of power creep that either is or isn't a thing.
  5. Musashi in game...

    That's what I was thinking. I've been wrong lots but I'm wondering if they cranked out a lemon. Sure people will have some good games with paltry returns... a dude cranked out over 400k damage with a gearing. What numbers do people care about anymore? XP, FXP, credits... captain XP... Why does a person buy Mush? Today they didn't.
  6. Expect More Patch Rage

    I haven't noticed the emblems when I get killed. And I've been killed lots.
  7. Musashi in game...

    I thought for sure it would be 10 per game all day long but I barely saw 2 per game and I played quite awhile today. I'd see 8 yams per game throughout- VERY few mush. What gives?
  8. I'd asked for some tips on dealing with this and got crickets as a response. I suppose it's some consolation that it's affecting everyone equally... except those who use mods for higher visibility shells I suppose.
  9. I'm in the camp of people who read: too many BBs we must take action and then see yet another line of BBs come out- i have nothing to add to that other than its [edited]stupid.
  10. Funny that you mention it since I think most of the Folks who play it from wg are barely average at it. Wonder if that's tilting the initiatives a bit.
  11. If a person wanted to go reap some benefits from the influx of tier 9 Yamatos what is the best counter?
  12. Duke of York - WG, Why?

    Did you also happen to stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?
  13. I've been doing this wrong the whole time... this is a great option.
  14. Cesare changes?

    And next, a nerf to Lexington.
  15. I've had a few good battles in it. Other than an extra RNBB that I can use to train up skippers I had very low expectations which have all been met.