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  1. New map "Sleeping Giant"

    Learning to hate this map. In a cruiser supporting BC being clobbered broadside by unseen BBs camping west of A.
  2. I didn't play a lot of chappy but I have a few rounds in DM- it's so situational it's tough to answer. You could bully a flank but as you do so get smashed by BBs in the main body by another cap. If you go against the grain and try to use your radar in the first 5 minutes you force yourself into a glove you may never get off. 20 seconds of all seeing eye where you can't even get 2 shots off at whatever you reveal is... worthless unless you have plenty of friendly guns pointing at whatever you reveal. Aggressive in the case of either ship would be defined as putting yourself in a place throughout the game that allows you to transition into a bull market as quickly as possible with more than half your health and a couple heals.
  3. Does AP ever cause fires?

    Absolutely. Add to that that conq has better concealment than many cruisers, long range without the need of a spotter plane and a super heal you have 3 things that alone would be a strong feature for any one ship.
  4. Does AP ever cause fires?

    The extreme fire chance renders the game play style lazy and frustrating. They also have high penetration and significant alpha damage so when you're fighting against one in another BB they'll hit you and start 2 or more fires... so you repair and 30 seconds later they hit you with 2 more fires- which stick. And repeat. So now not only are Cruisers and DDs spamming HE- now an entire line of battleships is as well. The thing about fires is that the damage done by fire is 100% repairable, so even though you're raking in big damage numbers the impact you're having on the overall game can be limited if people manage their heal / damage con appropriately. This results in RNBBs sitting back spamming HE- which many BBs are doing the same with AP resulting in damage that can be more detrimental since only a certain percentage of that damage can be repaired.
  5. Does AP ever cause fires?

    It ADDS a percentage... doesn't multiply it.
  6. Does AP ever cause fires?

    Wonder if that is to account for signals. Even if it was 0% you could boost that with signal flags...
  7. If I'm understanding the question if you take camo you paid for off it will be moved to you inventory for later use. Example- that doubloon camo that is available. Long story short I had resupply enabled for that but didn't want the camo on two ships. I removed them and even though I paid doubloons they're available for use on other ships for no charge.
  8. Well good to know they're on it and it'll probably be fixed next patch.
  9. My god these crashes....

    Don't think this was mentioned but recommend you do an integrity check on your game. If you go into settings in the initial login screen top right hand corner there's an option to do it. every time I recommend this I'm not on a game rig so I can't recall EXACTLY where but someone usually pipes up after.
  10. I'm another guy running a high end build with a Samsung 960 Pro M.2 drive, 1080ti, 16GB of 2400mhz RAM and a 6th gen i7 with a gentle overclock and I've never- ever had issues like this in game. It happens consistently around 8-10 battles. No lag and no FPS drop (according to the readout on the top left)- just stutters on zooming in and out... or panning around.100% resolved by restarting the game. There's no questioning that "something" is bugging it out over time... I think it's odd that very little has been mentioned by devs or reps about it. Someone from WG commented about it in another thread but I submitted a ticket and they just said it was mods and wouldn't go any further with it.
  11. Who have you seen in game

    I think he krakened on that battle too...
  12. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @pmgaudio in one lower tier match and @Lord_Zath in another. That match with pmg was as close a match as I've seen in awhile... the one with Lord was a little easier and I think we took it in solid fashion.
  13. I think GFK > Moskva... think long term. Bismark would be my suggestion although you know your way around cruisers. I'd still lean towards Bismark.
  14. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  15. At least, I thought I did. Had a good fight on Two Brothers and ended up with an Omaha on cap in a Standard Battle with me. We were about 3/4s of the way through capping and the red Colorado on the other side of the map slid into our cap. A few of us were scoffing about how he might as well not even bother. Then someone in text said something like "Don't leave the cap." And I'm thinking- well no [edited] [edited]. Then I look at our Omaha, who sails past me and seems to know what he's about since he had said something about it being a good battle. Some time goes by... He keeps going... and going... I start getting ready to type something but it's too late. Our clock got down to 1.8 seconds or something to cap... and Omaha leaves it... drawing us back down to less than half. The guy driving it is a 32% guy in the Omaha. Coincidence? Another loss. I'm quite certain the Nelson is cursed for me. I have good games in it but over and over again the unreal happens. What's your craziest close call game?