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  1. Face it- this was just a post to demonstrate how awesome you think you are. All this shows is you were playing two accounts.
  2. Jesus- 21 fires? I don't think I've lit 21 fires in a cruiser... nevermind anything else.
  3. See if I can remember... 1) 1000 dubs 2) 100 India delta 3) 25 dragon flags (maybe 50??) 4) smoke module 5) damage control mod 6) ?? Number of sierra mikes 7) ... don't remember. On the note of the useless radar mod- wish I could buy it off you.
  4. Ah! Okay, well that s'plains it. I'll just wait patiently. Is it done yet? Is it done yet? *sigh* Is it done yet?
  5. When I was a little kid back in the day when my parents both smoked mum told me I used to sneak around and blow out ashtrays around the house to get attention... because any attention was better than none. I imagine this [edited] is sitting there diddling himself reading all of this negative response to his lame effort.
  6. Agreed... At least let us hit a spacebar or something to jump to the next portion of the animation. I can only watch a dude polishing a torpedo for so long before I begin to emulate. I'm exhausted- please have mercy.
  7. This is the point I was going to make- I have been going more defensive in my larger ships and haven't really been too bothered by the fires as much as I used to rage about them. Between captain skills, flags and modules... you can significantly reduce fire chance and minimize the impact.
  8. I'm hoping this is just a bug they'll iron out in PTS... that is, after all, what it's for.
  9. it really is amazing that they haven't fixed that yet.
  10. There is some irony here- if in fact you're talking to me. EXACTLY.
  11. Are you 6?
  12. Right now in cruisers and DDs you pretty much hear it every time that a BB hits you with anything. Can we please adjust it so that it only happens when you get hit in the citadel space? ie: DDs = never? Anyone else had it with the warble? We can turn off the additional fire effect, we can turn off the camera shake on being hit- can we turn off this as well? I'd like to minimize these effects (the sound after being sunk is now ridiculously loud) without having to turn all the game sounds off / down.
  13. More than who gave a [edited] that you were rage quitting and you felt the need to tell everyone about that... so take a seat.
  14. I know what you mean but flamu has always had the sharper, less elegant style with things he didn't like so if that's what you were in the mood for you knew where to look. Notser is walking down iChase boulevard right now- as mentioned people looking for an upbeat and more animated Unicum review or session knew to go to them. Those two have been burning out for awhile and trending towards inflammatory sarcasm that was typical of flamu. I don't know that people are critical as much as they are concerned for him and hope he chooses the high road with whatever he chooses to do.
  15. 0%

    That's the thing... that's where all the seal clubbers are and when you feel like a seal, stat like a seal and sink like a seal you're probably a seal. I'm at that level of skill where lower tiers aren't a guaranty of stat padding bliss- quite the opposite... So I tend to stay in roughly the same tier up or down one. Like some others have said- I'm glad it wasn't just me... And I figured it probably wouldn't be since that's the very nature of the game. My div mate reassures me by saying "They give it back to you eventually." Conspiracy or not there are days I can be playing DayZ and shoot at a zombie and detonate a khab- Other days I can be in the khab with speed boost on coming around a corner within 3 km of a stationary yamato and miss with 10 torpedoes then accidentally sink 3 friendly ships.