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  1. They lost the match too- possibly because you wrote yourself out of the game so quickly. Just because they're not doing it the way "you want" doesn't mean that their way wouldn't have won the match if you'd subscribed to it. Herein lies a problem you're going to need to overcome before your experience changes for the better. You opened with a semblance of wanting help from the community. Then at the end the truth comes out and what you really wanted was to whine about people not doing what you thought they should be doing with 269 battles under your belt. Nobody who has the interest in coming to the forums is going to see this your way. One of the grim realities everyone in this game faces is that success is hidden in the fact that we can't always do what we want to do to succeed because there are 23 other people on both sides who have an influence on the outcome. If you want to go to A because that's what you do every time and winning the battle means going to C... then don't come in here stomping your feet because you got murdered in the first 5 minutes at A. Start watching the minimap a little closer and don't over extend your support especially since you're newer to the game. There's a good chance that the people you're complaining about have a lot more experience than you do and were waiting for an opportunity to pursue an advantage. Or they were all idiots and you were bound to lose anyway- regardless... You died too early to have an impact on the outcome and someone in another thread is probably complaining about the Colorado that suicided and resulted in a loss.
  2. I'm not sure anyone gives a crap. There will be no "retention issues." People will come, get to tier 5. Get bored and leave and a few will stay. More will come in, click a few buttons until tier 5 and leave again. There's no retention issue- a few stalwarts will stay. An absolutely epic majority will leave. Meanwhile WG wades around trying to draft every last penny out of whoever will see promise in the game. Yay make billions for the owner! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I won't expect a super container for awhile.
  3. Same. Worst. Purchase. Ever.
  4. Would it be possible to save the image of the camo / paint that you like for your given ship and rename it as the image that has the camos you don't like? ie: I like the premium camo on my ship- but want to run the benefits of an ugly camo... a few copy / pastes and some keystrokes to rename as the different camo... If they're moved into the res_mods folder- is it that easy?
  5. Cool idea- I like it!
  6. This is a good point. Might consider highlighting some battles from "famous" ships from the various tiers. I suppose the definition of famous is pretty broad- but ideally ships that your audience would be excited about. The usual suspects would include several upper and mid tier candidates... the Iowa / Missouri, Enterprise, Bismark / Tirpitz... Yamato... Consider raising awareness about Texas... I can't speak for anyone else but first ship I wanted to buy was Atlanta (though I just wanted to look at it and didn't play it for quite some time after). There are lots of CC videos that review the history of the ships so if I can be so bold as to make a recommendation- I think it would be a good move if you focus strictly on the gameplay aspect.
  7. Said half of Hollywood apparently...
  8. Yay everybody else. I wasn't talking about them. I dump it around tier 11.
  9. This problem has existed longer than it takes for them to release entire [edited]lines of ships.
  10. yeah- flags other than a single flag we got over a year ago, and the camo of which many already have hundreds of from previous events or containers either purchased or earned... noticed I mixed up a flag / signal in my post. Fixed.
  11. I don't care what tier it is. I'll play whatever until all the signal reward tiers are met and then dump it. [edited] recycled camo and useless flag rewards are [edited] and useless.
  12. Okay so I guess what I want to know is- I'm up to Cleveland and walked away from the cruisers. With that said I think getting 2 ships for one is a nice idea. So if I grind / free XP up to DM does that mean I'll get captains etc / ships on both sides similar to other splits? Or up to tier X where you need to dump some more XP or grind?
  13. But why ask? Usually a bunch of dead guys are watching the game and will say- "One more for a kraken" and guys will either decide to hold off or they'll just ignore it. I'm not some grouchy [edited] who will just knock a ship off to spite a guy who is a kill from a kraken- but don't ask for it. If I know he's close I'll hold fire (too) if it's practical... because if I'm not in peril and the game isn't being jeopardized (as you mentioned) I don't mind paying it forward. Ask for it and I will kill steal it out from under your wanting hands.
  14. I think I got my one and only around 4100 battles or so- and I got it (eventually) from running away in a Moskva. That's definitely bitter sweet. OP- you did the 4 ships on your own and probably could have gotten the 5th if you'd just shot instead of been so polite. Next time, don't ask and don't apologize for a kill secure. In that fashion I'm sure you'll find that while very difficult to achieve it's certainly not beyond your reach!