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  1. _ENO_

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    I'm stubbornly just holding onto the hope that WG is just going through the motions to be able to eventually throw the concept in the trash and say: "See? We tried it... didn't work- moving on." I know, I know... it'll never happen but hey a guy can dream can't he?
  2. _ENO_

    Subs: End of the Game?

    I think the guy who wanted subs left the game last year and forgot to make a goodbye thread.
  3. _ENO_

    WG this is why the MM......

    I noticed that too... That's a lotta hooch!
  4. _ENO_

    Abilitys in wrong place

    It's okay to take a break without making a spectacle of it.
  5. _ENO_

    What makes Colorado T7 worthy?

    I'm new here- Did New Mexico get moved into tier 7?
  6. I always feel a need to go back and double check the roster for my name when I see statements like this.
  7. _ENO_

    Tier IV, 9 vs 9, 3 CV's per side

    As a guy who finally took a stab at CVs after the rework running in the 6CV matches is a real downer. Back in the old days I took great pride in being able to help defend my friendly ships against air attack or at least stifle the efforts of enemy CVs... but now I am literally powerless until the end game to do anything. Ive got no fighters and attacking enemy CVs with aircraft early this on is... well... let’s call it undesirable. It immediately puts (almost if not) everyone in match in a foul mood- including most CV drivers. Most just play to get the game over with and hope for something better next battle- I suppose if WG just wants to speed up the battles and get them finished faster making the gameplay thoroughly undesirable may be a step in the right direction... If I had ANY way of helping my team against the aircraft threat I could digest the 3 CV games at low tier. Without it it’s just not fun at all. I think access to a limited fighter presence isnt a lot to ask for and would help provide some merit for CVs looking to protect their fleet.
  8. DD play is a lot more like work than fun... Playing atago in tier X is a vacation by comparison. With that said lately I’ve been seeing 2 or 3 times the DDs in high tier matches over any other ship type. 4 DDs per side has been the norm at least in my own experience over the past couple weeks. But a quick scan of MMM shows few of these players are truly competent in the type... which I think supports the suggestion that many of the really good DD players don’t bother anymore.
  9. _ENO_

    noob questions about commanders

    This is not an uncommon mistake. Glad you got it figured out!
  10. _ENO_

    Cant use chat LOL

    Oh look. Another thread from our resident former “helicopter mechanic.” How refreshing.
  11. Unless someone is a troll in which case it’s “the full meal deal.”
  12. Just a quick shout out to you- you’ve been my goto for DD relevant information. Thanks for all the work you put in to helping us improve. I know making videos isn’t always easy- I think the family injects are priceless and simply build on the fact that not all good players have no other obligations in their lives.
  13. _ENO_

    Kagerō 16 torpedoes

    Yeah- except that the information is literally right there. So... uh... yeah.
  14. The sad thing about this whole thread and it’s pretense is that all ANYONE needs to do to get help is ask for it after demonstrating a willingness to help themselves. Whether it’s just a shout out for help or an admission of ignorance- the volume of information that spills into these types of threads is overwhelming. I don’t know of any who spent any time mastering this game who aren’t elated to be able to share their lessons- since they were born of unspeakable frustration. Show even a small amount of interest in improving [edited] gameplay and you’ll get more information than any single person could absorb... which is the whole point of a forum- people who remain silent can sit in the shadows and read. And learn. So to those of you hoping to unlock some secrets- just come on out and admit your weakness. Explain what you’ve done to correct it instead of blaming the team or game mechanics. I guaranty that if you do that all manner of players - me included- will be beating each other up trying to be the first person to be posting Trying to help you out.