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  1. The video link is here- see the commentary for time stamps if you're not interested in the game. This is on a vanilla client. I just uploaded it so it may take a bit before the higher def variants come out. Rough specs: i7 6700k 16GB of RAM 1080ti M.2 drive.
  2. I'll record a few games since I'm not sure it'll be captured in the replay. Will post. It's pretty easy to recreate... Of course now I won't be able to- but I'll try.
  3. I’ve noticed this recently- I’ll free look around about 180 or so but when I release the mouse button it snaps like 360- then back again. Very disorientating. I’m running a pretty beefy system with a 1080ti so that will not be the issue. Anyone else experiencing this lately? Ie: since last patch?
  4. This is what is currently exhausting me- playing a ship line I can’t stand nor excel in, over and over and over again... and then one of the 3 stars is earn credits in tier 9-10 carriers? Of course it can be done but holy [edited] am I sick of playing D’ese Loins and Worthlesster...
  5. 33% win rate in 42 games

    I get the feeling you’re hanging back too far for your ability to aim plus Bismark’s inaccuracy to keep up with. It can over extend its support very easily since it is fast- and secondaries make a person want to close in too far. Your hit percentage is very low- which of course you can work on. Start hitting what you shoot at and you resolve some of this- but most importantly is pay attention to the minimap and don’t wander into hornets nests.
  6. Post game compliments

    I got a post game compliment once a long time ago that sent me to the moon- I was smitten. Said I’d do the same for someone every game I played but that got old quickly... there just isn’t that much commendable gameplay happening. But, with that said- if I see it I’m happy to compliment it. I expect phenomenal play from unicums- they need to double kraken to get my attention. But for the average normie be cooperative and share your resources... take a hit or two for me... it really doesn’t take much but I still close the day with a bank full of compliments.
  7. What happened to this game?

    Everyone's tired of being on fire. All. The. [edited]. Time. The end.
  8. Yeah. But you also get whatever you spent the doubloons on. You ALSO get the T61.
  9. 34" ultra wide changed my life while paired with 1080ti
  10. High Angle Mode

    Play carriers and get all the top down horizontal armour attacks you want.
  11. Okay well next time you want to call something "blatant hypocrisy" how about you look a little deeper.
  12. Did you even watch the first 30 seconds?
  13. An analogy that would work if it was actually in the game.
  14. I haven't minded Boise. Range is a thing but then again the entire US cruiser line in both branches frustratingly play exactly the same... Why have two lines that play the same [edited]way? It's stupid... but- it's the way things are so... yeah. Yay.
  15. Mean and not accurate

    Yeah the whole thing is too stupid to be legit. Someone on an alt account that we're supposedly allowed to have.