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  1. _ENO_

    Can’t even open the game...

    Not bad advice actually- I'll hit the reset button and dump all the existing skills... I play a pretty narrow band of ships so maybe I just need to put my big boy pants on and get it done.
  2. Let me rephrase that: I don’t want to open the game. It just feels like I’ve got a pile of work stacked up on my desk now and I’d rather push it into the garbage and walk out. And that would be to my own detriment since so much time and money is already invested. Now I’m trapped in this commander fiasco... So much unlearning and relearning... Or not? I suppose I could just hit the reset button, slap some skills down and just roll with it. But then what? Do the skills make that much of a difference to the gameplay? If not then what was this all for? If yes then it’ll just cost me money to redistribute everything when I figure out what it all means. All for a game I just wanted to be reasonably good at? Aren’t I supposed to look forward to playing a game because it’s a game? This whole thing is worse than the threat of subs looming. Funny thing since they started working on that trash I don’t think I’ve seen a “where are subs?” Thread. I think the guy that wanted subs has moved on to other games. With that said I don’t think anyone ever actually started a thread on “please redo all commander skills.” Sorry I’m not sure if this is a rant or a whine but I’m utterly dismayed to get sandwiched into this rebork (and all the work it involves relearning everything), redistributing a metric [edited] ton of skills for questionable gain but palpable loss and the only thing I did wrong was build up a large fleet and play a lot. Sigh.
  3. But I think a big part of the counter for HE is that you can do something about it. You can put it out, you can manage your damage con wisely. you can let a fire burn and turn to make lighting a second fire tricky. You can repair 100% of fire damage... What I know for certain is I’m not even looking at that grind until the ship normalizes. I don’t know how many tier 10s I got excited about only to have them Nerfed immediately after I got it. fool me once- shame on you. Fool me 8 times [edited] you.
  4. Let's not get carried away...
  5. 1300 overall battles is plenty of time for ANYONE to colour outside the lines enough to get someone's attention... And this guy evidently did and now he's dealing with the consequences.
  6. I notice his division stats are trash so do he and his buddies just get on and [edited] around enough to attract the reporting? Is he guilty by association? Is he just not telling the whole story? @DuckyShot - wth are you even posting this for like there's even enough evidence to take a side? It's unlike you... usually there's more substance to your angst. Or was that the 2020 Ducky... 2021 is a new Ducky? Time to roll back those driver's I think...
  7. Didn't he say he had 6-7 tier 10 ships? That's enough for 2 propensities.
  8. If in doubt, outrage is a safe bet.
  9. Okay I guess since you found it on reddit it must be true with no relevant back story so outrage is mandatory. "Come on man!"
  10. _ENO_

    Lighten Up

    So you paid them money... and now decided not to play? Do you also pay for gym memberships and not go? Do you pay for movie tickets then go home? Do you- Yeah- anyway, enjoy your protest.
  11. _ENO_

    republique got nerfed

    Willing to wager the true story is "hidden" like something else.
  12. A huge part of brawling theory is about picking the right time, the right place and the right opponent. A hundred battles in I wouldn't expect for this to just drop into place... there are a lot of things in the game you don't know that you don't know. As you get more experience you'll start to see what this means- even if you were to study every stat of every ship you'll see none of it will intuitively flow into usefulness in game. There will come a point where your brain will register a number of different threats all at once effortlessly- some of this will come from experience and hindsight and some will come from learning from others... ultimately if you're truly interested in improving your brawling game you need to be willing to reflect on what you did with a critical eye and think about whether it worked or not. A lot of people do things that don't work out and spend the rest of the game blaming the rest of the team, the ship, WG, Trump... anything but themselves. Don't be that guy. You're in here looking for help, so you're off to a great start- keep it up and you'll get it figured out!
  13. _ENO_

    Turret desync in Nueve De Julio

    I saw this happening as well the first and only time I’ve played NDJ.
  14. _ENO_

    No one like to be able to see what's going on

    I don’t get why a cyclone has no visible weather effect but a storm front does...
  15. Depends on if the wood chuck could chuck wood...