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  1. _ENO_

    PSA: Multiple Bonus Codes

    Yeah that seems to be it. Thanks.
  2. _ENO_

    PSA: Multiple Bonus Codes

    Yeah I know... I'd tried them from another thread and wasn't able to literally copy and paste any but one. I'll try again since apparently others have been able to make it work. Well tried again and a couple worked and got invalids again. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue ...
  3. _ENO_

    PSA: Multiple Bonus Codes

    I just tried most of them from another thread and only 1 worked... not sure which anymore. Can't remember.
  4. _ENO_

    All the Codes in One Place

    Not sure if this was a joke and I'm an idiot... but most of these didn't work. 1 did, but I don't remember which anymore.
  5. Good grief. Let me know when the [edited] measuring contest is over.
  6. I like carriers. As they are.
  7. _ENO_

    colored tracers

    I love how wg was so [edited]lazy that tracers from both IJN and USN special commanders are the same color. Awesome.
  8. _ENO_

    Not enough memory for update

    Shouldn’t even matter. It’s not good for anyone to run that close to max capacity for any drive. Just looking for trouble.
  9. Good post op. I was hesitant to play given that I figured it would just be battles between 12 kams with a couple of GCs thrown in as an afterthought but was similarly surprised to see diversity. A little salt but I only got called a bot once so not bad overall. The gameplay was pretty aggressive with DDs only dumping cap to come get me in my bogue a couple of times. Fortunately all of those instances resulted in a victory since we were able to hold caps unmolested. Looking forward to tier 6. Maybe baby ranked seasoned for all tier 3-7?
  10. Pretty much this. I’m still playing but not nearly as much.
  11. Interesting about the divs. I didn’t see a single division the whole time.
  12. _ENO_

    Who have you seen in game

    Bumped into @desmo_2 this morning in baby ranked. Think he was rocking a DD on green and we took the win. Always relieved when I see forum guys on green and this time it worked out in my favor.
  13. _ENO_

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    I enjoyed it and ranked out basically today. Just went for it mostly in bogue and GC. 24 battles and about 75% wr. I encountered a few shittiots but for the most part people were pretty positive. Most of the real mouthy [edited] were terrible at least insofar as stat wise... but I was able to ignore it. I recommend it to anyone sitting on the fence. Was nice to just be tier V for a bit.
  14. _ENO_


    I think the Oscars did too.