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  1. _ENO_

    Update 0.8.7 Feedback

    Fixed the proximity to land rudder lock issue so I am very pleased about that. AA option isn’t worth complaining about since it still seems totally inconsequential to the end result- point here... press a button. Get hit with weapons. Rinse and repeat. Uninspiring just like the last few iterations. I like the new compass... but not sure the extra detail actually adds anything to the game.
  2. In a world of Stalingrads, Ohios, Colberts, Smolensks, Bourgognes and whatever other hodgepodge of gimmicks they can dream up- the [edited] it does.
  3. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one. Between that and this research bureau nonsense tier x will be crickets. I guess that’s what they want though, isn’t it? On the plus side at least we ALSO get exposed to these stupid things down to tier 8.
  4. Tier X is just becoming a watered down mess with all these [edited] ships. Yeah yeah fire fire everywhere. Blah blah blah. And now subs to add to the cavalcade of off balance belligerence. [edited]stupid. My opinion only.
  5. _ENO_

    div-up help for serious noob

    Okay... I got up because I felt bad so here's a brief overview of my assessment on where you stand currently based on your stats located here https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1023962612,SPQQKY/: 1) You raced through the tiers without properly learning or understanding the fundamentals of the game. This is highlighted by extremely low survival, damage, XP and hit% pretty much across the board. 2) That's why you're here looking for help... so on to that part. Here's are your questions answered: 1) How should you be prepared: First of all- watch this specific video from iChase which corrects widespread misconceptions about the dynamic gunsight and makes a recommendation on a new one I've tested as well and really like. Takes some getting used to but it's great: 2) What will be expected of you?: Nothing drives me more insane than taking someone under my wing and offering feedback to them throughout the game and they constantly reply with: But I like doing it this way. Or: This way works for me. Or: I'll remember that for next time (followed by not remembering). Basically, if someone is ready to take you out and provide some assistance, do what you're told REGARDLESS if it's your "favourite" way- at least while you're in the division. You will be expected to follow basic instructions, know a little about AP and HE (some of the more advanced stuff like overmatch, fusing etc. can be explained during the game) and the general vulnerability of of the ship you're in- 3) How can you best contribute?: The best way for you to contribute is to do #2. Don't throw your ship away, fire at the target your div mate tells you to fire at, know how to aim beforehand by doing #1. You would be amazed how much can be learned in a very short amount of time divisioning up with someone who is eager to help. If a person asked me what 3 things were most important in this game I would say: 1) Know how to aim- I see unicums with main battery hit % in the mid- late 40s which is blinding... 30% is what I'd consider getting there. I think mine is reasonable at 35-36% overall and I play a decent mix of ships. This is, in my opinion, the catalyst which trends towards overall improvement game wide: You start hitting what you're shooting at with the right ammunition and your XP goes up, damage goes up and inevitably wins start to pile up (eventually- though this one is slippery). 2) Maintain situational awareness: Don't get tunnel visioned while you're shooting. Change your view like you're driving... every 8 seconds or so take a look up, look at your minimap, look around, then back to shooting. This may mean a couple times between each shot or every few shots depending on your ship. 3) Get proficient in a tier before moving forward. If you join me you and I are going back down to tier 4 to relearn some basics. I recently brought on another new(ish) player and he's down there so he can help me help you too- if you're interested. If he sees this thread maybe he can add a few things I've overlooked.
  6. _ENO_

    div-up help for serious noob

    People get tired of writing the same stuff over and over again when the information is all here and can be searched for either in the forums or elsewhere on YouTube or whathaveyou. The easiest way is actually to division up or join a clan that embraces new players (like mine)... easier to TELL you than to write it all out again. Ill write out a few basic tips when I’m on a real keyboard but it’ll be a little bit. Use that time to search and how about you share a little of what you learn in the meantime. You are looking for help so that’s a plus and people will weigh in- I think most are trying out the new patch.
  7. _ENO_

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    No idea what this means. I’m looking for replays. Should be easy- you say it happens every game.
  8. I’ve been back for a couple months playing sparingly and not spending money. My disdain for their steel wall nonsense grows with every new ridiculous ship and there have been plenty to feed that fire. It’s been hard sell event after event... I can’t tell which event I’m in and what I’m getting rewards for but it doesn’t really matter since it’s just the same stuff over and over again. Some of it is good- but not so good to burn out over so I’m just taking it easy. Now it’s subs. Carriers are a flop. Something about a French event... yada yada yada. I go in, play a bit. Lose. Leave. And repeat- or not. Anyway I agree they leave very little to get excited about.
  9. _ENO_

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    I’m curious to see a couple replays of these battles the OP played- I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player who knows the game better than the OP does and look forward to a case study in his tactical brilliance.
  10. _ENO_

    Am I Compromising my team?

    Yeah a person needs to be really careful with radar since you're closing within visual detection (often) and quite vulnerable... You really need to determine how many people can shoot at your target between 20-24ish seconds since you only get 2 shots at it in Kron. Holding out for your last reload before lighting off the radar is also important if you have any view of the illuminated target... I've found I can compliment American cruisers / Missouri's in that I can light a target so they can see if they're in range or not... so I can get an initial spec and they can follow up with the longer lasting radar to finish the job. I did scramble to rank 10 which is my normal endgame in ranked- I haven't looked at my stats yet but I did have some good games in it- whether they'd have been better if I'd been in a BB or DD I guess we'll never know. I do appreciate all the input from all. I thought I'd be suffering a bit more around rank 12 but I ended up on some good teams and squeezed out my temporary victory rank 10 flag. I wish they'd just make them different colours so we could keep them- but that's another thread.
  11. _ENO_

    Am I Compromising my team?

    Great points. On the plus side with kron I am getting better at employing it I just don’t like doing that at the expense of 5 other strangers’ enjoyment of the battle... with that said I’ve had strangers do worse to me and I’m still here- thanks for the input guys!
  12. I’ve been running kron for ranked mostly and having marginal success with it. I have a musashi I’m not terrible in overall- I like bringing Radar to the fray... But in broad strokes would I be able to contribute more in the mush? Cruisers- line in every ranked season before- have limited influence unless driven by an expert which I am not. I can bop everyone on the nose in mush and maybe that’s the wiser play? For those of you playing cruisers in ranked what’s your angle?
  13. _ENO_

    I'm better than you

    And my vote for funniest post of the day goes to this guy.
  14. _ENO_

    "Assign All" for flags.

    Clear all I get- not sure how assign all is expected to work since different ships have different strengths and weaknesses complemented or compensated for by different flags. A clear all would help recover signals from ships you don’t play or at a ship to ship basis allowing you a more efficient way to go win all your games in PVE. Assign all? Of very limited value unless you only have access to 8 different types of signal and run one ship type in certain tiers.
  15. _ENO_

    Brothers Headed into Battle

    Elegant until Bismark lit the fuse on her tampon...