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  1. _ENO_

    Anyone else find it strange that...

    Tell us ALL about how easy CVs are to play based on your CV experience.
  2. _ENO_

    Hiryu (Strike) vs Saipan?

    There are plenty of times in tier 6 CVs (where I play CVs mostly) I'll be paired up against some 38% guy who averages 20k damage and we'll still manage to lose. I'm no superstar in CVs but I can generally lock down a potato while having a reasonable impact on the game. Sometimes it just doesn't matter. All you can do is the best you can do... Communicate with the team- tell them to stay in packs to help protect against aircraft since you will have limited impact on him and then do what you can. What you can't, you won't. Even if you were in another Saipan there are guys with over 1000 battles just in Saipan and 70+% win rates... We're not able to dictate the end of every match... sometimes the team has to take on their share.
  3. _ENO_

    Four Goal Haul Award

    I played hockey for about 20 years like many and I've never heard of it. So I figured... maybe it's a new thing. Google has never heard of it related to hockey. The only mention I see of this related to hockey is actually this thread. It does seem to be a soccer term, however: "For reference: 2 = brace, 3 = hat-trick, 4 = haul, 5 = glut, 6 = double hat-trick, 7 = haul-trick." (
  4. _ENO_

    Kitty Purrfurst #3 Code

    Works- thanks.
  5. _ENO_

    Are RN Destroyers worth the grind?

    I finally got lightning and I know it’s a powerful boat. Almost All my missions so far have been low tier in tier X games. Mostly losses and not sure about my contribution. There was a single high tier game where I got blapped by a 75% wr cv driver within the first couple minutes... oops I see promise in lightning... I just haven’t quite found it yet. As for the rest of the line? No interest whatsoever in the lower tier barges... upper tier maybe?
  6. It would be nice to see some visual distinction between the ranked season types... stars for true / full ranked and... something else for baby ranked.
  7. _ENO_

    Not enough memory for update

    If you get a flat tire, parking the car in the garage for 2 months doesn’t help.
  8. Isn’t that the way it was in the beginning? Tk central is why it got changed. Maybe I’m just imagining it.
  9. I buy stuff. It’s what I do. Unless I don’t- and this I won’t.
  10. _ENO_

    Stop shooting... and win.

    Here is the replay... It's literally at 0 seconds when the tables turn. https://replayswows.com/replay/33355#stats
  11. 25k battles what’s another 143?
  12. _ENO_

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    I get it but sometimes you get lucky. My last one was 100 Sierra mikes and that was good... the one before that 30 days premium. They’re out there guys- just be patient.
  13. _ENO_

    Stop shooting... and win.

    No. Totally missed the point. Actually THIS is the problem. As EC pointed out... turn the guns off if you’re ahead. Have enough situational awareness to realize that if you live, you win.
  14. Groz is like the swiss army shoe from naked gun... but yet I haven’t really adjusted to her new capacity. It really is an awesome dd but there are other dds that are just ... awesomer. Ill need to take another stab at her and see what I can achieve.