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  1. This was hanging in the back of my head this whole time... and it wasn't quite as bad but- what a kick in the nuts all the same. I should have listened. Actually I should have just walked away happy. Now I'm mad again. lol
  2. Don't do that. Don't make me even smile a little bit. I'm a rage horse right now and you've got to let me run!
  3. No. It doesn't. That's a storm. Not a cyclone. See what I mean? You're in here acting like you know what you're talking about (and I know you do know what you're talking about) and YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW what you're talking about. Cyclone impacts the entire map all at once all at the same time and the only indication you have that you're in one is little indicator on your hud that says so and your view on the minimap is cut down to 8km.
  4. Oh. Okay- so I guess we should just lock this thread up because you don't care about it? I put cyclones squarely in the middle of that list. As list of things WG has executed on with platinum levels of incompetence cyclones actually lead the pack given that is was approximately the first in the series of blunders they said was about improving the game under the banner of "providing a diverse experience." They can say this in all sorts of ways but when you distil it down to its basic truth all any of them do is annoy anyone who has been around the game long enough to give a [edited] about it in favour of the drones WG wants to come in to spend money before they move on to another game. And believe me- back in the day when the gameplay at high tiers wasn't quite as passive I didn't mind a cyclone or storm- back when there was some visible effect. Like I knew I was in a storm. Gameplay was comparably tight- yes there were outliers in general but they were out of the play even with full visibility. But the recent meta where anyone who drifts out of their corner too early is pounced on and decimated within the first couple minutes... it doesn't work. It doesn't fit.
  5. But still irrelevant. You don't position in the game on the off chance there is a cyclone. The positioning that you're both suggesting isn't reasonable or practicable in the context of the current meta forged by dakka and overmatch [edited] especially at high tiers. But I took a look under the hood for both of you and it has become incandescently clear how or why you both think this way. And it's fine that you do... I don't care to stat shame but it all totally makes sense now. And looked at in reverse a glance at my stats would probably explain why I'm so fricken annoyed at the game right now so... stats paint a picture.
  6. And like the captain rework, the CV rework, subs, superships and all the garbage associated with that the execution was audacious in its imperfection.
  7. Funny... thought smoke did that. So what is it... you want "non standard plays" or some stupid mechanic where "vision is reduced" when it isn't actually reduced graphically or visually at all... It's just some magic wand that you need to look at an indicator to see you can't see. And who is close enough to get into brawling range during a game where everything from carpets of torpedoes to spammers shooting every .7 seconds forever are forcing everyone to the perimeter of the map or hiding behind islands so they last longer than the first 5 minutes in game? I'm all for creating "non standard" battle situations- but do it in a way where you don't waste half the battle blind to get into it.
  8. We go in a game with 23 strangers on two teams with up to 5 main types of ships- several with different branches- from about 10 different nations on 15 maps or so using 3 types of ammo and 3 kinds of torpedoes with literally infinite numbers of combinations and variations. We don't need cyclones to create "non standard" situations.
  9. Yeah good point. I'd love to be looking over the shoulder of someone who is brand new to the game- first time opening it up- to see how they come to understand it all. And now all the gimmicks strapped to gimmicks and storms versus cyclones... One just lives in the middle of epicenter on the ice map... another one moves from one side of the map to the other... another just randomly makes a noise and happens over a roughly 10 minute period. It's like WG thinks "We don't want people to get bored" so they staple all this garbage together to keep it "fresh" yet the people they're targeting (short term wallets who don't know any better) don't stick around long enough to give a [edited]. The people who are around long enough to understand it all complain about it and we don't get listened to because we're in the minority and irrelevant on account of the mighty spreadsheet.
  10. But on the other side of that- anyone out of detection range can't fire their weapons either so... in theory it's the same problem.
  11. Fair point- My issue is that unlike cap circles everyone can fight the whole time to get into the cap circle. Seeking advantages ... pushing weakness... harassing strength. Cyclone prevents people from fighting while they get closer to the enemy. I'm all about a good fight (as long as I win lol) but I can't stand moving across a map with nothing to do while I'm waiting 5-8 minutes to get close enough to someone to shoot them. Anyway... the mechanic is lazy and if the overall objective was to force players to close the execution on this objective was tragically incompetent.
  12. I'm amazed it's that important to give it a ridiculous shot rate instead of just finding some other more innovative way of improving its performance. Just gotta have those gimmicks piggybacked on other gimmicks I guess.
  13. A line of super battleships crossing the T of a row of cruisers? Maybe. But yeah- I think you understand that it just doesn't work this way given the mechanics.