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  1. Getting Frustrated

    Looks like you pushed past your skill level a bit too quickly. 26% main battery hits is also on the low side. Recommend you stick around tier 4-5 for a bit to polish off your aim and once you build your confidence back up start reaching into the higher tiers (6-7).
  2. Can we End

    Pretty much this. Farm what you can and move on.
  3. 0-8 is a bad streak. Hopefully you broke that up a little. General rule is 3 strikes and either take a break or at least change ships. 5 losses either way and it's time to move on for an hour or half a day... once the frustration is built up you start making stupid mistakes and blaming others for them.
  4. Yeah I'd buy that. As it is kron does perform reasonably well but you need to know how to squeeze the performance out of it... while Musashi is more forgiving. Musashi is practically an easy button so you know what you're investing in. From a measure of investment I'm not sure where the perceived value resides in kron.
  5. Feeling like 500k fxp would be fair... maybe 550k. 750k is inflated given the roll of the dice dispersion. Pinpoint Stalingrad dispersion for 750k and now we're having a conversation.
  6. I concur with this assessment...
  7. I'm seeing WG really increase their presence online, providing a lot of support and information to newer players. Kind of hoping they'll keep this trend going by providing some insights on this stickied technical issue. I have no doubt it's a big issue... and I don't expect anything but would sure like to see that sticky updated every couple patches.
  8. confusion

    Everyone knows that WG doesn't actually read or respond to anything that isn't subject titled "An Open letter to WG..."
  9. So it's been since April 18th since we heard anything about this... Any chance we can get a little update on how things are going? Any progress? Challenges? Findings? Anything?
  10. The Economy...

    Yeah- until the announcement that Aladrama was only going to be available to Supertesters...
  11. I put some risky ones out there in Tears of the Desert during a bit of a knife fight and one of my battleships wandered into them while he was maneuvering around- I was busy looking another direction so I didn't see the pink text. My voice messages are turned down quite a bit too so between shooting and dodging I had literally no clue I'd hit my own guy. I was really distracted and my situational awareness went the width of a soda straw. So when things slowed down I looked over to catch up on the chat and the pink had already cycled out of view. This Montana player was really, really salty about something... and I noticed -among other angry things on the subject- something to the tune of "So, you hit someone with your own torpedoes and you don't even say you're sorry? You [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited]..." I wasn't the only DD out there but I flashed back to firing the torps and realized that the Montana had been in the general target area. "Are you talking to me?" "Yeah, you hit me with 2 torps [edited] for brains!" "Holy crapdude, I'm really sorry- I lost track of them and got distracted. I have no excuse- totally my bad." "That's alright man... no biggie. At least we won." (Words to that effect). And then nothing. We chatted a bit afterwards and it was like it never happened.
  12. In quickly reviewing your stats it looks like you ran up some of the lines pretty quickly and created a skill gap that has caught up with you. Your stats paint a picture of someone who is most comfortable in tier V-VI battleships with a couple of exceptions. Tier V and VI is, not coincidentally, where you played the most games. My suggestion to you would be to go back to hauling water and chopping wood in Arizona, Bayern and Warspite in PvP to help build your confidence back up. Even Myogi looks reasonable down in tier IV and you have enough games in it to demonstrate at the VERY least pulling some of your own weight. With a pretty low main battery hit percentage and a very low survival rate it seems that you are closing distances with opponents too fast since you have trouble hitting them at longer range. As a result you end up getting distracted in your gunsight while not paying enough attention to how things are unfolding around you on the minimap. By the time you pop your head back out to see what's going on, you're caught out in the open and alone to be focus fired and sunk. I'm not sure that digressing to PvE is the answer to your issues as a matter of fact I'm quite certain this will work against you and lull you into perpetuating bad habits. I'd encourage you to take a deep breath and go to ships you performed reasonably well in (mentioned above) and focus your efforts on enhancing your aim and maintaining situational awareness on the minimap. Take a shot, then hold your Right Mouse Button down to free look around you- this will keep your reticle on target while allowing you to keep an eye on what's happening around you. Each shot (especially in a battleship) is a reminder to look at the minimap. On a positive note, your average damage and average experience did not follow the negative trend of your win rate- which did, as you described, really drop off in a short time. This does suggest that you're improving over time in spite of the losses and this will eventually pay dividends.
  13. Yeah... almost half a billion credits I still have nothing to spend on. Meanwhile, 2 new currencies to employ...
  14. Extended losses

    What tier/s were you generally playing when you experienced this trend?