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  1. Z52 is able to detect ships with hydro at 5.9 km.
  2. pastore123

    How Did You Get Your Premiums?

    Through blood, sweat, and tears. A few ships were rewards and a couple of ships were coal and one was free xp.
  3. pastore123

    The Show Must Go On!

    Haven’t seen an episode for a while. Is this still going on?
  4. I agree, pancetta isn’t right in the States. I usually substitute with bacon or diced ham (although the ham is no where near the taste). I make everything arrabbiata!! Even carbonara.. usually when I am cooking the pancetta, I am cooking with olive oil mixed with peperoncino. Then when we add it to the egg mixture, it adds that pinch of piccante che ci vuole
  5. I second this! Zoup, you need to get that pronunciation down! Polpette con sugo is pretty good! My wife makes a very good polpettone also. But honestly, I’d much rather have a pasta with pancetta (or even guanciale) like an amatriciana sauce with peperoncino.
  6. After watching zoups Emilio video, I’m thinking that Leone might see a change having its HE removed and replaced with SAP. I agree, The Emilio isn’t some op ship that is going to be behind a steel wall. That’s a good thing.
  7. I feel the same way. I have no desire for any of the premiums being offered. I want Leone, I’ll take take the Emilio assuming it isn’t behind a steel wall, and I think I saw Genova being offered as well.
  8. Nope. It’s only Italian boats for me now.
  9. pastore123


    I have recently downloaded world of warships for the EU server. I jumped into game and noticed that the tutorial isn’t really a tutorial. The player is locked behind a game count wall in order to enjoy the full experience of the game. The problem I see with this is that it does not necessarily give a new player basic skills for any given ship type. It would appear more to be a guide to help a player navigate the game as opposed to develop an understanding for the mechanics of the game. I would propose an actual tutorial for each class of warship as the warship is unlocked and explain the different consumables and modules at the beginning of a new players experience with this game. I would also reduce the amount of games it takes to advance past the game count wall for full content of the game.
  10. This is the first video I've seen from you. Very informative. Thanks for the perspective dude.
  11. I didn’t realize you had to play on the previous PTS to access that. That sucks man!
  12. I got the Zara and the Trento on PTS. That’s all I would play other than the times I had to play the ships with the research points attached to them. To avoid the grind, the trick was to have a butt load of free xp and reset the line however many times you needed in order to meet the necessary amount of research points needed to unlock the ships. Therefore, I reset something like 15 times for the Zara and half that for the Trento. Then I played a battle in each of the ships which had a research emblem and received my research points times the amount of times I reset the line. This made it less of a grind for the PTS RB.
  13. pastore123

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    I listen to Zoup on the warships podcast, so I usually don’t watch the videos that much. However, I watched this video, and like he said, he stated his opinion and a conversation did start. It was a negative response, but nonetheless, I think it’s safe to say that he is open to hearing other ideas other than his own. My biggest fault for Zoup is his Italian pronunciation... ;)