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  1. Premium Ship Review: Varyag

    This is a definite port slot! Anyway, I saw your name in the new thread feed and was hoping to see the Abruzzi review..
  2. Next premium in the shop?

    I hope it’s the Abruzzi.
  3. Ducca D'Aosta

    The Duca d’Aosta is indeed a ship that requires a certain skill level in order to produce 50k + damage games. Definitely fun to play. Also, don’t forget that you do have a spotter craft on board. This increases your firing range for about a minute and a half. Plus torpedo beats all day.
  4. I got fired today.

    No premium for you?.. Good luck in the job hunt.
  5. It depends on the nation. I have my Montana captain spec’ed out for AA seeing how there are more carrier players in higher tiers now. Not to mention concealment which is a must. For my German bb’s I set my captain up for secondary capabilities and survivability. Even though I’ve noticed it to be less effective as of late as far as secondaries go.
  6. Broken smoke... AGAIN

    Isn’t there a delay from when you are spotted to when you are notified that you are spotted?
  7. Next new tech tree?

    I would hope for RM cruisers as well. Although I understand that they probably won’t drop until the end if this year/ beginning of next.
  8. I read people saying this is the first time they have heard of a desire to down tier the duca d’Aosta or the Duca degli Abruzzi. It has been mentioned before on and off this forum. I am agree with down tiering the two ships due to lack of competitiveness due to gun performance. With that being said though, I would still buy the Abruzzi just because I want to collect Italian ships.
  9. I understood it was being released this month.
  10. I'm not trying to be a prick or anything, but how does making it more accessible make it any less competitive?
  11. Waiting for that Review

    I see. Question is though, if it underperforms, would it be worthy of a buff from WG?
  12. I’m just failing to see how those are advantages. But let’s say that this is right, why can’t they vary the time frames from Mornings to evenings? For instance, I do live in the US, but I work swing shifts. Therefore I can never participate in clan battles at the current time frames they are offered. Plus my days off aren’t on Saturday and Sunday. I would dare say I’m not the only one with this issue. Therefore, it would behoove more people if the times varied at the very least between am and pm, or just having a 24/7 schedule.
  13. Waiting for that Review

    You definitely made some solid points, especially about the decapping and the shells. My biggest problem with Italian ships so far has been the ammo variation and lack thereof. But I cannot skip out on it. It would be interesting to see if wg releases it and actually makes changes post release.
  14. The problem I trip on is the fact that ranked battles had no specific play times. Whereas clan battles have time slots which are limited. It would make more sense to have clan battles on a 24/7 schedule for the duration of the season.