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  1. pastore123

    merge servers ?

    I know of another game developer that throws all players into one server globally. Won't mention any names though...
  2. I am confused as well. You died from flooding after he fired a salvo at you? Are you sure you didn't eat a torp or get rammed as others have mentioned?
  3. pastore123


    Yeah, I found out the hard way. I agree, if this is the route of ranked battles, I’m not going to play them.
  4. pastore123


    This ranked season is retarded. I already don't have a lot of personal time to play anymore. I liked the idea of how ranked was being approached this time (although I would like to see tier 5 and 7 again). I reach the quals for silver league last night. I get on about 25 minutes ago to find out that I am back to bronze league rank 7. That was such a waste of time (which I don't have much of). I'm done with ranked now.
  5. You need to work on this. When di and la or il or lo are together in a sentence, they attach I.e. Della del, dello delle, dei, degli are the plural. then the actual sentence sounds very google translate. I would have written “La rinascita delle corazzate italiane. i still have to look at the link you supplied and check out what you came up with.
  6. pastore123

    Improper Use of "GG"

    Same with mine. We would even slap hands as we passed by. It wasn’t only in high school, it was something we did from little league ball all the way up to high school sports.
  7. pastore123

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    I would be fine with that as well. The fact that I can’t depend on the guns is a huge issue in my eyes.
  8. pastore123

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    @Sparviero what do you think if Roma?
  9. pastore123

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    I have a love hate relationship with Roma. I find the guns too trolly and ineffective at close range against anything but battleships. At range, sometimes RNG is on your side, most of the time however, it’s good luck at landing anything (and if you do, it’s an over pen). Secondaries are meh, aa is horrible, maneuverability is good, turret rotation is really good and monarch has better concealment which grinds my gears.
  10. Three things: focus fire, focus fire, focus fire
  11. pastore123

    Ranked Battles

    I’d be down with this
  12. pastore123

    Ranked Battles

    I remember those days and miss them! I understand your first point. I might be more accepting of arms race at a lower tier. I agree with you as far as arms race making the game mode more gimmicky. I do enjoy having ranked battles, but it definitely needs variation in tiers (Kind of how it used to be when not as many players had tier 10's).
  13. pastore123

    Ranked Battles

    As I have been playing ranked (I've only played around 10 games or so), I noticed how much I am not a fan of the arms race or the higher tier game styles. I would like to see some variation in the tiers that are chosen for ranked battles. The mini rank season doesn't really satisfy my desire for this either ( I may be the only one). I would really like to see a tier 5-7 ranked season. This would probably make arms race more palpable for me (and maybe many others). How does everyone else feel about ranked?
  14. pastore123

    Ocean Map

    Would love to see it more often
  15. It a good idea at all. Cvs already cause enough grief.