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  1. Thanks for the review <0
  2. Is it possible to get more gigs per month with your provider?
  3. I doubt many will be able to do the gli.
  4. I don’t like the idea of messing with the alpha whatsoever.
  5. ^^^^^^
  6. What about Roma?
  7. I doubt it.
  8. I respect your opinion. More than that, I cannot say as I don't agree with you. The only thing we could possibly agree on is the option to opt out of +2-2mm. But that probably wouldn't happen.
  9. That would be nice as well. If they want to throw some crates in the equation, I won't complain though :)
  10. Hopefully there is an event for Giulio Cesare...
  11. It's still relevant as many people I talk to in blitz discord channels don't like it either. Edit: I've also played more than 18k games in blitz. I initially was for +1-1. After a few hundred games in this format, I found myself getting bored and finding no excitement in the game play. Not to mention, it literally dumbs down the game play. I feel there is less desire to actually implement tactic and have seen more players split and yolo since the update that changed mm dropped.
  12. I think you are exaggerating when you say most. I'm sure you read the forums for wotblitz. http://forum.wotblitz.com/index.php?/topic/76615-petition-for-2-2-again/page__p__1162340#entry1162340 unfortunately this was overlooked and obviously nothing has ever happened or changed.
  13. I think it's the best mobile game out there. Unfortunately, it started off way strong only to take small steps downwards. Notwithstanding, it is still the best mobile game to date.
  14. +2-2 gives the opportunity to actually learn how to engage, disengage, support etc. Your examples don't do justice because you forget to factor in skill level. Just because on poker someone doesn't have a clear advantage over someone else doesn't mean that the other player may or may not be destroyed in that game. Instead, I like to liken this mm to lifting weights. If you have ever heard of BFS, then you'll know that in order to increase lift amount and increasr strength, you have to lift in a pattern that ends up doing the most weight you can do in just 1 rep. This helps you increase your ability and a strength in weight lifting. In wows, you have the low tiers (and even PvE to help you start small and helps you increase your game play). By the time you reach high tier games, regardless of a 2 tier spread, you should be able to understand when to do what and where to do it. We all have different opinions on the matter. Mine is that +2-2 actually dumbed the game down, but more importantly, it made it less fun. Nothing was better than being bottom tier and getting first place. Its kind of like how the California exit exam was based on an 8th grade level instead of a 12th grade level.