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  1. This guy’s good! Hook and sink!
  2. pastore123

    Incentive to balance CVs

    It’s annoying to everyone else who gets attacked by a cv as well..
  3. pastore123

    Smoke and visibility

    Full visibility doesn’t exist in a smoke screen. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a bloom. Your detection is reduced when firing in a smoke screen, and depending on which class of ship you are playing will determine how much bloom you have while in the smoke. It’s lower for destroyers, then cruisers (some have very low detection in smoke), then battleships.
  4. pastore123

    Night Battles

    I made this thread in 2018. I’m glad to see it is relevant today. I’m hopeful to see night battles. I liked Crucis’ suggestion about gameplay for night battles personally. Thanks for the consideration!
  5. pastore123

    Chat Server is broken

    Same here. We were running clan battles and now everything for chat has disappeared. We can't even leave the division..
  6. pastore123

    buff roma

    As much as I would like the Roma to have better range and more accurate guns, I’m not going to jump on this band wagon. I didn’t want them to uptier the Giulio Cesare and I wouldn’t want them to change the Roma. I would be contradictory if I tried to change my opinion on a ship getting a buff or a nerf
  7. pastore123

    I am in heaven -- going on right now.

    One of my favorite maps. Congrats
  8. Wouldn't it just be easier to say sorry in game? I mean, just write it out. I'm sorry for shooting you.
  9. pastore123

    Shootin' the Ship Podcast Ep. 2

    I’ve been waiting for another podcast since the other one dropped. I’ll have to listen to this on the way home from work today. Thanks for doing this guys!
  10. pastore123

    Where is Paolo Emilio?

    I should have known! eh eh eh
  11. pastore123

    Where is Paolo Emilio?

    Recently discussion for Hayate took place and a currency was established due to a vote. It has been a while since we have heard any news about the Italian tier 10 destroyer. Is it possible to hold a vote for this ship as well for which type of currency should be used (and hopefully it's coal, just putting it out there)?
  12. This isn't necessarily true. It happens a lot less than you would think. I've been using Kagero with trb. Considering that both players are heading straight into the cap, I just go straight to the target. Once he detects me at 5.4 km, I aim gunning straight for him with the speed booster. This has worked every time except for when I'm on Greece and there is a huge island in the middle and the other ship is a bismarck with hydro. Other than that, I've only lost to a tirpitz one time due to his main battery and secondaries melting me out.
  13. pastore123

    Ranked Sprint 10 1v1 Review

    For sure dude. Good luck to you as well!
  14. pastore123

    Ranked Sprint 10 1v1 Review

    It's definitely perspective. And the majority has spoken and likes it. I'm just not there. I don't need to get to rank 1 to be satisfied. If I did that would be great, but not losing a star kind of rewards bad play as well. But then I am kidding myself if this ranked season cares about good or bad play. I also don't agree that most people are grinding those neglected tier 8 boats. The majority of the ships I see are tirpitz, cv, and bismarck. There have been a few others, but they are rare.