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  1. Roma

    I couldn’t bare looking at the monstrosity of the Japanese style camo on an Italian ship. So I went basic... and it saved me 40 bucks. But nonetheless, I am quite content with my purchase.
  2. Wiki down?

    It’s just proper procedure for the release of the Roma...
  3. Roma

    Now it’s time to see if it drops today... Hoping it does
  4. With all of the talk of the Roma and my assumption that it will be released Soon™, I would like to highlight another Italian Admiral who had seen the Roma in it's last moments. Carlo Bergamini was born on October 24, 1888. 20 years later he would be given the rank Guardiamarina and serve aboard the Vittor Pisani, an armoured cruiser during the Italian-Turkish war. During WW1, he would receive a silver medal for valor for his actions during the bombardment of Durres, Albania, whilst serving as the Chief of Artillery on the Pisa. It is of high interest to note that Bergamini was quite the mathematician. Because of his mathematical abilities and his specialization in artillery, he, together with the firm Galileo of Florence, would create a new anti ship-anti aircraft firing system, which was quite fast and accurate. During his career, he would command on two famous ships, the Vittorio Venete and the Caio Duilio. He would then command the whole Italian Battle Fleet in 1943 and fly his colors on the Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, and finally, the Roma. He was the last commander of the Roma. He learned of the Armistice as he was preparing to combat Allied forces landing in Salerno. He would turn and head towards Tunisia after learning that La Maddalena was in control of the Germans. On September 9, 1943, his fleet was attacked by German bombers armed with a weapon that the Italians had not yet discovered, the Fritz X guided bomb. The Roma would be hit by two bombs, the latter sinking the Roma and killing Bergamini and 1,350 other men. Bergamini would be given the rank of Ammiraglio d'Armata, or Full Admiral posthumously. In 1960 the Frigate Carlo Bergamini was created in his honor, as well as in 2013, FREMM (Fregata Multi Missione) Bergamini class frigates was named in his honor. The following are the Awards and Medals he received in life and death: Ordine di Savoia Silver Medal (WW I) Silver Medal (WW II) Croce di Guerra (3 of them) Iron Cross of II Class (German) Gold Medal (posthumously with proportion to the rank of Admiral of Army) You can read more about him in the following link: http://www.regiamarina.net/detail_text_with_list.asp?nid=123&lid=1 Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Bergamini_(admiral) http://www.regiamarina.net/detail_text_with_list.asp?nid=123&lid=1 Picture Sources: https://www.pinterest.com/lucafregoni/regia-marina/ https://thaimilitaryandasianregion.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/fremm-multipurpose-frigate-french-specific/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Bergamini_(admiral)
  5. Roma

    Hopefully you got some good rare ships from it though!
  6. Roma

    Bahahahahaha I only dropped around 40 bucks
  7. Roma

    This is why Monday would be a good release date... the sooner the better so I can see for myself.
  8. Roma

    I have read and thought about LWM’s write up on the Roma. I can say that I am somewhat disappointed in what I read. Mainly with the gun performance; whether it’s the German dispersion or the over pens that will occur on any light cruiser within 13km. With that being said though, I will be purchasing this ship nonetheless since I plan on buying every Italian ship. What I would like to see is WG release this on Monday so that we can see for ourselves if the ship is a “gudbote” or a “mehbote”. Please release Monday @WG
  9. If they did add a gimmick, what would you suggest? if they were to change something though, I would like to see better concealment + faster torps. Something like 60ish kts.
  10. I hear ya. Hopefully it does release soon nonetheless.
  11. The fact it has 10 cannons makes it a little nicer. However, seeing tiers 9’s will be a little tricky. But I love the d’aosta And would love to add the Abruzzi to my Italian collection. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Trento either...
  12. I believe I heard it is coming at the end of the month. I hope they release the Abruzzi with it.