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  1. pastore123

    Fighters Consumable

    I have. Now I'm completely relying on dodge and group up.
  2. pastore123

    Fighters Consumable

    It feels like I've only seen my fighters shoot down enemy cv planes on a handful of occasions. I believe that the function does not properly weigh well against enemy aircraft. As wolfswetpaws stated, I have used the fighter consumable more for spotting, abandoning the intended purpose of having the consumable. Thanks for the information on how the consumable works though. If you may, could you relay some of the thoughts and view points on this thread to the developers? I did not realize there was no interaction between the fighters and an attack wing in mid attack. Thanks for the information. I have completely swapped out all fighter consumables for the spotter planes. Yeah, I have not seen much of a difference except for in a handful experiences using them where they were actually helpful. I have switched completely over to the spotting plane. I was using the fighters for spotting purposes as well. But I have decided I can accomplish the same thing with the spotter plane and increase distance for a short amount of time as opposed to popping fighters to spot. I've only had the fighters shoot down enemy planes in a handful of situations. Usually they fly around and do nothing except spot.
  3. pastore123

    Fighters Consumable

    Yeah, I've begun to convert any ship that can have a spotter plane. Otherwise it's a wasted consumable.
  4. pastore123

    Fighters Consumable

    What is the purpose of choosing the fighter consumable? It seems like my fighters never attack the enemy aircraft. I have tried different things like launch fighters when the enemy aircraft are about 7-10 km away. I've tried it when they were closer. I've had enemy aircraft hover around and make multiple passes while my consumable had been activated for more than 15 seconds. However, I have hardly ever seen my fighters ever engage the enemy aircraft. Is there a reason for this, or am I doing something wrong?
  5. pastore123

    Replace fighter consumable on Soviet BBs

    I feel like the fighter consumable is useless regardless the nation. I don’t know why it’s even an option for any ship. It’s funny that it even has a limited number of uses, considering it’s useless.
  6. pastore123

    Who programs this MM?

    I've seen a lot of inconsistencies in clan brawls. I stopped playing them outright. The MM is a problem due to unbalance in ship classes.
  7. Just seeing if anyone has any codes for more Italian containers? I have three more I can get when the next combat missions come out and I still need two of the aircraft to get the Leone prize (I already have the Leone and understand that I would be getting about 5k doubloons). thanks for any information!
  8. pastore123

    What was your first Computer?

    I don’t remember what it was. We didn’t get a family computer until I was almost twelve. I remember AOL kept sending discs to download the program. It was somewhere around 97-98.
  9. I'm aware of the cv's plane regen (I call it regen even though it is putting a timer on the finite amount of planes on the cv). I appreciate your wanting to help out. I am just not a cv player whatsoever. Although I would rather them not exist in game (this will never happen), I would be fine with a better interaction between cv and surface ship. Can this happen? I doubt it. Thanks for the pleasant conversation.
  10. You do you. I give props to the CV player for situational awareness. That doesn't detract from my sentiments on cv to surface ship interactions. I won't play cvs. I have zero desire. I test them out in training rooms due to having been gifted an Enterprise a while back. I only try it there to get an idea against bots. The same goes for subs. I suck with them. I don't mind the sub to surface ship interaction however. Subs mess up and subs sink. Cvs mess up and cvs respawn for planes after a certain amount of time, giving them an edge throughout the entirety of the match. I believe that is a fair enough statement.
  11. I was between two islands. Maneuvering would have meant I might get stuck on an island and reduce mobility to zero. He came straight at me and was able to dump. Regardless, I have gotten to the point where I don't care to mitigate cvs anymore. I have taken DFAA off of all of my ships that had it (I used to be super anti cv and tried to spec everyship for the encounter with cvs). I'm usually very patient and deal with early sinkings or losses quite well. I actually rage quit after the initial cv drop. Not because it wrecked me. It put a bad taste in my mouth (again). Once I got down to a low health pool (around 20 to 30k) I exited to port. I took my lumps with unsportsman like play due to my pride/rage induced attitude after that initial drop. I am getting more and more this way unfortunately.
  12. I'm fed up with cv's. If I play the Montana, I can't mitigate an Audacious dropping on me for almost 30k (10k initial damage and the rest in fire damage). Yeah, I can recuperate lost hit points with my heal from fire damage. When it happens within the first minute of the game, I get fed up. Thanks for the suggestions LWM. I doubt there will be any changes to cv - surface ship interactions. Edit: Not to mention I only knocked out 3 bombers during that attack also...
  13. pastore123

    Web Server is Unavailable

    I get that message when I try to open the armory.
  14. pastore123

    Just Got Paolo Emilio - How to build?

    I try to enhance the speed and smoke duration. Obviously having the lowest concealment possible for the ship is a must. I haven’t used Luigi with the Emilio. I don’t see it being a bad thing though. Give him a shot and see how it goes.