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  1. pastore123

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    I've noticed less cv players now. This is a positive thing. I'm hoping that the rework does nothing to increase those cv numbers and they just do away with them indefinitely.
  2. pastore123

    Chicken Little, the sky is falling

    Are you talking about the boy who cries wolf? I'm pretty sure he gets eaten.
  3. Well said. I remember that the cc's were saying that it was still pretty powerful after the adjustments took place.
  4. pastore123

    My Proposed Solution to the 8.0 Carrier Crisis.

    I’m that one guy that wishes cv’s would be removed. I also think they are better now than they were before the update. I also believe that they are a detriment to dd’s (However, this is based on individual skill, so if a cv recognizes that dd’s Must be eliminated and focuses, dd’s Are removed from being useful).
  5. I bought this ship when it first came out. It is in my top ten ships played in overall games. I haven't been playing as much because of update .8.0. With that said, I wanted to play it today, but decided against it because of the new cv's. I do play better with this ship than any other tier 5. Now, I play the tier 8 Roma slightly less than the Giulio Cesare, and I have a decrease in win percentage, but overall, the stats are very similar. I already think the Roma has issues at tier 8 (Not saying to move it up or down. I'm talking about it's inconsistent guns, gun range and aa). As soon as the Giulio Cesare is to move up a tier, this is going to rack this ship up with ships that will totally outplay it in tier 8 matches. I am a RM fan. I have played the RM boats a lot (I own all 4 and bought them when they released). I would really like it to stay as is because it is fun to play and more importantly, if it were up tiered, I doubt I would really touch it again. I'm tired of having my RM ships being up tiered (looking at the two duca's).
  6. pastore123

    Welcome to Angry Nerd Gaming

    Thanks bud!
  7. pastore123

    The Skull Throne

    I see. Thanks!
  8. pastore123

    The Skull Throne

    @LittleWhiteMouse What are your thoughts on the Leone so far?
  9. pastore123

    Welcome to Angry Nerd Gaming

    What's your thoughts on the Leone now?
  10. pastore123

    Some gripes I have with the new CVs

    The thing is, without using RMB, the turrets on the ships turn the direction that the player is looking. So it’s the same thing. I’d suggest learning to implement RMB.
  11. I'm staying away from mine. Honestly, I've played a lot less since this update dropped. I've already submitted a ticket to wg with videos of the cv gameplay and how it is more powerful than before. I just played two games now where cv's made a huge difference in the match. Not to mention the second game had to two tier 8 cv's and they were both really good at focusing ships (not a mark on them, they played well). Therefore, I shall be playing less still seeing as I find it 0 fun to play with cv's. Before they were manageable, now, I feel it's more important to sit back and hopefully not draw the wrath of the cv.
  12. pastore123

    Thought you fixed your MM?

    There goes cv ruining the game again... eh eh eh
  13. My question is, if this is happening to the Giulio Cesare, when does it happen to Nikolai? I think it would be the proper way to do things if we are setting up a precedent for uptiering premiums.
  14. pastore123

    Just had a DD sneak up and kill our CV's solo.

    Do you even play dd’s?
  15. pastore123

    Just had a DD sneak up and kill our CV's solo.

    I agree with this 100%. Also, just because a dd did happen to pull off a cv snipe doesn’t mean he was useful. He probably had a lot of pent up rage from the new cv gameplay and wanted to focus that cv.