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  1. pastore123

    RIP Paul Allen

    Very nice guy. Sad to hear this.
  2. Not an issue. From my experience as an average player, I see things like this and think of it as a learning experience. Just like in any other sport. The main thing is to do your best and always try to do better the next time. What I find off is that you admit to trying not to do damage. Now two things could be true here 1. You really did troll and didn’t do any damage as to not help your team. 2. You just really didn’t do that well those two matches and you decided that you didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of good players (being in last place and all) and decided that posing about “trolling” on the forums would be a redeeming quality to a bad game. And honestly, this wasn’t even a steam roll. It looks like it was a good game and had good players on both teams.
  3. If WG were interested in making everything 100% modeled to real life, then the Roma wouldn’t have 18.1km range. It’s worth a shot, but I doubt anything will change.
  4. pastore123

    The Truth about Italy in WW2

    I think it goes without saying that the factors as to why Italy didn't do so well definitely comes down to leadership and supplies. One thing that one must take into consideration is that the Italians as a whole didn't necessarily want to combat against the allies, especially when the invasion of Italy started. Let's not forget how easy it was to have Lucky Luciano get in contact with people back in Sicily to help with the Sicilian invasion. When I was living in Italy, I met many veterans from WW2 who I know were strong soldiers. Not to mention how much they had to sacrifice during those years.
  5. I feel your pain. I have received some modules in the past and have received doubloons, premium time, and coal. But the majority of the time, I receive flags. It would be cool to see a ship at least once.
  6. pastore123

    I got a ship! T6 Duca D'Aosta! Tips?

    Support, support, support. This ship is not a frontline ship whatsoever. Use ap on broadside cruisers for good pens and cits.
  7. pastore123

    What premiums do you still want to see?

    i support this and would like to see it.
  8. pastore123

    RIP Burt Reynolds

  9. pastore123

    Italian Premiums

    Agreed. I must admit that the Roma is a delight to look at in port. Same with the d'Aosta
  10. pastore123

    Italian Premiums

    As long as it out does everyone else... I'm all in for a reverse going dd ;)
  11. pastore123

    Italian Premiums

    I see. Thanks for clarifying that.
  12. pastore123

    Italian Premiums

    I thought they were supposed to be released for the end of this year, but had heard that it was pushed.
  13. pastore123

    Italian Premiums

    I would hope only to see a premium dd before they release anything.
  14. pastore123

    Italian Premiums

    I don’t believe it was official. edit: But it seems like it cane from a leak. I believe is as it here on the forums.
  15. pastore123

    Italian Premiums

    I know I saw something about it for 2019. So within a year or so.