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  1. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    I haven't done many random battles in Molotov, yet I LOVE to use it in Ranked, I start slow to allow the battleships and such to get ahead, then I may keep that speed, or go full speed(depends on map/situation) I use the responsive rudder to (and this works if I'm facing the enemy or running from them) get all guns on target, then turn back to present the smallest profile while I'm reloading for the 12 seconds. Using torpedoes is rare, only really used within island combat, emergency, or area denial. The hydro also is helpful since you can see ships in smoke. The AA isn't too good, but it's certainly still serviceable. For Ranked I usually use hydro and spotter plane rather than defensive AA and catapult fighter, but if there's 2 CV in queue, then I may quickly change to catapult fighter and hydro(since hydro still is usually best to use, period.) So basically stay at range and present small profile when reloading. It takes time to learn, but Molotov can easily become MVP once you learn. Oh, and its shell ballistics are great, about the same as the tier 9 russian cruiser, the Dmitri Donskoi, I believe.
  2. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    If they were to attack my TB, I could just withdraw it to friendly AAA, same with DB, but even still, 2-3 DB squads of Lexington could still do more damage, since Enterprise DB need very specific ships in order to do something, and the TB are easy to dodge, not only that, but my rear gunners could do a number on the under-tiered fighters, so it could bec3 powerful DB, vs 2 weak TB squads, and 2 DB squads that need very specific conditions to do damage. But every time, I could just hit where the enemy isn't. Send my TB where fighters aren't and probably get the drop in before fighters get there, then send Db opposite way, where fighters just left
  3. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    with strike I just gotta hit them where his fighters aren't or split up my bombers, just come near friendly AAA and my bombers are safe. stock loadout, my fighter squad keep him at bay, cause its either 7 vs 10 or 7vs 12, depending on his captain perks; Because if he tries to attack i can either strafe some of his, then match his fighters, or hold them at bay. The Enterprise TB drop isn't the best for landing many hits, both squads probably would equal one lexington TB drop, the DB... there's only so many non-USN BB, even still, the AAA, so my fighters in stock loadout either match, beat, or severely weaken his fighters, my TB match his, and my DB can arguably be more useful, considering the fire damage, and that they aren't only effective against IJN and German BB; The only time Enterprise would win is when it's top tier and against a meh CV player
  4. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    I watched the Enterprise, with all 6 squads, 4 bombers attacking, 2 fighters covering, attacking a few ships... few seconds later, where did all his planes go? I can easily outmatch an Enterprise in every single loadout I use in Lexington
  5. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    I'm an experienced CV veteran, tho I wouldn't buy it, the planes get shredded by the AAA Enterprise faces, I mean, I might do well in it, although I wouldn't waste $60 on a ship I "might" do good with.
  6. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    Enterprise is hilariously bad. In my stock loadout Lexington it was a piece of cake to beat it, my fighters would just get a strafe in then engage fighters, while my bombers went in for good damage. Even if he didn't attack my fighters, all I had to do was just watch his, and he didn't attack, for fear of losing them. Against AS, Enterprise would get shredded, and then bombers probably still die, against strike, all the strike planes would usually avoid, or at least drop before he attacked them, and all I got to do is get relatively close to allied AAA. The bombers on Enterprise get SHREDDED by AAA(Especially cause tier 8 see lots of tier 10, but even still) and same for fighters. The only hope is sheer number of planes and pray... but even still, they get shredded. In the hands of an extremely skilled player, it should be good. But the skill needed is way to much for the majority of players.
  7. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Overall I like the Murmansk, only thing I wish it had was a smoke launcher... other than that, just don't go solo, make sure ur backed up by a BB or heavy cruiser preferably, but any backup at least- The 180mm guns can help to shred opposing light cruisers and can do some work against others- Overall, it's a support ship in pretty much every way, except it can go 1v1 against a light cruiser or DD and not have to worry too much
  8. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Actually I have tried the 3/0/1 load out and find it actually a decent loadout to use in randoms- with 8 DB and the fact that auto aim reticle is same size as manual aim, AND that it tracks the ship (unlike manual aim) the 3/0/1 can certainly be effective, maybe not as effective as the 2/2/0, but certainly a viable loadout
  9. MarioKartMaster

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    I love Saipan, both loudouts I do great in- and I don't even have a max captain... First loadout(2/2/0) is fun cause two TB squads and the converging torps is sweet, while 2 fighter squads-do well as long as you keep them together, whenever I can, I make sure all my squads are together, usually easier to do so by assigning first each fighter squad to my two TB squads. The more AS loadout(3/0/1) is good cause 3 Saipan fighter squads can just be grouped up and dominate the airspace, and then the dive bombers- 8 per squad without the 5 point captain perk- that not good enough for you? the auto aim reticle is super small-same size as manual aim reticle- so you really only would manuel aim if ur gonna try to hit an invisible ship that's inside a smoke screen. also the dive bombers get 1000b bombs 1 tier earlier then saipans counterpart, the Ranger. Overall, it is a VERY fun ship- definitely worth the money