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  1. I haven't tried the Public Test but with the Wrapper and Game Center I get at best one game in four without a Fatal Error or simply being frozen as soon as game play begins. This is on a 2018 MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM. WG being WG my turning pink for the next 9 games is of no interest to them. Someday this supposedly Mac compatible game might actually be so. But for now I'm really unhappy with myself for being so stupid as to buy Premium Time on a game I can't even play.
  2. I’ve found that if I turn the graphics quality to absolute minimum (welcome to 2003) I can play two random battles in a row before the game crashes out to Finder during the switch from Results Screen to Port. Not really a fix, but better than playing co-op bots at mid level graphics.
  3. SanguinaryDan

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Give yourself an internet cookie for recognizing Cap’n Parmenter! 👍 I was worried that CVs would be a dead issue for quite a while as these patches seem more like slapped on duct tape than proper upgrade / repairs.
  4. SanguinaryDan

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I’m just wondering when (if) the MAC version ever becomes stable enough to play two games in a row wether CVs will be worth the effort? I realize the pendulum swings back and forth, but balance might not be reached for ages.
  5. SanguinaryDan

    Hey Mac Users

    Well, at least I can get 3-4 co-op games in a row before the game crashes. At least they are just clean crashes. Straight back to Finder without freezing or weird LSD induced colors locking up the system. It still drives me nuts that a stupid mobile game bought from some random Chinese developer (WoWs Blitz) is more stable on every random Android and iOS device than WG’s flagship game. No embarrassment shown, just “oops, we’re working on it.” with a new game update showing up before the last patch is fixed. I know people who have fired entire Dev teams for less on Construction Management app creation jobs. But, WG will keep on being WG where nothing is ever “wrong” and the fix will be ready “really soon”. Shame I’m addicted to their games. 🥺
  6. SanguinaryDan

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    The "fix" lasted not more than 5 games. Now assuming I even get into the game the queue claims I'm part of to start the best I can hope for for is that it will wait till I'm trying to target an area with multiple ships before freezing up or crashing me right back to Finder. I've re-installed, tried the version in the World of Warplanes page and every other cache and bug flush I could think of. Nothing but failure. To be honest WG has a brass set to claim this is a Mac compatible game. Not if they can't even get the developers of the WINE Wrapper to stay up to date with their updates or even come up with a 64 bit compatible version.
  7. SanguinaryDan

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Can anyone point me to an explanation of how the 0.8.0 and hotfix effect Hood’s weird short range AA rockets?
  8. Delete and re-install seems to solve the issue enough to at least get me into port. Wether or not I’ll be able to play remains to be seen.
  9. We're screwed aren't we? The WINE wrapper never having been updated to 64 bit plus the upgrades on the new patch mean it could be a very long time before Mac users can play the game again. I have no interest in screwing around with BootCamp and that abomination called Windows just because WG isn't willing to properly port their game. Very disappointing.
  10. SanguinaryDan

    Help! Can you fix a wallet noob?

    I have never seen a way to buy coal, steel or Free XP. And even the thought of facing players who have put in the hours required to earn those high tier ships makes me nauseous. I want to PLAY the game. And buying top tier ships (unless they are on a "once in a lifetime sale") just to get sunk over and over is not my goal. So.... I'm going to assume you are being sarcastic as what you've suggested is the exact opposite of the stated goals in my OP. If you aren't, thanks anyway.
  11. SanguinaryDan

    Help! Can you fix a wallet noob?

    I bought a few of the premiums based on their "fun factor" in WoWs Blitz, but received several more in Santa's Crates when I decided not to buy the Hood. So of course my daughter just bought me the Hood as a birthday present. I find Battleships very easy to play as long as I don't get overly aggressive and try to break the enemy line. Blitz has done an excellent job at teaching me how to aim my main guns. And a terrible job at teaching me how to stay alive as armor is purely the purview of RNGesus in that game with angling having almost no effect. Cruisers are horribly fragile and seem to be no more than XP piñatas for BBs. I'll eventually learn to hide from Battleships and hunt other Cruisers and Destroyers. Destroyers above Tiers II and III seem to be completely beyond my abilities. I end up getting spotted and sunk long before I have any positive impact on the game. Perhaps this will make the IJN lines more palatable?
  12. SanguinaryDan

    Help! Can you fix a wallet noob?

    So if I'm understanding the gist of y'alls advice... For destroyers it's probably worth the pain to suffer through the low tier Americans but the Japanese will give me the option to go gunship or torpedo boat when their line splits. With Heavy Cruisers USN, RN and IJN are all worth the effort depending on my "feel" for gunboats, mixed or torpedo heavy play. What is it about the Germans, Russians and French that keeps them out of the recommendation list? Is it simply because at the moment they are incomplete lines? Or are they too advanced a play style to grow with?
  13. SanguinaryDan

    Help! Can you fix a wallet noob?

    Currently I'm just shy of 100 games (that'll change today) and I'm still uncertain as to which lines I'm most interested in pushing. I've already chosen American BB and CL lines, but I've no real clue as to which other types will give me the most bang for my gaming time. I know I despise the Japanese Battleships (mainly based on looks, lack of armor and inability to defend themselves from a Piper Cub dropping hand grenades) and am not truly a fan of USN DDs as it would seem the crew could throw the torpedoes further than their listed ranges. So the question of the day is, which DD line to start down (even the American's are in the running thanks to the seemingly belt fed 5" guns) as well as whose CA line will most consistently give me boats that should make every other class of ship nervous regardless of tier? As always, any and all help is deeply appreciated.
  14. SanguinaryDan

    Hood: Yes please or thanks anyway?

    Basically I came out ahead as the changes to Hood will have an unknown effect while the ships I got from the crates are not going to be mucked about with (probably) over the next few patches. So I’ll start saving my pennies again to rebuild the Hood Trust Fund in the hopes the upcoming changes will be more heavily buff than nerf. The more I play this game the more I wish I hadn’t wasted hours and dollars on WoWs Blitz. Sure, the WINE Wrapper is in desperate need of an update to work properly with MacOS’ 64 bit architecture. But it’s still a much more exciting and engaging game with a dramatically lower player to potato ratio. All those wasted hours.
  15. SanguinaryDan

    Hood: Yes please or thanks anyway?

    Heavily influenced by the "don't bother with the Hood" vibe of most responses I decided to use the credit to pick up a bunch of Santa's Mega Crates. Yes, I may very well have an issue with gambling as I enjoy the "might be a big win" somewhat more than the certain purchase. Honestly though I rather think it paid off. Besides the gazillion gallons of paint, many signals, 10k in gold and over 20k in coal, I won the Roma, the Scharnhorst, the T-61 and the Monaghan. The first three ships have me really excited. But as it is the third time I've "won" the Monaghan I sold her instantly. Free garbage is still garbage and I hated that boat the second I started to play it. I'm really looking forward to WG fleshing out the Italian line, so Roma is truly a gift from above. Scharnhorst and T-61 are prefect because I was already planning to go down the entire German line. I may not have Hood, but I'm awfully pleased with the way things turned out.