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  1. I can confirm this regarding Bootcamp. I attempted a bootcamp partition in early 2019 when WGC was mandatory and not working well with the wrapper. Initially, the BC partition worked fine and I was able to play. However, over time I found that the bootcamp partition caused some show stopping anomalies with my primary system that I had to remove bootcamp completely. For me, it's not worth the investment to change my infrastructure to support the only game I used to play.
  2. I personally don't game much, but have spent considerable time and effort with World of Warships since the beginning of the Mac version because of being a Navy veteran. I won't be changing my daily computer infrastructure to meet WOWs PC demands, it's not worth it for me. When the Mac version goes, so do I.
  3. Just shy of 5 years is a pretty decent run for me. I guess I’ll be retiring my account sooner than I wanted. o7 wargaming
  4. The only thing I would recommend is submitting a trouble ticket to support. Let them know that the Mac version is unplayable and thus you cannot utilize premium time that you paid for.
  5. Thank you for the links. I think I'll be waiting for 0.8.1 to release before logging in and testing again.
  6. I heard that a 64bit wrapper was in the works, but never heard anything about an official release. Do you have any links to sources that mention 8.1 going to 64bit?
  7. That's what "uninstall current version" means. Just passing along recommendations from the actual developers.
  8. With the updated wrapper, 2.0.29, I find that the port UI is much snappier as is the battle loading screen. I tested a Tier 4 battle, and with all of the planes in play now, the game is still unplayable. The whole match felt like I was playing in slow motion. Everything was lagging. My opinion is that the Mac version is still unplayable. I will not be testing any further battles in 0.8.0.
  9. Greetings. WG just posted a new Mac Wrapper (2.0.29) for download. https://worldofwarships.com/en/game/download/?platform=mac It is recommended that users uninstall the current version and reinstall with the new wrapper. I'm attaching a WOWs uninstaller script that was sent to me from Codeweavers. WoWs uninstaller.zip
  10. With my workload at work, my actual gameplay time has been minimal lately. Yesterday, I did manage to log in and respec a couple of captains and play 2 battles (Tier 2 and 9). After the second battle, the client displayed a blue screen on the battle result screen, then hard crashed when returning to port. I noticed I was getting the standard 2 games before crashing with the previous wrapper/patch as well. In my opinion, this CV rework has pretty much killed the game for me. I'm a DD main, and while it was rough before with constant radar, it's terrible now with so many planes. I'll give CodeWeavers some more time to work things out before retiring completely.
  11. The wrapper that is available for download from the World of Warships site is 2.28. I was able to play 2 games before crashing when returning to port. WOWs is still a 32bit application. I'm hoping they get a 64bit version out soon. That should fix a lot of the memory leak issues, from what I've heard.
  12. I'll add my progress to this thread: CodeWeavers acknowledged the issue and let me know that they submitted a bug report. Downloaded the Game Center app from the warplanes site. The app installs, but does not download any updates since it can't contact any update server. So I moved on to the next step ... Ran a WOWs uninstaller and downloaded a clean wrapper. Not sure what version the wrapper is at this point. Game installs and launches properly. I'll test some gameplay later.
  13. I've sent a screenshot of the error and the backtrace log to CodeWeavers. I hope there will be a fix soon.
  14. I've noticed that 0.7.8 has been a lot smoother than 0.7.7. I'm not getting crashes every 2 battles now. I'm guessing all of the Go Navy stuff that was forced on the client was too much for the wrapper to handle after a while.
  15. Yes. Client still freezes after the second battle when trying to get back to port.