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  1. Lemming mentality

    More like its after 4 on the East Coast so people are getting off work and coming home from school for the next few hours across the continent.
  2. Comm

    I normally use chat. The chances of someone reading what I typed, I think, are better than even.
  3. Yeah....I'm not seeing the problem.
  4. How Can I Determine My Playstyle?

    Why do you need to?
  5. What's wrong with cleaning up weakened enemies? The point is to win.
  6. What do you mean by cannon fodder? What do you want them to do differently?
  7. CA's need some lovin

    I've played the Russian DDs extensively. They and the American DDs are the only one's I've been playing recently. Live fast and dangerous and all that jazz. XD As for cruisers, my experience is largely Japan, Germany, France, and Russia in that order. That's the hard part. I think I'm a reasonably good cruiser player. However, I hate kiting. Aiming properly just isn't the easiest thing to do once you're more than 13 or 14 km out from your target. I prefer to get closer than 15 km. The Mogami is a great ship for that style of play if you've got the concealment expert skill.
  8. CA's need some lovin

    Personally, I think cruisers are quite hard to play effectively. They're squishy, sometimes move like a rock, and are often times not overly stealthy or fast. You can't just hide behind some smoke and run like a destroyer or soak up damage like a battleship. More than any other ship type, you have to be smart when you play in a cruiser.
  9. CA's need some lovin

    In what context are you referring to? Randoms or operations?
  10. Play cruisers. No one gets mad at cruisers.
  11. Vulgarities

    Why? Nothin' interesting comes from a sanitized chat.
  12. Ships changing tiers

    Yes. When they split the Russian destroyers, my Ognevoi went from T6 to T8.
  13. I'd upvote this post if the forum would let me. I really liked Fury. My friend was grossed out when one of the characters was cleaning out the tank at the beginning of the film and saw that guy's face. XD
  14. Goddamn, that sounds insanely tedious. I love my Mogami, but I've got to switch it up from time to time. For like a month now I've been rotating between my Mogami, Minsk, and Algerie. All fantastic ships. Thanks. I'll probably either just continue plugging along with my 18pt captain in the Mogami or do what lvlerlin suggested and reassign my captain to the ARP Takao I have, but don't play.