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  1. SithSteel

    Guesses for what T5 ranked will feel like?

    Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for the responses. :)
  2. SithSteel

    Guesses for what T5 ranked will feel like?

    But can I play solo? That's how I've played this game since '15.
  3. SithSteel

    Guesses for what T5 ranked will feel like?

    Can I play it solo or do I have to be part of a league? Whatever that is. If the former then I might just have to repurchase a Nicholas. Luckily, I've still got my Furutaka.
  4. SithSteel

    Guesses for what T5 ranked will feel like?

    Is the next ranked season tier 5? I though it was tier 10.
  5. SithSteel

    Rework for BB ?

    Ignoring the FACT that cruisers are just cooler than battleships, I think you should play cruisers more. As a cruiser player, I quickly came to respect the power of BB shells. Especially with the French and Japanese cruisers. BB shells hurt like hell. In exchange, you get long reload times. There's no reason to change it.
  6. SithSteel

    High Caliber

    Some time ago, one of my missions was to win ONE arsonist badge. I couldn't, for the life of me, get it so I removed it and chose some other mission. Lo and behold, I've gotten a number of them in the past few months when I've been able to play. Unfortunately, I repeatedly neglected to change the mission. I finally reselected the mission earlier today, so I'll see how I do over the coming week.
  7. SithSteel

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Speak for yourself, mate. I rarely experience games with truly toxic teammates.
  8. The amount to which I care is nearly infinitesimal. The only premium ships I would ever consider buying would be the USS Washington and the USS Walker from the Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson. More the latter than the former.
  9. If you don't buy premium currency then they can't nickle and dime you. That's what I do.
  10. SithSteel

    How to play in an antisocial team?

    I don't particularly think it's sad. Nor do I really see any value in playing with a clan. I've had plenty of nail-biting, exciting games playing by myself.
  11. SithSteel

    How to play in an antisocial team?

    I think LittleWhiteMouse's number one rule for the game is don't trust anyone. I've taken that to heart.
  12. SithSteel

    This is getting ridiculous - banned for sayin' 'coop team'

    Well, what's the context?
  13. SithSteel

    Battle Royale

    I don't play battle royals games, but I'd take that over subs.
  14. SithSteel

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    Maybe it makes me sound like an internet tough guy, but I can't imagine myself ever being intimidated by anyone who plays this game. Also, I've never heard of any of these players or clans, either. My knowledge of other players extends to only a few of the YouTube CCs and LittleWhiteMouse.
  15. SithSteel

    One month on WOW and wondering....

    On optimal plane tactics: If I'm in a cruiser and I'm chasing a DD that's close and has just smoked up, I'll launch my catapult fighter to spot it should it try to escape on the other side of the smokescreen. The plane can't see through smoke, but it can instantly spot the bigger if you're close enough. It's a situational tactic, but it works well for me.