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  1. I mean, most cruisers can survive a citadel or two or even three depending on the ship.
  2. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    Me, too. Just killed my first one in my last game.
  3. I would not. I like the way things work right now.
  4. Why would you choose AP over HE? Especially since HE shells don't bounce.
  5. I disagree. As a Cruiser major with a minor in Japanese ship handling the feeling of a citadeling other cruisers is too delicious and I don't want to give that up. Not to mention that this idea will make AP shells useless on cruisers.
  6. Seriously WG?

    I'd bet that it's because most games don't end because of capping 1000 points.
  7. I get that feeling if our team loses three ships before we kill one of theirs.
  8. Speaking for myself, I love trolling BBs by dodging their shells in my cruisers. The rudder shift module has saved my bacon more than once.
  9. On that second example, I wouldn't put it past some people to do that.
  10. Why did you pick your patch?

    I thought the little eagle looked cute.
  11. Well, if you'e planning on going down the IJN cruiser line, the rudder module is a real lifesaver.
  12. Well, what exactly are you look for advice on?
  13. Just let the Ocean map appear in every tier. That's all I want.