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  1. signed up but the link account fails
  2. bigb_fighter_2014

    Public Test - 0.8.8 - Feedback

    the use of bots to fill in ranked and random games will improve your results. I won't wait 5+ to play a 2 on 2 game.
  3. bigb_fighter_2014

    Update 0.8.7 - French Destroyers: Part Deux

    Where is it??
  4. bigb_fighter_2014

    gunfire sound

    Bang that's how I make the gunfire work on my Cleveland. Come on guys fix it.
  5. bigb_fighter_2014

    gunfire sound

    Sorry for the delay but it was after the mod and yes if I change from the Freedom camo it's working properly. If it can't be fixed just give me a equal camo for the ship, I won't miss the bird.
  6. bigb_fighter_2014

    gunfire sound

    the Cleveland still missing gunfire sound
  7. bigb_fighter_2014

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I must admit that its playing better than I expected. The main concern is having to abandon the ship to fly. I feel that a well experienced team of dd will be able to run the map and kill the CV quickly. After a few spawns the likely locations will be figured out. I'm going to try this in test see what happens .
  8. bigb_fighter_2014

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    No game play issues. Container graphics had bugs not fully coming to top or missing. Had the command center lock up and had to reinstall it while playing.
  9. bigb_fighter_2014

    CV Rework Feedback

    Some glitches my cv was still burning in port next game locked and earned me the team kill prize. The controls seem less fluid than the first try, AA was overpowering lost whole squads never seeing the ship. Also in the sound effects of the commands went missing and aa seemed to take priority. Did like that you can get back to ship controls when in danger without having to dump current squad.
  10. bigb_fighter_2014

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    I’m not sure why you have reduced a skilled class to a arcade format. There was a challenge to juggling all of the planes and ship together. Now not so much! The focus on one squadron has limited the attack options reduced the ship controls to annoying. I won’t give up on them let’s see what happens.
  11. bigb_fighter_2014

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    The new weather and flag hints are good but you need to allow us to disable or remove the H HINT on the main battle screen. I for one don't need it and it detracts from the game I don't want to see it all battle long.
  12. bigb_fighter_2014

    Camo for copper not working

    earned the copper in ranked battles got both the artic and undersea camos all went good up to then they have not showed up in the ships camo selection. Show that the purchase was processed etc. no camo
  13. bigb_fighter_2014

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    Earned the copper from ranked battles used it to purchase the Artic camo purchase went ok but it will not show in my ship camo inventory. This is in phase 2 of the test.
  14. bigb_fighter_2014

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    The new consumable to increase rate of fire was great, did not think it would be useful at first. The French CA were impressive Henri has slow rate of fire but can last in a shot out. Nice
  15. bigb_fighter_2014

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    game locked when in container screen got 404 server not available. No pc issues and online. restarted ok.