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  1. BadgerBrown

    New line

    Craptacular - not interested what so ever.
  2. BadgerBrown

    What to Expect in Update 0.10.8: Combat Missions

    Was REALLY hoping for some new PERMA CAMOS and FLAGS in Community Tokens… W T F should I collect these things if you are NOT going to provide ANY thing of value for them ?!?!?!?!? DO BETTER !
  3. BadgerBrown

    Best Nautical-Themed Songs to Kill Ships To...

    Buffett… Jimmy Buffett
  4. BadgerBrown

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    ^^THIS^^ Love good flags and perma camos, even the collaboration ones!! But Jeeez Louise, can I just get the Navy Grey with my BB Hull number???? Not asking much here…
  5. Can a WG Dev please explain why the Chinese Commanders have no Chinese voice overlay??? Every other National Commander has their native tongue in their audio, but the Chinese have American voices - WHY??? Thank you!
  6. BadgerBrown

    National Dog Day: Naval Dogs

    Was hoping for the dog FLAG…
  7. BadgerBrown

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    Their entire CC team leaves and all these two knuckle jerks want to discuss are BBQ and body pillows?!?! What a f@ggin waste of time.
  8. BadgerBrown

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    I never post on these forums as you can see by the numbers reflecting as such on the left. I had to say that I am so sorry to see you go @LittleWhiteMouse. Your ships reviews were a trusted source and will be dearly missed!!! As for Sub_Octavian: SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU!!!! Good luck trying to repair this fiasco...
  9. BadgerBrown

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Why wasn't Godzilla assigned to the Yamato and Kong assigned to Montana/Vermont. These are the KING of the Monsters, right? Tier X only seems fitting... but whatehvs...
  10. BadgerBrown

    Santa Crates

    OK "Ol Timer", I'm your Huckleberry. It is a SCAM because they tell you that you can have ONE ship of 1 0 7 ships WITHOUT telling you that you need to complete a list of "short list ships" before being eligible for the other hundred. Maybe you are new to this discussion. But by WG failing to provide the details of what the short list is, what the percentages are for the following ships, and failing to reply to these requests at all tells you its a scam. I am not even requesting a refund. I just feel there should be FULL transparency on this requirement (which has been PROVEN by the community on here, hence the 14th page of the post). The Santa crate promo was not explained or presented in the math, or the odds, or the patch you are trying to spin. It says 1 in 107; not '1 in the first set of crappy ships you don't have that we want to give you'. 1 in 1 0 7. That, ol timer, is a bait & switch where I come from (SCAM). The folks have a right to request their refund and stay away from the Santa crates. All they had to do was explain your 'math' in advance (or that there was a SHORT LIST requirement) and their would have been 0 issues. To this point, they have acknowledge nothing to anyone on their site or application, except here on this forum. That's a real problem in legal terms. All they have to do is EXPLAIN the Short List requirement, OR get rid of the requirement all together! They have had 6 days to do this and have done nothing.
  11. BadgerBrown

    Santa Crates

    Easy fix here is all we are asking: 1. Cease the short list ship requirement, OR 2. Post what the actual ships are on the list AND the drop percentages of the 100 other ships that people are actually buying your crates for! It's not rocket science - do the right thing !
  12. BadgerBrown

    Santa Crates

    That isn't the case at all, Chronic They offer you a chance at one of the following or one of 1 0 7 ships, not 7 predetermined PoS ships. There was NO mention of a Short List requirement to access those 107 ships! It is a Bait and Switch SCAM - PERIOD. No tantrums. Heck, I don't even want a refund. But what they are marketing in this Santa Crates promotion is a LIE. They are taking everyone's money on something based on a LIE. They should be held legally responsible. Either make the Short List Ships CLEAR or, get rid of the SL requirement all together. It's not rocket science. I don't think it's too much to ask. I will get off your lawn now...
  13. BadgerBrown

    Santa Crates

    Having lived in Vegas, I understand the concept of gambling and how it works (just a tad bit;). The description on the Santa container states you can randomly get these items (doubloons, coal, camos, and ONE of 107 ships). These containers are not gambling, and they are not random - it is all pre-determined - which is unlawful. Not once is it mentioned that you need to previously have X of 7 ships that are on a Short List to qualify for the 100 other ships!?! BTW, WHAT IS THE LIST OF THESE SHORT LIST SHIPS? I am not looking for a refund. I just want WG to do the right thing and state the list of ships you need to have to qualify for the other ships, OR, I dunno, just NOT have a short list of ships! I bought the containers with the understanding I had a chance to drop ONE of 107 ships, not 1 of 7. SO just DO THAT. This is your chance - DO THE RIGHT THING, now, today! Anything else and you could have a justified class action lawsuit on your hands.