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  1. Yes. And while you are at it, allow access to the National Camo for Puerto Rico ! I mean, why keep that wonderful camo away from us ‘new’ PR owners ?!?
  2. BadgerBrown

    State flags for U.S. BBs!

    There are over 400+ ships available in game. There are over 300+ camos available in game. But there are over 350+ flags available in game. Since WG now sells permanent camos with no bonus values, why don’t they offer flags from their vast resources?? For instance, it would be REALLY NICE to have the State/City Flags available for USN BBs and CA/CLs. I don’t think they have EVER even released flags CA, CO, IA, GA, MO, TX, FL… or the towns of Des Moines, Atlanta, Wichita, etc… & I am just getting started ! There are all these flags out there WG could offer in Naval Community, Armory, or weekly specials. If you are in the business of selling cosmetic camos, I have to ask, why not flags?
  3. WG taking bonuses off the camos was a bad move by them. Why would you devalue a portion, ANY portion, of your game!?!? Now NO ONE wants to spend anything (credits, CTs, subs) for a camouflage, permanent or expendable. I feel it has truly taken a great part of the game away. Instead of seeing different wonderful skins on ships, with their flags and signals flying, you just see bare grey rusted hulks. such a SHAME IMHO…
  4. It’s not a flag, but a dragon patch. At least a flag I can mount on a bote. I don’t understand the appeal of the Halloween Op at all. Tier III with Craptacular rewards? No Thank You!
  5. BadgerBrown

    Sub Flag + Sinking Sub Flag proposal

  6. Torps from an enemy I can not detect at the moment of the battle.
  7. BadgerBrown

    Hurricane Ian Fund

    Yes, of course there are! Just throwing out other ideas - sheesh! “Adding rods to the water catches more fish”. Who would down vote that?!?!?
  8. BadgerBrown

    Hurricane Ian Fund

    How about WG NA starts a little donation drive @Boggzy @Ahskance? Maybe auction/sell the Florida flag since we just came off the auction event of the Ohio flag??
  9. BadgerBrown

    Auction winning bids AND Survey!

    Here is the thing, and it’s kinda sad in a way. That Ohio flag is just a ‘flag’, yes. But the way things are now, other than this auction, you will NEVER have another chance to attain it. All the other things in this offering I have a chance to get in some other form or event. Heck, you can even get the Belfast in a SC/Santa Crate. Kinda dumb considering it’s just a flag. At the end of the day, they are just cosmetic. So, why not allow access to ALL of the flags in the Captain’s Logbook (except the achievement flags)???? Want Credits for them? Doubloons? Premium Time? I don’t care, just make them AVAILABLE! What, you don’t want $$$, WG? It is a flag. BTW I would really really like the Brooklyn Navy Yard flag!
  10. BadgerBrown

    Voice & Camo - English voice with ARP camos?

    Go into Settings - Audio - Voice Over Drop Down -> You can set any voice over you want there as long as you own that Commander type (i.e. Statue of Liberty).
  11. BadgerBrown

    Celebrate the USAF Birthday

    The US Army Air Force delivered the nuclear bombs to Japan that ended the war
  12. I have been saying for YEARS they need to offer the BB grey with the pennant numbers as a PERMANENT camo!!!
  13. BadgerBrown

    Farewell my friends (PVE Thread)

  14. BadgerBrown

    Flag Availability

    Why would they have designed flags in the game and N0T release them??