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  1. Do the icebergs on the arctic maps move? If no who else thinks this would be an interesting feature to implement for a dynamic map?
  2. They almost certainly won't put in historical maps. I can think of a few reasons as to why. 1. It makes it slightly more than a game at that point. I.e. somebody will get offended that Japanese and Americans are fighting together against other japanese and americans at a place which is meant to be historically represented and some people might see that as offensive to those that die there. 2. They will go for historical-esque settings, (look at Overlord in WoT) but they won't try and do a location for location copy as it can be seen as both insensitive and also then if the mapping of the terrain isn't mm perfect somebody will complain about, 'well the tank trap according to this picture I found in a file in a classified historical archive should have been modelled 20cm to the right of where it currently is. Why do you purport to be historical when you are not?' You get the idea. 3. Finally WG goes for gameplay and game balance above all else. They want maps that are interesting to fight on, rather than maps that are 'historically accurate'
  3. patience is key, but everybody wants in. I mean how often is it that you see a game which is in CLOSED BETA hitting 5th on the twitch most watched list. That is why everyone on the interwebs is looking out for one of these keys and joining every competition for them. Awesome job on the promotional side of things to lift the NDA to really get the hype up on the game pre-release like massive hype.