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    Public Test - 0.9.1 - Bugs Report

    1. Description British commander Andrew Cunningham skill bugged on Battleship Conqueror 2. How to reproduce 1. Take Conqueror to battle with Andrew Cunningham on board with: Equipped with Premium consumables and the following equipments and flags: with Union jack camo and Azur lane Royal navy Flag. 2. Go into random battles with map "Northern Waters" with non standard# of players (7v7) 3. Use 4 charges of Repair Party II before activation of Talent: "Consumables Expert" 4. Talent activates after 2nd kill. 3. Result Upon activation of Talent: "consumables expert" The charge of Repair Party II is gained but cannot be used. The icon for the consumable displays a cooldown of 0.0 seconds left while remaining a yellow color, sufficient time has passed for it to be off cooldown normally but the charge of Repair Party II still cannot be used. This bug is likely due to the fact that the charge of Repair Party II is gained after it reached 0. Replay of the match is uploaded incase you need it. 20200125_145257_PBSB110-Conqueror_53_Shoreside.wowsreplay