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  1. Now that the Brit CL's have been announced...

    I'm thinking the Leander and Fiji might well play out as ambush cruisers- high stealth lets them get close to an enemy and unleash on them when they least expect it. You could compare it to playing a gunboat destroyer with bigger guns, but less maneuverability. From T8 and up, theyll probably start transitioning into escort cruisers- large amounts of rapid fire guns means enemy DDs face death if they get anywhere near you or your escort. The only one without a clear role will be the Emerald- which basically looks like a Kuma, but a tier higher.
  2. What's your detonation percentage?

    34 detonations divided by 1499 games played = 2.27%. Subtracting 63 det flags used from 1499 gives me a 2.37% det rate. Only 511 of those games were in destroyers. I still remember being detonated on FULL HEALTH in my Iowa from a single torp hit to the stern. Stopped playing for a week before I cooled down enough to touch the game again. It would seem I'm particularly unlucky. :-(
  3. No more russian lines this year (yay)

    Oh don't get me wrong, it would have been a long process to complete them, and they were deficient in many aspects of their design ( the Iowas had a vastly superior aa suite along with 6 knots of speed on 10,000 tons less displacement). my point is, yes, Russian designers were inexperienced at designing and building these ships, and it shows. The compromise they accepted in the design for sovyetsky Soyuz was that they had to be exceedingly large to get anywhere close to the performance of foreign battleships. That said, the Russians were neither stupid nor lazy. if the war hadn't intervened, there would have been nothing stopping them from designing and completing even better designs.
  4. No more russian lines this year (yay)

    if anything, you're proving my point. The Russians had four such ships started! Now yeah, they were unable to complete them due to world war 2 intervening, but there's nothing inherently unbuildable in their design. In a vacuum, with no world war 2, these ships (probably not all 16, but some of them) could easily have been built, especially in a command economy with a dictator who had a hard-on for battleships.
  5. No more russian lines this year (yay)

    I stand corrected. Good catch!
  6. No more russian lines this year (yay)

    it's comments like this that make me strongly suspect that at least 75% of all this salt over the Soviet ships is simply anti-Russian bias on many poster's parts. I doubt there would be nearly as much whining if WG kept putting in half-paper lines of, say, Dutch ships. wolcott, if you don't like communism, that's fine, and I'm right there with you, but condemning a bunch of most illiterate peasant who were denied even a chance at a life of anything but drudgery for their landlords, in a system that was still feudal in all but name, and whose lives were getting thrown away in an unwinnable war is asinine. I suppose you're going to tell me that if you were there, you personally would have stopped the Russian Revolution singlehandedly?
  7. No more russian lines this year (yay)

    Yeah, but all those compromises have already taken place in darn near all of the "real" paper designs. You do realize that they don't lay down ships without having a clue of EXACTLY what kind of engines, guns, or armor the ships would realistically carry, right? Most of these paper designs WG is using as a basis for ships were advanced enough to start making blueprints. Sure, minor changes could still have happened while building the ship, or if poorly built, the designs may not have performed to specifications, but the major features were already set in stone. Just about the only ships that hasn't happened for already are the ones that WG flat out made up, like the Roon, Hindenburg, or Zao. And even with those designs, there's little that smacks of unrealistic design features (except for possibly the triple turrets on the German ships)
  8. No more russian lines this year (yay)

    I get that people want the Royal Navy or Kreigsmarine- I want em too. I'm even more looking forward to Marine Nationale. They'll get here soon enough though, and in the meantime, the Soviet ships are no less fun to play. Their designs are no less interesting to look at, and the men that fought on their ships were no less brave even if they didn't have the epic clashes that we read about in history. I guess I just don't get the massive impatience.
  9. No more russian lines this year (yay)

    Why? I for one enjoy seeing designs that could have been, but never were. I even enjoy seeing designs that WG completely made up, if only to critique them for how they do/don't fit in to whatever country's design habits. Why do paper designs offend you so much?
  10. Fully half of EVERYTHING EVER is below average. That's why its called average. Seems disingenuous to rag on carrier players for conforming to reality.
  11. Pensacola

    So, I've had the Pensacola languishing in my port for months. It was a massive let-down after coming off the Cleveland (and this was before the Cleveland had been nerfed) and I just couldn't bring myself to continue down the line, but the Race to the Des Moines event made it so I had to try again. And months later, with much more experience under my belt, all I can say is...HOLY COW! This ship is AWESOME once you learn how to play it correctly! Never charge in ahead- always be that SECOND guy into the fray. She's very nimble for a cruiser, and as long as you stay 12-15 km away from your targets, you can dodge most of the shots coming your way, and at least give poor angles to the shots that do still hit you. Those guns of hers hit HARD! AP all day, unless you have nothing but DD's to shoot at. I fully admit this was with first win bonus, camo, all the various XP flags, and bonus XP from the Des Moines event, but this is the best game I've ever had, in any ship, and probably the best game I ever WILL have, but right now I can't get enough of this ship!
  12. First, the Saipan isn't a Tier 8 ship. Why the discrepancy between tech tree ships and premiums? Second, there's already problems with the number of people playing T8+, and you want to restrict the numbers further? Why do you think it would be a good idea to keep people from playing this game?
  13. This applies equally to ships in the tech tree. Should we prevent anybody from researching a new ship unless they have a positive W/R and above average XP/Damage per match in their current ship?
  14. A detailed look at Rivadavia

    Honestly, why not just make it its own Argentinean ship? Yeah, I know you lose the benefit of captain training, but the Blyskawica doesn't get that benefit, and it's still a fun ship to play and it sees a lot of action in-game. Besides, I would get eye-twitches seeing it as either a German or American battleship. It belonged to neither nation.
  15. A detailed look at KGV

    Hah! What would you suggest? And in all seriousness, I'm not really up on my knowledge of non-built design ships- especially British ships. Got any resources I can go check out?